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Forum - Thema: Interviews und News von Karan Johar

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Thema: Interviews und News von Karan Johar
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Beitrag #1 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
alles über ihn hier rein


~~ No excuses, no apologies, no regrets ~~
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Beitrag #2 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
Karan Johar

Karan Johar is the son of the late yash johar and a popular Indian film director, producer and TV celebrity.

Karan Johar, Famous Bollywood film director holding a Filmfare Award

Directorial and production achievements

He was first seen as Shahrukh Khan's friend in the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge where he also was Assistant Director and responsible for Khan's costumes, something he also did in Khan's movies Dil To Pagal Hai, Duplicate, Mohabattein, Mein Hoon Na and Veer-Zaara. In 1998 his directional debut Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a blockbuster. It won eight Filmfare awards including the Best Movie, Best Director and all the Best Actors in lead and supporting roles.
His second directorial effort Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was released in 2001 which was almost equally successful. Most recently he produced and wrote the script for Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003), which was directed by Nikhil Advani, his Assistant Director from Kuch Kuch Hota Ha. In 2005, he produced another movie, Kaal, directed by Soham Shah, Johar`s Assistant Director from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.
In 2005 he will direct his third film with Shahrukh Khan in the lead again: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, which will feature plenty of actors he has worked with in the past, among them: Rani Mukerji, Abhishek Bachchan, Preity Zinta and Arjun Rampal.

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Beitrag #3 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
1) Wants to of it all : Director, designer, emcee and Producer – you are accused of becoming ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of…?
“Masters of all too, I hope. I’ve always been interested in doing all kinds of things, from designing clothes for Shah Rukh Khan to hosting award functions. These are parts of my personality I like to tap once in a while; it keeps my energies charged all the time. I’ve obviously most passionate about filmmaking, and for the rest of the things I’m doing, I’m taking baby steps now, soon I’ll walk, and then run.”
2) Too Interviening : Is Karan too involved in the projects he produces?
“Only as much involved as any ‘passionate’ producer should be. I’m making a conscious effort to take a break and leave the reins of Kaal to my director Soham. The film is his idea, story, script and direction, I’ve told Soham that he better make a good film, or else I will kick him. Just kidding! I’m scared of watching horror films; for all you know I may not even see my own film Ha! Ha!”
3) Switching Streams : From feel good to feel terrified, how was the transition…
“It was a scary thought at first. Frankly, horror is a genre I don’t even understand. I don’t belong to that world of cinema. I can’t even visualize myself writing a script like that, because such thoughts don’t come in my mind. When Soham narrated the script to me, I was terrified even hearing it. I even asked him – ‘What were you drinking when you wrote the film?” But I guess it’s important to deal with all forms of cinema as a producer.”
4) Bitter separation? : What about his bitter separation with Nikhil Advani?
“No sour feelings. It’s just that we both didn’t handle the situation to the best of our abilities. There was a lot of hurt and pain, leaving that aside I’m still proud of his ability as a filmmaker. I believe Nikhil is from my world of cinema. I know the next film he’s making will be awesome and I wish him all the luck for it.”
5) Too attached to SRK : Karan’s co-producer in Kaal – Shah Rukh Khan’s role is -
“Same as mine – a passionate producer. He’s playing the most important role – he’s always there with his love, spirit and energy. And he’s doing a dance number, too.”
6) Taking the plunge : For his own next directorial venture he is staying from his usual?
“My production company is identified with a certain kind of candy floss image, so I thought it was time to diversify, my next is emotionally from my world and yet it’s a departure from my usual. And no guesses…SRK is a part of my film.”
7) Can he do without SRK?
: The industry wants to know if a Karan film without SRK in the lead would work
“Why is anybody keenly waiting to see what I will be doing next, why aren’t they doing what they should be doing. It’s almost like saying, ‘Look he’s good at the high jump, now let’s see if he can do the long jump as well.’ If I am winning gold in the high jump, why should I settle for a bronze elsewhere? I love Hindi cinema, I love all filmmakers around me, and if beats my imagination what anyone else’s problem with that should be?”

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Beitrag #4 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
Monday December 19, 2005

Karan who?


His boyish looks and playful demeanour make him seem a lot younger than his 35 years.
However, lest you dismiss Karan Johar as a Bollywood rookie, here are some interesting facts about him.

The son of famed Bollywood producer, the late Yash Johar, Karan began his career in Bollywood as an assistant to director Aditya Chopra in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayange, in which he also had a supporting role.

Moving on from acting though, Karan began directing and in a short time made a name for himself as an award winning director. His first two movies – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham – were instant box office hits, snatching many Filmfare awards and catapulting Karan into the spotlight as Bollywood’s blue-eyed boy.

His third directorial effort (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna) is currently underway but in the midst of all this, Karan is enjoying himself as the host of his own chat show, Koffee with Karan.

