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Forum - Thema: Interviews und News von Salman Khan

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Thema: Interviews und News von Salman Khan
Autor Beitrag

Beitrag #1 - erstellt: 07. April 2006

By Aira - Eye TV India Bureau

Salman Khan is always in the news! Be it controversies, his hair problem, relationships or films. This time though the reason for him to be in the news is that he will soon be dawning an image of a Rockstar!! Rockstar is world tour, which starts in April. It will be going to USA, Canada, the UK and Europe. The theme of the tour is being a rock star. Salman Khan will certainly rock these countries, but with him are other stars as well. Accompanying him will be John Abraham, Zayed Khan, Shaahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Esha Deol and Mallika Sherawat. For a whole lot of them, it's their first ever world tour.

We asked Salman Khan about the preparations for the tour. He said, "The preparations are all done. The choreography has been done; the skit has also been rehearsed quite a bit. SO we are all prepared. Now we have less than a month to polish our pieces. But if they do put us on stage today, we are prepared to do our best." For the younger brigade, they are all looking up to Salman Khan as the real Rock Star of the tour. We quizzed Salman about this idolism that they have. " I consider them to be my seniors, as all of them are fast moving, they live on the age and the kind of experiences they have had in such a short span of their career is amazing," said the brash Khan.

The tour will have lots of dance sequences and a variety of dances for the audiences to really enjoy the show. We asked a few stars how they feel about their first world tour. "It's going to be a high octane, high energy show, with a humorous skit. I am very excited as the real rock star Salman Khan is also in the tour. I am hoping for some great audience and a fabulous tour," says Zayed Khan who will be seen in funky costumes and his trademark glares. For Esha Deol as well, it's going to be a new experience. "I am very, very thrilled about the tour. And I am friends with Zayed and all so it will be good fun."

For Shaahid and Kareena, it's a good way to spend some time together, see the world and get paid for it. And both of them are also super excited about the tour.

But the coolest of them all, John Abraham, is looking for much more. " I think I can learn a lot from Salman as to how to have a proper stage presence, how to deal with huge audiences. And stage is something completely different, there are no retakes. As far as the others who are my contemporaries, it's an opportunity to work together as one big family. SO I am really looking forward to this tour."

The itinerary of the tour is as follows:

Dubai 13 April,
Calgary 21 April,
Los Angeles 22 April,
Vancouver 23 April,
Detroit 28 April,
San Francisco 29 April,
Dallas 30 April,
Houston 5 May,
Atlantic City 6 May,
Orlando 7 May,
Atlanta 12 May,
Washington 13 May,
Boston 14 May,
Chicago 19 May,
New York 20 May,
Toronto 21 May,
Amsterdam 25 May,
Birmingham 28 May,
London 29 May.

So check out when the rock stars are coming to your country or to your city and book your tickets in advance


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #2 - erstellt: 07. April 2006
Danke @Kanta

Weiß einer vielleicht den Namen dieser Tour oder wo man die Tickets buchen kann. Wenn das nicht zu teuer ist und es noch Tickets gibt, werde ich dann wohl in London dabei sein Smily "smile"


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #3 - erstellt: 07. April 2006
versuche ich auch gerade rauszubekommen.........................aber meine info quelle (danke indiraSmily "thanks" Smily "smilesmile" ) hat noch nichts genaueres rausgefunden

ich versuche in amsterdam dabei zu sein


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #4 - erstellt: 07. April 2006
OK, wenn deine Quelle was über Tickets in London rausfindet, gib bitte Bescheid. Smily "smile" Online habe ich noch keine Möglichkeiten gefunden. Ansonsten rufe ich Montag mal bei dem zuständigen Promoter hier in London an.

London reizt dich kein bißchen *gg*?


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #5 - erstellt: 07. April 2006
doch klar reizt mich london..............aber bis dorthin ist es noch weiter,außerdem müßte ich dann dort übernachten und und und...............


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #6 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Filmstar schießt zwei Antilopen! 5 Jahre Knast

Jodhpur Für ein Jagdvergehen muß der indische Filmstar Salman Khan fünf Jahre ins Gefängnis. Khan habe 1998 bei einer verbotenen Jagd zwei geschützte indische Hirschziegenantilopen erlegt, befand ein Gericht in Jodhpur. Ein "abscheuliches Verbrechen", so der Richter.

Quelle: Bildzeitung vom 11.04.2006

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Beitrag #7 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Bildzeitung ??? Naja, ich weis ja net . Solang es net in einer angesehen Zeitung steht glaub ichs mal net Smily "smilesmile"

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Beitrag #8 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Steht nicht nur in der Bildzeitung. Salman muß für 5 Jahre hinter Gitter und er sitzt angeblich auch schon.

Salman Khan sentenced to five years imprisonment

After repeated hearings, the long overdue ‘1998 black buck killing’ case has finally come to an end and actor Salman Khan has been sentenced to five years of rigorous imprisonment. Also he has been imposed a fine of Rs 25000 by the local court. Salman has been taken into custody and will be sent to the Central Jail in Jodhpur.

The other co-accused Govardhan Singh has received a sentence of one-year rigorous imprisonment and imposed with a fine of Rs 5000. However the other seven accused, including comedian Satish Shah, Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre have been acquitted in this case.

Salman Khan was earlier sentenced for one year imprisonment by the same court on February 17 for the same case. But the sentence was suspended for a month to enable him to appeal.

Quelle: IndiaFM vom 10.04.2006

Alle Rechtschreibfehler sind volle Absicht!
Zusammen ergeben sie eine geheime Nachricht
mit der ich versuche, die Weltherrschaft an mich zu reißen…

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Beitrag #9 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
ok dann glaub ichs auch Smily "smilesmile"
Bildzeitung ist der grösste Käse Smily "tutmirleid"

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Beitrag #10 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
also soweit ich es mitbekommen habe,sitzt er noch nicht.................da er nochmal berufung einlegen kann. und bis darüber entscheiden ist,darf er seine welttourne fortführen


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #11 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Also das finde ich ja erstaunlich!
Die Bollywoodstars haben in Indien doch den Status von Göttern!
Daß die tatsächlich mal verknackt werden, hätte ich jetzt nicht gedacht.
Ich meine mich erinnern zu können, daß Shah Rukh Khan vor ein oder zwei Jahren mal einen Unfall mit Todesfolge oder Schwerverletzten hatte. Der ist da meiner Erinnerung nach nicht in Haft gegangen..

My Dil Goes Hmm!
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Beitrag #12 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Also, hier nochmal das gleiche Über Salman, ´nur aus einer anderen Zeitung.

Salman gets 5 yrs RI, sent to Jodhpur jail

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was on Monday sentenced to five years rigorous imprisonment and sent to the Central Jail in Jodhpur by a local court in connection with the 1998 black buck poaching case.

Quelle: http://in.rediff.com/movies/2006/apr/10salman.htm

Der Bericht geht auch noch weiter!!!!! Habe nur diese Zeile genommen, da sie nochmal alles von Oben bestätigt.

Alle Rechtschreibfehler sind volle Absicht!
Zusammen ergeben sie eine geheime Nachricht
mit der ich versuche, die Weltherrschaft an mich zu reißen…

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Beitrag #13 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Hier auch nochmal was ausführlicheres... wies scheint, muss er die 5 Jahre nicht absitzenSmily "smile"

Salman Khan jailed... Kills Bollywood’s Rs 150 cr?
Apr 11, 2006

Actor Salman Khan played truant and killed a rare deer in Mathania, Rajasthan during a personal detour for a shoot in a movie that he was doing in 1998. Life in the fast lane was de rigueur for Salman whose preference for fast cars, fast women and fast food and even a bit of the wild west lifestyle was the done thing.

But, life @Bacchanalia bar proved too costly, though. He got five years rigorous imprisonment on Monday and will spend at least 48 hours in jail and thereby perhaps trashed some Rs 159 crore of Bollywood money riding on him.

With Salman being one of the top five of Bollywood actors who have brought handsome returns to the industry which has at times almost turned turtle for want of saleable stars.

Sallu, as he is popularly known, was not among them. A son of a successful Bollywood scriptwriter, he made a name for himself doing risqué acts that showed off his muscled body to its best. The girls loved it! His hesitant and whispery acting style went down well with the general audiences.

With producers making a beeline for his office to sign him up Salman never had it so good. Currently, he is doing five big time projects which hang on a wing and a prayer in the soaring heights of Bollywood constellation. To make matters worse is the fact that Salman’s been contracted to do shows all over the world – naatch, gaana types that have been a sellout every time with NRI audiences lining up to buy tickets at virtually exorbitant prices.

With courts going to decide on Wednesday whether to jail Sallu for a lengthy period or give him bail, the industry is waiting with bated breath for a conclusion to the story.

But, there are other dates with courts that Sallu has to keep.

He has got bail for the first case wherein he had killed two chinkaras on Sept, 26, 1998 also in Mathania when he was handed a punishment of one year’s imprisonment and a penalty of Rs 50,000. The case is now in Sessions Court.

A third case has Sallu facing a charge of killing two black bucks near Kankani on October 1, 1998. He is not alone in that case. Facing similar charges are Saif Ali Khan, Neelam and Sonali Bendre!

Another charge, though related, that Sallu faces is under the Arms Act for possessing an unlicensed weapon.

So, from Sajid Nadiadwala’s Jaaneman that reportedly cost in excess of 35 crore (reportedly awaiting finishing touches) to Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-e-Ishq and over the borders to foreign tours, Salman has put a lot of people’s big bucks in jeopardy. All of that money will go down the drain if he is actually jailed for any lengthy time.

Bollywood is already complaining with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt coming down hard on the decision saying it was way too harsh for the crime committed. Other stars have also jumped on the bandwagon including Preity Zinta and Katrina Kaif, erstwhile girlfriend of Salman Khan.

With rescue on way, though, the punters are taking heavy bets with Sallu odds on favourite to beat the Damocles’ sword hanging over his head.


"Jeder ist auf seine Weise verrückt."
Schaut mal in meinem Blog vorbei:
Jede Menge lustige Erfahrungen, die ich in Australien gemacht habe!
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Beitrag #14 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
na sag ich doch*gg* Smily "smilesmile"


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #15 - erstellt: 11. April 2006
Naja, Sallu hat ja schon ne Menge Mist gemacht, aber 5 Jahre sind auch ein bischen viel für dieses Vergehen. Die hätte ich ihm eher für andere Sachen verpasst. Aber ich mag Sallu und hoffe, dass er noch mal ohne Gefängnis davon kommt. Wenn er denn mal endlich lernt!!!! Und von mir aus dürfen sie ihm dafür gerne mal ne richtig saftige Geldstrafe aufbrummen, denn er hat nun mal richtigen Mist gemacht.

Außerdem würde ich ihn eventuell gerne hier auf der Tour sehen, also denke ich jetzt mal ein bischen egoistisch Smily "smilesmile" Smily "smilesmile"


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #16 - erstellt: 13. April 2006
Salman granted bail in poaching case

April 13, 2006 12:51 IST
Last Updated: April 13, 2006 13:08 IST

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was granted bail by Jodhpur court on Thursday.

The actor, who was in jail since Monday, after being sentenced to five years imprisonment for killing an endangered animal, was granted bail by district and session judge G S Surana.

Salman was given bail on a personal bond of Rs 2 lakh and two sureties of Rs 1 lakh each. His lawyers said they were trying to complete the formalities, so that the actor could be released from jail by Thursday evening.

Salman was not present in the court when the judge granted him bail. He had appeared before the court earlier in the day in connection with his appeal against another poaching case, in which he has been sentenced to one year imprisonment. He was later sent to the jail.

The actor's brother Suhail Khan, sister Alvira, his friend Katrina Kaif, besides a number of Bollywood personalities including Govinda, David Dhawan and Sajiid Nadiadwala were present in the court.

A large number of Salman's fans and supporters had gathered outside the court since Thursday morning, shouting slogans in his support. Police had a tough time controlling the jubiliant fans, as the news of his being granted bail came out. Police had to resort to a mild lathi charge to control them.

Quelle: http://in.rediff.com/movies/2006/apr/13salman.htm

So, also raus ist er dann wohl endlich wieder. Jetzt mal abwarten, wie es weitergeht....


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #17 - erstellt: 13. April 2006
So hier mal die infos zu dem Rockstar konzert.....

Esquire Viva Entertainment
in Association with Bharat Jotwani Presents:
Rock Stars 2006
April / May 2006

Salman Khan, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Malika Shrewat, Esha Deol

Scripted & Directed By: Cineyug
Popcorn Entertainment
Gs Entertainment
Sohail Khan Entertainment

To Book Shows In Your City Ravi Shankar (416) 991-8172
Bharat Jotwani (516) 692-8690
Further Information: (905) 927-1774
Sponsorship: (416) 617-8889

City Show Dates:
Friday, April 21st Promoter: A4U T.V., Sonali Jewellers, Vishal Ghai
Tel: 403-285-7323 / 403-273-9111
Venue: Coral Stampede
Los Angeles
Saturday, April 22nd Promoter: Super Elite Inc B. Bhalla / Manoj Kaytee
Tel: 310-829-2985
Venue: Long Beach Arena
Sunday, April 23rd Promoter: Desi Doordarshan
Tel: 604-543-9000
Venue: P. N. E.
Friday, April 28th Promoter: Balaji Management / Rocky
Tel: 407-341-0560
Venue: Reliant Arena
San Franscico
Saturday, April 29th Promoter: Singh Entertainment Paul Singh / Sunty Walia
Tel: 209-604-2543
Venue: Cow Palace
Sunday, April 30th
Friday, May 5th Promoter: Palace Entertainment, Bitu
Tel: 586-506-0043
Venue: TBA
New York
Saturday, May 6th Promoter: Funky Budha Entertainment
Tel: 732-765-0636
Venue: Nassau Veterans Colliseum
Sunday, May 7th Promoter: Balaji Management / Rocky
Tel: 407-341-0560
Venue: TBA
Friday, May 12th Promoter: Klassics Promotions
Tel: 1-888-8PREMJI
Venue: Gwinnett Arena
Saturday, May 13th Promoter: Elite Entertainment / Vijay Taneja
Tel: 703-623-0500
Venue: Patriot Center
Sunday, May 14th Promoter: Imane / Aap Ko Manorajan
Tel: 978-681-5678
Venue: Tsongas Arena
Friday, May 19th Promoter: Shows 4 U / A 1 Carpets
Tel: 847-863-6959 / 773-988-6181
Venue: Allstate Arena
New Jersey
Saturday, May 20th Promoter: Funky Budha Entertainment
Tel: 732-765-0636
Venue: Boardwalk Hall
Sunday, May 21st Promoter: Esquire Viva Entertainment / Eglinton Carpet
Eye On Asia: 905-274-4000
Tel: 905-927-1774 / 416-783-1141
Venue: Air Canada Center

Thursday, May 25th INFO TO FOLLOW

Sunday, May 28th Promoter: Bindiya Entertainment
Tel: 44208-472-1907
Venue: NEC

Monday, May 29th Promoter: Bindiya Entertainment
Tel: 44208-472-1907
Venue: Wembley Arena

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Beitrag #18 - erstellt: 13. April 2006
so und jetz halt dich fest kantabeen ich hab die daten zu amsterdam"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Das Konzert findet in Leiden/NL statt. In der Groennoordhalle/Leiden/NL.

Preise für die Tickets von 35,50 Euro - 125,-- Euro.

Hier die Route:

Hier die Preise:

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Beitrag #19 - erstellt: 13. April 2006
Hier noch mal was zu seinen 3 Nächten im GefängnisSmily "wink"

After three nights in jail, Salman Khan gets bail
Apr 13, 2006

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was on Thursday granted bail in the 1998 black buck hunting case. He will be set free by evening.

The actor spent three nights in Jodhpur jail.

Salman was on Monday sentenced to five years' rigorous imprisonment and sent to central jail in Jodhpur by a local court in connection with the 1998 black buck poaching case.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Brijendra Kumar Jain had also imposed Rs 25,000 fine on the star, who was taken into custody and sent to the jail.

The court had ordered one year rigorous imprisonment for co-accused Govardhan Singh and imposed Rs 5000 fine.

Four other persons were acquitted in the case when a chinkara was killed by Salman at Ghora farmhouse in Jodhpur.

Salman, facing four poaching cases, was earlier sentenced to one year imprisonment by the same court on February 17 for killing the endangered animal but the sentence was suspended for a month to enable him to appeal.

Seven other accused, including comedian Satish Shah, were acquitted in this case.

In other cases, actors Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabbu and Sonali Bendre are co-accused.


"Jeder ist auf seine Weise verrückt."
Schaut mal in meinem Blog vorbei:
Jede Menge lustige Erfahrungen, die ich in Australien gemacht habe!
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Beitrag #20 - erstellt: 13. April 2006
danke @ indira................du bist einfach klasse Smily "top" Smily "thanks" Smily "thanks" Smily "dankedankedanke" Smily "thanks" Smily "dankedankedanke"


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #21 - erstellt: 15. April 2006
Zitat von yakraj:
Ich meine mich erinnern zu können, daß Shah Rukh Khan vor ein oder zwei Jahren mal einen Unfall mit Todesfolge oder Schwerverletzten hatte. Der ist da meiner Erinnerung nach nicht in Haft gegangen..

Ich nehme an, du meinst Salman Khan. Der soll 2002 hackebreit einen Obdachlosen überfahren und getötet haben.

Auf der englischsprachigen Website flickr.com habe ich nachgefragt, ob es diesbezüglich aktuelle Entwicklungen gibt - bisher habe ich dazu weiter nichts gehört.

Hier meine Anfrage:

Does anyone happen to know whether there have been any new developments in the 2002 hit-and-run case involving Salman Khan? ("Salman had on September 28 last year [2002] rammed his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra killing one person and injuring four others.")

The last report on rediff.com was posted in 2003:
"Hearing an appeal filed by the actor against the lower court order, Justice V M Kanade held that Section 304 part II of the Indian Penal Code (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) was not applicable in this case and the actor be tried under 304 A of IPC (rash and negligent driving) and other provisions of the law.

The court also ruled that other charges framed against Salman under sections 279 (rash driving), 337 (causing minor injuries), 338 (causing major injuries) and 427 (negligence) of the IPC will not be altered.

Salman will continue to face charges under the Motor Vehicles Act. The court ruled that he will now be tried by an appropriate court."

Has this trial happened yet?

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Beitrag #22 - erstellt: 15. April 2006
Gestern wurde in den Rtl2 -News gezeigt, wie Salman Khan nach 4 Tagen das Gefängnis auf Kaution verlassen hat.
Es lohnt sich wirklich manchmal Nachrichten zu sehen. Smily "smilesmile"


Gib jeden Tag die Chance, der schönste deines Lebens zu werden.(Mark Twain)
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Beitrag #23 - erstellt: 15. April 2006
So jetzt noch was zur Salman - Tour!!!!!

Salman’s Rockstars concert postponed

Now that Salman Khan is back home, all eyes are on which pending commitment he will complete first. Perhaps the people who are in the biggest soup are the organizers of the Rockstars concert featuring Salman. The concert also features stars like John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Zayed Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat and Esha Deol. The shows were scheduled to begin in Calgary on April 21 and the tickets have already been sold. However, due to Salman’s sudden arrest, the organizers were left with no choice but to postpone the concert. The actor is still waiting for his travel permit.

Now the shows will start in the third week of May and go on till June. Bunty Walia, one of the organizers of the show said that there will be no ‘Rockstars’ without Salman. The actor has been going to Jodhpur twice a month for the court hearings. He is confident that the court will grant him permission to travel.

Quelle: IndiaFM vom 15.04.2006

Alle Rechtschreibfehler sind volle Absicht!
Zusammen ergeben sie eine geheime Nachricht
mit der ich versuche, die Weltherrschaft an mich zu reißen…

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Beitrag #24 - erstellt: 15. April 2006
Er hat auch gleich auf seinem Anwesen eine große Party gefeiert!

Mal schauen was da noch alles kommt.

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Beitrag #25 - erstellt: 15. April 2006
Na das passt mir dann ganz gut, da ich Ende Mai weniger das Geld dafür hatte. Wenn's jetzt im Juni klappt, umso besser. Dann bin ich hoffentlich in London dabei Smily "smilesmile"


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #26 - erstellt: 18. April 2006
Salman Khan gets bail

On Thursday morning April 13, 2006, Salman Khan and his family breathed a sigh of relief when Khan was granted bail by the court in Jodhpur where the Chinkara poaching case was being heard. Salman Khan looked relieved as he was met by brother Sohail Khan, sister Alvira Khan and girlfriend Katrina Kaif outside jail.

After three days and three nights spent in the Jodhpur jail, sleeping on the hard floor with no pillow, eating ordinary meals and passing his time with his cellmate, Salman will finally be back in the comfort of his own home. Scores of fans had gathered outside the jail in Jodhpur to cheer on their hero and show their support for him. The crowd was ecstatic on hearing that Salman had received bail, and went into frenzy. The police had an extremely difficult time in controlling the crowds and they had to resort to a mild ‘lathi charge’ in order to control them.

On being granted bail, the district and sessions judge directed him to furnish a personal bond of Rs. 2 Lakhs and two sureties of Rs. 1 lakh each. Salman was also given strict orders not to leave the country without prior permission from the court. The judge also admitted Salman’s appeal against his five-year sentence for killing a Chinkara in September 1998. The judge has set June 19 for the final hearing on the sentence. Salman was not present in the court when he was granted bail after the judge heard arguments made by the defense and prosecution lawyers.

Brother Sohail Khan said, “This was good news not only for Salman bhai, but for the entire family. Our mother has been discharged from the hospital in Mumbai.” While sis Alvira exclaimed that, she was very happy that her brother was finally released. Sajid Nadiadwala, David Dhawan and Govinda from the film fraternity were also present in Jodhpur, by the actor’s side when he was granted bail.

While Salman was in jail in Jodhpur and mother Salma Khan was hospitalized at Lilavati in Mumbai, many stars popped in at the hospital to lend their support to this family in their hour of crisis. Some of the stars who came to see Salma Khan were Boney Kapoor, Karishma Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty, Suniel Shetty, David Dhawan, Subhash Ghai and Mukesh Talreja. However, one star who was hardly expected to make an appearance to see Salman’s mother also came along. Vivek Oberoi along with his father Suresh Oberoi and mother came in to show their support towards the Khan family. The Oberois also went to Salman’s house and met Salim Khan to convey their support to him. Well, it looks like now that Vivek is no longer seeing Miss Rai, he sees no reason not to bury the hatchet and move on.

Salman arrived at his Bandstand residence in the evening. Hordes of media personnel as well as his well-wishers and fans were already present outside his house much earlier, eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the star. After spending three days in a jail cell, we are sure that the star will just lie low for a while. Hopefully, his dark days are already behind him. Stay strong, Sallu!


"You never win the silver, you only lose the gold!" (SRK)

Hilfe | Team
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Beitrag #27 - erstellt: 18. April 2006
Salman Khan sentenced to five years of imprisonment

Bollywood star and controversial kid, Salman Khan was sentenced to a five-year rigorous imprisonment and sent to a Central Jail in Jodhpur by a local court in the black buck poaching case. Earlier Salman had received a one-year sentence in the poaching case, but a stay order was issued, later, after the actor and his lawyer appealed in a higher court.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Brijendra Kumar Jain also imposed a fine of Rs. 25,000 on the actor, after which he was taken into custody and sent to jail. The court also ordered a one-year sentence, along with Rs. 5,000 fine for co-accused Govardhan Singh. Four of the other members who were accused along with the actor in the 1998 poaching case were acquitted.

Salman Khan was earlier sentenced to one-year imprisonment by the same court and a fine of Rs. 5,000 on February 17 for killing an endangered species, Chinkara (deer species) at Ghora farmhouse in Jodhpur. But the sentence was suspended for a month in order to enable him to appeal. Salman has four poaching cases filed against him. In some of the other cases, actors Saif Ali Khan, Neelam, Tabu and Sonali Bendre are the co-accused.

The Chief Judicial Magistrate, who heard the defense’s argument on March 28, had set April 10 as the judgement. On April 7, the court rejected Salman’s application to summon witness Harish Dulani who had missed court appearances for several years. Harish was supposed to be the main witness in the poaching case and had reportedly retracted from his earlier statement that he had seen Salman killing the animal.

Salman’s lawyer, Dipesh Mehta states, “Four other people were acquitted in the same poaching case, but only Salman was sentenced to such rigorous imprisonment, as he is a super star. There were no eye witnesses too; however we intend to definitely appeal to even higher courts.” Unfortunately, the court had already shut for the day after Salman’s sentence was announced and the next day being a public holiday, the star will have to spend at least a day in jail, before he can appeal further.

Actor Salman Khan’s mother, Salma Khan was rushed to Lilavati Hospital, Bandra on Monday evening at around 6.30 pm, after hearing the five-year prison term sentenced to her son. Actor Sohail Khan said, “She was complaining of acute anxiety, vomiting and chest pain.” He also told the media, “My family is very upset and we are presently going through a lot of hardship. It is unfair that my mother has to go through so much at this age.” Many celebrities like Helen, Amrita Arora, Bunty Walia and Karisma Kapoor visited Salma Khan in hospital.

Salman’s father Salim Khan, brother Arbaaz and girl friend Katrina Kaif were supposed to fly down to Jodhpur to be by the actor’s side during his crisis. Unfortunately, due to a technical snag in the aircraft, the flight was cancelled. However, the three will be reaching Jodhpur on Tuesday morning by road.

Let’s hope that the family can hold the fort together and survive this misfortune during their hour of crisis.


"You never win the silver, you only lose the gold!" (SRK)

Hilfe | Team
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Beitrag #28 - erstellt: 18. April 2006
Salman Khan granted permission to go abroad for ‘Rockstars’

Salman Khan’s bail and subsequent release from jail witnessed a lot of fanfare and celebrations both in Jodhpur and in Mumbai. There were scores of fans who eagerly waited outside his residence to catch a glimpse of their hero. Salman too was overwhelmed by his fans support. Now the actor will be relieved and elated as he has been granted permission to travel abroad by the District and Sessions Court.

When Salman Khan arrived back in Bombay after spending three days and nights in a Jodhpur jail in connection with his poaching case, he was relieved and touched by the goodwill and support of his fans. Salman obliged his fan’s appeal, by coming out on to his terrace along with his family. Salman waved and thanked his fans profusely. He even took off his shirt and threw it to his fans as a memento for them. Some over enthused fans even climbed onto his first floor terrace flat and would not budge until hugged and kissed by the actor himself. Salman the normally aloof actor even readily obliged to this. Salman also gave several media bytes voluntarily to the media.

“It comes as a pleasant shock to me as even I never expected such a wide spread support from my fans. It is because of them that I am out of jail and a free man today. I thank all my fans and well-wishers who thronged in dozens to see me, support me and pray for me and my family’s well-being,” said Salman. On the unpleasant experience of spending three days and nights in jail, Salman states, “It’s not the kind of life that any normal person deserves. It’s bad to be confined in a jail and definitely not a pleasant experience at all. Though it was a short stay, it made me see so many things in a different light. I would urge everyone not to do anything unlawful that would result in being sent to jail.”

However, when Salman Khan was asked about his reaction to Viveik Oberoi’s visit to his mother in hospital, he merely side stepped the topic and only thanked people like Govinda, Sajid Nadiadwala and David Dhawan who were present right through his terrible ordeal. Salman Khan has issues that are more important at present to take care of, like spending a few peaceful days with his family and then completing his pending professional assignments.

The actor will now be able to travel for his ‘Rockstars’ concert on a world tour as he has been allowed to travel abroad between 17 April and 14 June. He was granted permission after his counsel gave an assurance that the actor would appear before the court prior to the expiry of the duration and even in between if required.

Things certainly seem to be looking up for the actor, at least until his next court hearing when the final judgement on his sentence will be announced. Let’s wait and watch what happens next.


"You never win the silver, you only lose the gold!" (SRK)

Hilfe | Team
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Beitrag #29 - erstellt: 29. April 2006
So, ich habe gerade mit Bindiyan Entertainment telefoniert, die hier in England Promoter der Rockstars 2006-Tour sind. Also für die, die vielleicht nach London kommen wollen, hier die Daten:

Ort: Wembley Arena
Datum: 11. Juni 2006
Preise: 20-100 Pfund (ca. 30-150 Euro)

Tickets gibt es entweder indem man in der Wembley Arena anruft (Kreditkarte) oder bei verschiedenen Händlern in London (u.a. Quality Foods in Southall). Tickets sind aber noch nicht im Handel erhältlich aber der nette Herr meinte, dass sie wahrscheinlinch(!) ab nächstem Wochenende erhältlich sind. Smily "smilesmile"

Ich denke, ich bin im Juni dabei Smily "smilesmile"


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #30 - erstellt: 28. Mai 2006
Has Salman made the witnesses disappear?

Four people, who had witnessed Salman Khan ramming his car into a homeless person and killing him, have mysteriously disappeared.

All four were being lined up by the prosecution, to give witness in this case, but authorities have failed to locate them. They have all moved from there current residences.

Could Salman have made them disappear? Or could they just be hiding for some other unknown reason?

*Hat Salman mit dem verschwinden der Zeugen was zu tun?

Vier Leute die bezeugten gesehen zu haben wie Salman Khan einen Menschen überfuhr und der zu Tode kam, sind auf geheimnisvolle Weise verschwunden. Alle vier werden gesucht um Aussagen zu diesem Fall zu machen, aber die Behörden scheiterten bei dem Versuch sie ausfindig zu machen. Sie sind alle von den angegebenen Adressen weggezogen.

Konnte Salman was mit deren Verschwinden was zu tun haben? Oder verstecken sie sich aus einem anderen unbekannten Grund?*
quelle: radiosargam.com


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Beitrag #31 - erstellt: 29. Mai 2006
23.05.06 Aishwarya Rai gesteht ein, daß sie ein Opfer von Gewalt war

Die wunderbare Aishwrya Rai erstaunte kürzlich jeden, als sie die Frage bejahte, als sie jemand fragte, ob sie ein Opfer von Gewalt gewesen ist.

Ash ist zur Zeit in Cannes wegen der Filmvorführung ihres Filmes "Provoked", der von der wahren Gesichte einer 23 Jahre alten Punjabi-Frau namens Kiranjit Ahluwalia handelt, die mit 16 die Eltern verlor und von ihren Brüdern überzeugt wurde, ihr Jura-Studium aufzugeben und den in London ansässigen Deepak Ahluwalia zu heiraten, nur um das Opfer ständiger häuslicher Gewalt zu sein.

Als jemand in Cannes Ash fragte, ob sie auch irgendsolche Erfahrungen gemacht hat, erstaunte die wunderbare Schauspielerin jeden, als sie "Ja" sagte.
Es ist eine gutbekannte Tatsache, daß Ash vor ein paar Jahren mit Salman Khan zusammen war. Salman und Ash hatten eine merkwürdige Beziehung, eine Liebe-Hass-Beziehung, die das Stadtgespräch war. Salman war als extrem besitzergreifend von seiner Liebe Ash bekannt. Freunde und Bekannte von Ash offenbarten auch, daß er sie häufig körperlich angreifen würde.
Allerdings als eines Tages die Dinge aus dem Ruder liefen und Ash nicht länger damit klar kam, trennte sie sich von ihm.
Aber Ash hatte seit dem niemals über den Schmerz, die Schuld oder den Ärger über die vergangene unberechenbare Beziehung gesprochen, oder über die Gründe, daß sie so lange daran festhielt.

Aber als in Cannes jemand weitere Details davon wissen wollte, antwortete Ash offenbar: "Warten Sie auf meine Biographie".

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Beitrag #32 - erstellt: 05. Juni 2006
Salman Khan sings sad song for Babul

After convincing Amitabh Bachchan to sing for Ravi Chopra’s ‘Baabul’, music director Aadesh Shrivastava has now cajoled Salman Khan to give his vocals for this sentimental number.
It was producer-director Ravi Chopra unique idea to make Salman sing for the film. The song is a sensitive father-son number which will be picturised on Amitabh and Salman.
Ravi Chopra revealed, “Aadesh recorded Amitji’s voice for his part earlier and I felt it would be good if Salman croons his part too. He liked the number and did not think twice before giving his nod”.
So, right now Salman is rehearsing for the song. “He is planning to rehearse for the next few days before he gets the right range and modulation in his voice that can match Amitji’s range,” Chopra added.

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Beitrag #33 - erstellt: 05. Juni 2006
Salman is no hero for the Bishnois

Swati Vashishtha
Monday , June 05, 2006 at 17:27

Jodhpur: What happened in the jungles of Jodhpur in October 1998 pitted the Bishnoi community against actor Salman Khan forever.

Poonam Chand Bishnoi, an ordinary farmer till eight years back in the desert hamlet of Kankani village, is the prime witness in the black buck poaching case.

He along with another villager, Choga Ram, chased Salman's gypsy on a motorbike when he saw it stray into the jungles on October 1 1998 at midnight.

Salman was accompanied by actors Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam but it was Salman who shot the two black bucks.

"There were girls in the backseat who gave the rifle to Salman Khan and asked him to fire at the black buck. They said if you're a hero then shoot the black buck," Bishnoi recalls.

The actors got away, but the Bishnois reported the matter to the forest department who found the black bucks at the same spot in the morning and took them for a post mortem.

Bishnoi women still come to pray and to pay respects at the spot where the two black bucks are buried.

It was not easy to get Poonam Chand for the interview because he has moved to Jodhpur following pressure and threats. Choga Ram was not available.

But the Bishnoi's have not forgiven Salman Khan even after eight years.

"To us he is the hunter of harmless creatures," Bishnoi says.

Poonam Chand is not alone in this fight; the Bishnois have a history of sacrificing their lives for nature.

It is said that 200 years ago, 363 Bishnoi women and men laid down their lives protecting the Khejri trees.

Led by Amrita Devi they clung to the trees defying the local Maharaja who wanted timber for his fort. The army beheaded them all.

Unlike the many witnesses in the Salman Khan poaching cases who turned hostile, the Bishnois have stood by exactly what they had first said.

Video dazu:

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Beitrag #34 - erstellt: 08. Juni 2006
Women swoon while men vie for Salman

Bollywood Trade News Network

Come what may... Nothing in the world can wreck Salman Khan's popularity. His intangible charm has women swooning over him while men vie for those envious biceps of his. This dynamic actor truly has the ability to reach out to the masses. The 'rockstar' concert where he performed recently caused quite a frenzy. Also, if the grapevine is to be believed, he has been roped in for a few brand endorsements.

Meanwhile he has plenty of films in the offing including MARIGOLD, GOD TUSSI GREAT HO, BABUL, SALAAM-E-ISHQ, etc. Sallu has once again gone behind the microphone for BABUL, after singing for his home production HELLO BROTHER.

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Beitrag #35 - erstellt: 08. Juni 2006
Salman rescues IIFA
Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Thursday, June 08, 2006]

IndiaGlitz was the first to report yesterday about the last minute ‘boycott’ imposed by Shahrukh Khan camp on this year’s IIFA Awards in Dubai from June 14 – 17. As was reported earlier Shahrukh’s growing ‘differences’ with Bachchans is the primary reason for this decision. Wizcraft, the event management firm managing IIFA in a desperate effort yesterday made a request to ‘Jaaneman’ Producer Sajid Nadiadwala to let the star cast of Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Preity Zinta perform at the awards. Although, Nadiadwala had blocked the dates of the stars from June 10th, he accepted the plea.

So, the humungous Indian Diaspora in Dubai shall now have a sumptuous eye candy in the red hot trio of Salman, Akshay and Preity in place of Shahrukh, Kareena and Priyanka. Apparently Ritesh Sishwani, the producer of Don had the dates of Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor and somehow he didn’t want to let it go for the event. Shahrukh Khan isn’t required for this shoot but still he would be away to London for some ‘personal’ reasons.

Wizcraft has also clarified that Karan Johar will be very much a part of IIFA as he is releasing the music of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna during the course of IIFA Weekend. It remains to be seen what excuse Farah Khan has for not attending the Dubai Dhamaal considering the entire cast of her husband Shirish Kunder’s ‘Jaaneman’ will be present there. Maybe Shahrukh should learn something from Salman in terms of professionalism. For even though Salman isn’t pleased with Abhishek’s amorous accounts shared with Aishwarya Rai, he is still willing to shake a leg at the event. Only for Big B!

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Beitrag #36 - erstellt: 11. Juni 2006
Backstage, with Salman Khan

Salman Khan is in a dilemma. The Bollywood star has to choose between a top consisting of a pattern of red and gold squares, one in cyan and gold, and one with blinding mirror-work on darker cloth. It is a difficult decision, especially given that his most ardent fans prefer him bare-chested. He finally settles for armour that can be divested onstage so as to generate maximum hysteria among the crowd attending the Rockstars event at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.
Room 14 is small -- too small perhaps for his bodybuilding equipment, constant stream of visitors, show organizers and the gaudy, loud clothing that seems de rigueur at Bollywood shows. The cheap metal latch on the door is bent, as if in testimony to a violence past. On the other side, across the vomitory (that is the actual term used to describe the tubular exit from a stadium) is where John Abraham, the other big star, has hunkered down. He doesn't have a latch outside his door. Standing guard outside are security guards, wearing the darkest suits, all of them easily marked out by translucent twisted wire strung from earpieces, their heft and their surly expressions.

It takes two long corridors to get the stars out onto stage -- one running parallel to the stadium that is lined with the logos of many visiting teams. Then, they have to turn left to reach the messy zone around the stage, laden as it is with lights, props and well-connected hangers-on.

Text: P Rajendran | Photographs: Paresh Gandhi | Design: Uday Kuckian

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Beitrag #37 - erstellt: 15. Juni 2006
Salman’s back in Mumbai!
The much hyped and talked about world concert led by Salman Khan and supported by stars like John Abraham, Zayed Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat and Esha Deol came to an abrupt halt in London when their last shows was cancelled at Wembley, London, due to poor attendance. Salman, of course, returned to Mumbai. And guess what? His producers are finally heaving a sigh of relief. The reason? Sallu has also got back his lost hair. "Bhai has got a new hairdo and is looking really very cool,” says a friend of the star. And back home Salman will now complete his backlog and top on his agenda is Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Janemaan, where Farah Khan's husband Shirish Kunder is making his directorial debut. Hopefully Salman's other producers’ woes will end with this too!

source: Indiatimes

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Beitrag #38 - erstellt: 15. Juni 2006
Salman-John at War
By Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Thursday, June 15, 2006]

The infamous ‘Rockstars’ concert featuring Salman Khan, Mallika Sherawat, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, John Abraham, Zayed Khan and Esha Deol may have come to an abrupt halt after the last show at Wembley in London had to be called off but the controversies surrounding the altercations between the stars continues to ignite curiosity in the Bollywood circles. The latest buzz doing the rounds is that the differences that arose between Salman Khan and John Abraham have led to Khan deciding to opt out of Nikhil Advani’s ‘Salaam-e-ishq’ and Ravi Chopra’s ‘Babul.

Reportedly, during the shows, John didn’t like the comments of Salman in the press that after himself, Mallika is the biggest draw of the shows. Moreover, when Salman asked all the stars to give a part of their earnings to choreographers Bosco-Ceaser, John didn’t want to be a part of the group as self-admittedly he was a newcomer and couldn’t afford to be too generous with his ‘hard earned money’.

If the reports of Salman backing out of the two films is true then the producers of both the movies will suffer a big setback. Especially Ravi Chopra, whose film has anyways been delayed because of Amitabh Bachchan’s ill-health.

IndiaGlitz is the first to bring you this scoop. We shall keep you updated with regards to any more developments in this story.

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Beitrag #39 - erstellt: 15. Juni 2006
Salman gifts Zayed his Rolex

The actor wins over a friend at the controversy-ridden Rockstars concerts, after alienating almost everyone else

Salman Khan's Rockstars concerts in USA and Canada are getting a bit rocky, what with the actor getting into scrapes with his co-artistes – his problems with Shahid Kapoor and John Abraham are already common knowledge. However, Sallu has still managed to retain one ally – Zayed Khan – who was apparently the recipient of a Rolex watch, gifted to him by Salman.

Although both the stars were unavailable for comment, a source close to Zayed says, “Zayed was completely surprised by Salman's gesture. He knew Salman before, but they seemed to have got along very well during the shows. During one of the shows in America, when all the actors were assembled together, Salman asked Zayed, ‘How good are your reflexes?’ Zayed replied, ‘Pretty good’. And suddenly Salman unclasped his Rolex watch and threw it in his direction, shouting ‘Catch’. Zayed did not understand what the gesture meant at first, but Salman later said the watch was a gift.

Zayed was taken aback but Salman hugged him saying, ‘It is a gift from me, as you really are a Rock Star’.”

Incidentally, when Salman threw his watch to Zayed, both Shahid and John were also present.

The source adds, “Salman is known to be generous with his friends. Although he takes time to get friendly with someone, once he does establish a bond, he puts all his trust into the relationship. Zayed is also excited with his newfound friendship with Salman and the fact that Salman will probably now take him under his wing.”

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Beitrag #40 - erstellt: 16. Juni 2006
Salman and team got a rude shock in London

By Subhash K. Jha, Mumbai: Going by the dismal fate of the latest Rock Stars concert abroad, it may be a long time before any organiser or Bollywood celebrity dares venture into a world tour.

The last stop for the Rock Stars entourage - Salman Khan, John Abraham, Mallika Sherawat, Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor - last week turned out to be a nightmare that the stars aren't likely to forget.

"There was almost nil attendance," a source told IANS.

"The show at Wembley in London had to be cancelled because there was hardly anyone there to see our so-called Rock Stars. In all, 500-600 people turned up to watch our great entourage. You should have seen the expression on their faces.

"On the evening before at Birmingham the attendance was hardly any better. There were around 1,500 people in all," the source added.

"Fortunately, the show at Birmingham didn't have to be cancelled. But what happened at Wembley has sobered and cautioned our entire Bollywood fraternity. I don't think the stars are likely to go on concert tours for a long, long time to come."

The worst blow was yet to come. Sahara India had acquired TV filming rights of the cancelled concert.

"Their expensive equipment and large crew had to return without any footage. There's a lot of financial accounting to be done. The organisers haven't even started counting their losses in Britain as yet," said the source.

So is it a no-no for Bollywood concerts abroad?

"For others stars? Yes, they are unlikely to go for a long time after this experience," said the source. "But if it's a concert featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai, tickets will sell like hot cakes anytime.

"Salman and John returned to Mumbai Monday. Shahid and Kareena are expected back later during the week."

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Beitrag #41 - erstellt: 17. Juni 2006
ein paar videos von salu........
Rockstar ad..
Lets Rock part 1
Lets rock part2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCt2StmQwyI ...armer salman....
Rockstars press conference
Zee Cineawards 2005


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Beitrag #42 - erstellt: 20. Juni 2006
Salman Khan is going Down!

The poaching of endangered blackbucks came back to haunt the mightiest in Bollywood Monday with a court in this Rajasthan town reframing charges against Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre in the case.

All the five stars were present when the Jodhpur court read out the formal charges against them for killing two blackbucks in nearby Kankani village on the intervening night of Oct 1-2, 1998, during the shooting of Sooraj Barjatya's blockbuster "Hum Saath Saath Hain".

The next hearing for the case has been fixed for July 3, Salman's counsel Hastimal Saraswat told.

While Salman has been charged under Section 51 of the Wildlife Protection Act for hunting a protected species, the other stars have been charged for abetment under Section 52 of the act.

If found guilty, the stars could face a penalty of one-six years in prison and a fine of up to Rs.25,000.

The court reframed the charges against the stars as per the order of the additional district sessions court, which while allowing the revision petition had ordered dropping of the sections relating to the Indian Penal Code on May 4.

Salman has earlier been convicted in two cases relating to poaching of chinkaras (Indian gazelles).

On Feb 17, a judge of a lower court in Jodhpur had sentenced the actor to a year in jail for killing a chinkara in Bhavad village of the district in September 1998.

Again on April 10 he was sentenced to five years in jail for killing a chinkara in Ghoda farms near Jodhpur on Sep 28, 1998.

In this case the Bollywood actor had to spent three nights in a Jodhpur jail before being released on bail.

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Beitrag #43 - erstellt: 20. Juni 2006
Black Buck Haunts The Stars
By Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, June 20, 2006]

Salman Khan’s stars are perennially in doldrums. After returning from an unsuccessful ‘Rockstars’ world tour where the last show in Wembley got cancelled at the last minute, Khan was made to feel the heat in Jodhpur yesterday. The eight year old Black Buck case came up for hearing yesterday and the Sessions Court Judge reframed charges against Salman Khan, Tabu, Neelam, Sonali Bendre and Saif Ali Khan under the Wildlife Protection Act (WLPA). All the stars were present in the court.

Judicial magistrate Dalpat Singh Rajpurohit booked Salman for illegal hunting under section 51 and others under section 52 (abetment) in the black bucks poaching case. According to Mahipal Bishnoi, a high court lawyer, if proved guilty, they could get upto six years in jail. The charges were reframed after Salman’s lawyer Hasti Mal Saraswat moved the sessions court against earlier charges framed by a lower court saying the 'charges had been duplicated'.

It seems Salman Khan’s worries are not going to lessen as a television news channel recently broke a story in the infamous American Bakery Car Accident case where a labourer lost his life under Khan’s car due to negligent driving. The court had earlier stated in that case that since the four witnesses (The labourers who survived) were unavailable and that the police were unable to find them, their statements can not be considered. But the same labourers stated on Television that the police never made any attempts to search for them as they were always there. This disclosure will surely go against Salman Khan when the case comes up for hearing as the intense media scrutiny will make it impossible for the police or the judicial system to be lenient with the mega star.

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Beitrag #44 - erstellt: 22. Juni 2006
'Salman has kept his word'
MUMBAIMIRROR, Thursday, June 22, 2006

Producer Nazim Rizvi is out on bail, and back to filmmaking. Salman Khan will star in one of his films
S Ramachandran and Johnny Vaz

Producer Nazim Rizvi is back. The man who was in the news (and in jail) along with film financier Bharat Shah for using underworld don Chhota Shakeel's money and threatening actors during the making of Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, is back in business. He is making a realistic film based on his prison term.

Rizvi was arrested on December 13, 2003, and released on bail on December 26, 2003. He was convicted by the MCOCA court, against which he went in appeal to the High Court. The matter is still pending, meanwhile he is out on bail.

He is making two films now. One of the films, titled Undertrial, is based around Rajpal Yadav who plays a man falsely implicated of raping his three daughters. Clearly, Nazim has avoided being projected as the central character. Mukesh Rishi plays the role of Nadir here, based on Nazim's character, who has been framed in another case.

“I spent three years and thirteen days in jail. I know and have been stating that I am innocent. The Supreme Court threw away the application by the state government and maintained that I can be out on bail. My family and I have gone through hell,” says Rizvi. He had earlier made films like Angaarwadi.

Rizvi says the cops did not give him a rough time. “They were very co-operative and even my jailor T Shringarvel at Thane prison is a very nice man. It is ironic that most of the 14 cops who were behind my arrest are in jail themselves or have been shunted out to various postings,” he says. Interestingly, former DGP, state police CID TK Chaudhary, also makes a cameo in Rizvi's film. The film's jail sequences were shot on real locations at Thane jail, over 12 days.

While Undertrial, directed by Aziz Khan, will be completed soon, Nazim has already finished shooting for another film with Rajpal Yadav. “The film is called Hum Lallan Bol Rahen Hain, it's a hilarious film. The film has been directed by former Rajkumar Santoshi associate Dilip Shukla,” says Rizvi.

Interestingly Rizvi's jail mates at the Thane jail included big bulls like the late Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parikh. “Harshad was in jail with me for seven days. Ketan Parikh was in for 23 days for the first time, then he came back again. The other prisoners, in fact, had asked to be put in the same cell as me and shared my food as well,” says Rizvi.

Rizvi has also written a book called Aankhen Meri, Baaki Aapke, which is a collection of stories. Every story is being made into a film now,” says Rizvi who says he will cast his Chori Chori Chupke Chupke hero Salman Khan in his third film. “Salman had said in court that he wants to work with me again and again. And he has kept his word,” says Rizvi.

For Rizvi, it was like starting life all over again after his release on bail. “It was like taking an admission into kindergarten again. I know I am innocent and I am fighting the case,” he says.

And where does the money come from, for making films now? “The same people who helped me before are helping me again,” he replies. “Undertrial has a budget of Rs 2 crore and Hum Lallan Bol Rahen Hain, Rs 1.5 crore. I live in the same house as before and use the same office too. The only difference is that after I was arrested, people stopped calling my family. The only calls that came were from the police. My children were affected terribly, as was my wife, as it became very embarrassing for them. We have all come out of that phase now. The case will take a long time, but I am prepared. I have gone through every book of law while in jail. My lawyers and I will fight the case till the very end.”


Nazim Rizvi says that he was given very good food in jail. "I was treated very well. The cops took good care of me. Lots of fellow prisoners were surprised to see the kind of treatment I received and the good food that I ate. Earlier, prisoners were allowed a money order of Rs 500 per month. I made a request and changed it to Rs 800 for all prisoners. Since some medicines are expensive, the jail authorities made special provisions for that too," he says.


6:20 am: Tea
8: 00 am: Tea, bread, butter and milk
11:00 am: Chappati, rice, dal, one sabji and a salad
3.30 pm: Tea
5 pm: Fruits
8 pm: Two eggs, rice, chapatti, bhaji

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Beitrag #45 - erstellt: 25. Juni 2006
John's big fat starry nakhras
By: Upala KBR
June 24, 2006

The Rockstars shows in USA, Canada and UK had its fair share of controversies. The John-Salman troubles that began on the show are still having repercussions.

It all started when John and Mallika spurned Salman’s offer to compensate the choreographers Bosco-Caeser and their dancers. Apart from this, there were many other issues.

International Khiladi

Says a source, who was present during the shows, “John has developed a big attitude. He actually told Salman, ‘I am an international star’.

That’s ridiculous, considering Salman has a huge overseas fan base. John also created a fuss about staying in the same hotel as the rest of the stars. He insisted on staying at the most expensive hotel.”

“When Salman heard John creating a big fuss about his room at the 5-star hotel he was put up at, Khan went to check out the accommodation. After checking the room, Khan told the organisers that if John was unhappy with the room, he would exchange it with him. At this point, the organisers told him that John’s room was bigger than his.”

A million bucks

Toronto-based promoter, Altaf Kassam, narrates the ordeal that he faced, including his million-dollar loss, especially when John Abraham and Shahid Kapur gave him heartburn.

Altaf Kassam, confirms, “John always wanted to stay in downtown hotels, which are more expensive and sometimes promoters of smaller cities couldn’t afford such expensive fares. I have been in this business for 10 years but I have faced biggest loss during the Rockstars shows — almost a million rupees.

The promoters of the smaller cities have faced more losses. John told me right at the beginning that he only does business on paper. Salman’s a very nice guy and one of the best human beings I have met. In fact, at the San Francisco show I wasn’t getting money from the promoter so Salman told me that he would take care of it, as he knew the promoter.”

Meeting is over

Problems between Khan and Abraham arose, when one show had poor ticket sales.

Salman called a meeting to say that he’d waived off his fee for that show, and he requested other artists to do the same. However, an irate John got up and left the room saying, “The meeting’s over.”

When quizzed about it, Kassam says, “To make up for one show with poor sales, we all sat down to discuss the waiver. Except for Salman, Zayed and Esha, all the other stars said that they can’t give up a single dollar.

There was another time when we requested them for a free show. Again Kareena, Shahid and John had refused. But later on, Kareena and Shahid became more cooperative.”

Rockstars part 2

Kassam is now planning more Rockstars shows. This time he’s collaborating with Sohail Khan, “He’s trying to help me by organising another Rocktars show with all the artists that had come this time.

The venues will be South Africa and Singapore respectively. They have all promised to cooperate by bringing their fees down so that I can cover my losses.” But will all of them come again? “They have promised to…” says Kassam.

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Beitrag #46 - erstellt: 14. Juli 2006
Biryani Time With Salman Khan
Faridoon Shahryar, IndiaGlitz [Thursday, July 13, 2006]

Salman Khan is always in news. It is apparent that he doesn't want to be hounded by the media, yet the flash bulbs continue to hog him. At the Big Bash of Shatrughan Sinha, the actor walked in with a stylish black T-shirt and was the life-of-the-party. But when the media personnel tried warming up to him, he said sternly, “When you guys write negative things about me, why do you want to talk to me? You are doing very well at my expense anyways.” It was clear that his comfort level with film folks was high as he mingled with everyone from Subhash Ghai to David Dhawan to the host Shatru himself.

So, is he on-jovial-terms with everyone in the industry? No! His cold-vibes with actor John Abraham is taking an ugly turn now. If the industry sources are to be believed then he is giving a tough time to the producers of ‘Babul’ and ‘Salaam-e-Ishk’ as he doesn’t want to shoot with Abraham. It is being said that he is deliberately delaying the filming as he wants both their shots to be taken separately. Both the films are already behind schedule due to his un-announced bald phenomenon, then his subsequent arrest in Jodhpur and the ‘Rockstars’ concerts that went on for ever.

The only people who earn his unconditional attention are his family. So, when father Salim Khan threw a football party to watch the Football World Cup Final, even though Sallu is not a footie-fan, he joined in the revelries and gorged on the sumptuous Mutton Biryani and never-ending starters. Girl friend Katrina Kaif played a perfect hostess for the evening. Salman loves the home-made food and this Khan-daan is famous for delicious culinary skills. Everyone had a great time that exciting night.

So, you see, Salman Khan continues to make news whether he likes it or not. That’s a price one has to pay for being one of the biggest superstars of all times.

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No faith teaches man to be bad: Salman

video dazu http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/15652/no-faith-teaches-man-to-be-bad-salman.html

Posted Saturday , July 15, 2006 at 17:33

Mumbai: Actor Salman Khan also joined other Bollywood in condemning the serial blasts that ripped Mumbai on Tuesday.

Here's what she has to say about the tragedy and the spirit of Mumbai.

Aarti Kapur Singh: Salman the last few days have been really hard on Mumbai. First the rains after which you were back on the studio's for shooting for Janeeman and now the bomb blasts, what do you think about the spirit of Mumbai that makes it bounce back everytime so fast?

Salman Khan: Well may be we don’t have a choice. I mean this has happened and we all have to continue with our own lives. So to protect ourselves and save our families from hunger and poverty and to make ends meet, we have to forget this and move on into the future and make sure the present makes our future into something worthwhile.

Aarti Kapur Singh: You had been traveling in trains even before Maine Pyar Kiya had released, you know what sort of people travel there. What do you think is the most important thing that the government should do for making lives safer for these people who travel by the trains everyday?

Salman Khan: Be it trains, buses, streets…I think after the London bomb blasts, you cannot even walk into a train station. You are jacked. There are surveillance cameras, metal detectors all over. So I think that is something that should be done even here.

Aarti Kapur Singh: At this stage would like to salute the people who have come back to work the very next day or you want to tell them that they need to get up and speak up?

Salman Khan: I actually think that people should stand up. May be not talk to the media but do it for themselves. They should make their lives better. Just look around them, check, if they see suspicious character, they should call the cops. Just take care of their ownselves for their families and their loved ones.

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super,danke für das tolle interview,gefällt mir was Salman da sagt,also noch mal vielen dank an dich indira02. Smily "winke"

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Salman Khan wants girlfriend Katrina to replace Priyanka in London Dreams

Salman Khan’s legal controversies have barely receded, when the actor yet again seems to be embroiled in new controversies. Earlier he was charged for the killing of a black buck and was imprisoned . He was also charged for killing one person and injuring four people in a hit and run accident . Right through his ‘Rockstars’ worldwide concert, he was said to be having problems with Shahid and even with John Abraham . Recently Salman was even being called unprofessional as it was claimed that he was deliberately stalling the shooting of his two films Salaam-E-Ishq and Babul as they both have John Abraham as his co-star and he is not on good terms with the actor after their quarrel while on tour. Now yet again Salman is said to be interfering in the film London Dreams. According to sources Salman has asked director Raj Kumar Santoshi to replace his co-star Priyanka with none other than girlfriend Katrina Kaif.

The cast of London Dreams has already been decided. The film was to star Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan. Priyanka Chopra too was finalized as one of the female leads. However now Salman wants Santoshi to replace Priyanka and let Katrina play the role. According to sources “Salman has been telling Rajji for a long time now that he wants Katrina and not Priyanka. However this has put Rajji in a dilemma as Priyanka has already given dates for the film.” Salman has even gone as far as blatantly telling Priyanka to opt out of the film as she has come in between this role which Katrina was earlier supposed to do. However Santoshi had approached Priyanka for the role first and there was no supposed other choice.

The source further adds “It is unprofessional of Salman to ask a heroine who has been finalized by the director and the producer to opt of the film for personal reasons. Rajji wants to stand by Priyanka in this situation but he is also aware that the producer of the film will do anything that Salman asks of him including accommodating Salman’s girlfriend Katrina in the film.” Everyone has different versions to tell however Santoshi maintains that he cannot comment on the issue and that the producer of the film PJ Singh should be asked. P J Singh however denies that any actress at all has been finalized for the project; he claims that the actress will be decided according to the availability of dates and he also claims that Salman has no involvement in the choice of the actress.

But Priyanka Chopra’s manager Chand Agarwal says “Priyanka will definitely be doing London Dreams and she has already given dates for the film.” Priyanka was earlier also slated to act in another film Halla Bol by Santoshi but later opted out from the film . Salman Khan seems to be increasingly displaying his unprofessional attitude in bollywood. In fact earlier it was Salman who seemed to be promoting his co-star Priyanka Chopra for various films. So finally has Sallu opted for love, taking precedence over friendship? Which actress will finally play the role only time will tell?

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I might give marriage a go: Salman

Aarti Kapur Singh
Posted Sunday , July 16, 2006 at 16:01

Mumbai: Marriage and Salman Khan — the twain shall never meet.This seems to be true for Bollywood's favourite bachelor.

While promoting his latest film aptly titled Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar, the actor said, "I see very bleak future for this film."

Those are rather honest words from Salman Khan about the film he hopes will release next month, after lying in the cans for nearly two years.

From Maine Pyaar Kiya to Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi to Shaadi Karke Phas Gaya Yaar, Salman just cannot make up his mind.

"That’s my life — full of contradictions. So I guess it comes naturally to me," he said.

So moving away from the bleak topic of the film, it was time to talk about happier things — marriage, for instance.

"Marriage is quite a funny thing. Ekta Kapoor is making money out of it," he said.

So when will Salman finally say 'I do'? "Everyone says it's the best thing to get married and I say, 'Yeah right. Maybe I should try it one of these days.' By the way my dad is really happy because he's got two wives and they're both happy too. They both get along fine," said Salman.

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