Interestingly though, until he was in college Karan tried to hide the identity of his father and denied his own fascination for Hindi films as “it was uncool”.

It was only when he met director Yash Chopra’s son Aditya, who did not conceal his passion for Hindi films at all, did Karan find himself being drawn into the world of celluloid too.

And the rest, as they say is Bollywood history.

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Beitrag #5 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
I’m not as ballsy as Ram Gopal Varma, says Karan Johar


Shubha Shetty-Saha
Thursday, February 16, 2006 20:17 IST

It took a while to woo Karan Johar into giving an interview, especially since he’s been preoccupied with the post production of his new magnum opus - ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.’ But catch him we did and dived straight to the one question on everyone’s mind these days: Will he ever make a film without Shah Rukh Khan?

“I would never want to go on a film set where he’s not there. Right now, I can’t think about it and I hope I don’t have to. He’s a part of me and he gives me a lot of strength, emotionally and professionally,” is his prompt reply.

Too mushy: The filmmaker is often accused by his peers for making candy-floss films. Karan shrugs it off with, “I don’t understand why every one is so keen on judging me so soon. It used to affect me earlier. But really, I make films I believe in.”

“I don’t run down people who make so-called ‘intellectual’ films. I liked ‘Lagaan’, ‘Rang de Basanti’, ‘Satya’, but I also know that I am not capable of making these kinds of films. So I choose not to even attempt them. If that makes me limited, then maybe I am. Today, my strength is emotional drama. I’ve never claimed to be an all-round filmmaker.”

Playing safe: But Ram Gopal Varma thinks filmmakers like him take a lot of risks as they churn out love stories over and over again. “I don’t agree with him at all. What’s the risk in making a family film? I think I play the safest. I’m not as ballsy as Ramu.

That’s why some of his films work and some of them don’t. But that’s not to say what I do is easy. I know that I lack courage to do a variety of films. But I am getting better. I am dealing with topics that I might have not thought of earlier,” he says.

Bolder issues: Like adultery in ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’? For the first time during the interview Karan becomes cagey, “I am not ready to divulge the story as yet. But all I can say is that I have become a bit bolder now.” Does that mean he’s stopped getting panic attacks like he did during the making of ‘Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham’? He laughs and says, “I still do, but I have grown up enough not to faint on the sets anymore.”

Let bygones be: We veer the topic to his friend-turned-foe, Nikhil Advani, whose film ‘Salaam-e-Ishq’ will be pitted against ‘KANK’. “I am sure Nikhil’s film will be a great one because he is good at his work. He’s been with me since ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ days and he’s been a great support. If he wanted to walk out and work with another filmmaker, I cannot hold it against him.”

So, does that mean he still misses Nikhil? “I do, I do. I know that he’s hurt me, my mother and my father but maybe in the process he was hurt too. I cannot tie anybody down. They are not my children.”

Coffee with Salman: As far as the second season of his highly popular show — ‘Koffee with Karan’ is concerned, the filmmaker says he would love to have Salman Khan as his guest. “Anybody who knows Salman will tell you that he is a sensitive and funny man. I want to show that part of him to the world. I have been requesting him, but he refuses to come on the show.”


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Beitrag #6 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
With Karan, without the coffee
By Vinita Bharadwaj, Staff Reporter

In town to launch Seema Khan's collection at the Kimaya boutique, Karan Johar sent even Dubai's society regulars into a slight tizzy.
One of Bollywood's most influential and powerful young directors, Johar walked in wearing only his clothes - no attitude - to talk to everyone who went up to him, signed autographs and became more photographed than the designer and her clothes. In a casual chat with Tabloid - minus the coffee - Johar spills the beans on his guests, the show and what's really in those mugs.

The buzz around here is huge for a filmmaker isn't it?
Yeah, I mean I have to admit it feels strange. I never realised that as a filmmaker there would be so many add-ons and when I started out I really thought that I'd just be making films. I suppose that these are all the bits that come with the job and it's fine. I'm really happy that people watch my work and are familiar with my work and now with this talk show there are various parts of my personality that I'm able to tap into.
Of course, people love the show and I'm sure this is a reaction to that because filmmakers are lesser known being behind the scenes. The show itself is something that I've always wanted to do, because I love talking that I thought I might as well get paid for it.

Is it exhausting?
No, I love it. That's why I said to myself that I might as well get paid for it. And it's great fun.

Does it pay better than a director's job?
I think so (laughs) And it's minus the stress and pressure. Also, it's a great backup at my end, so if things don't work out in films I can just turn to talking on television.

Which of your guests have been the most forthcoming in their interviews?
Well, that way I've been very fortunate. I've had people I've been very close to and did come on television. What I loved was the two veteran episodes that I did with Hema Malini and Zeenat and the second with Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. I think they were wonderful and for me it was like a childhood dream come true - speaking to people I've grown up watching.
Everyone else was fantastic but just interviewing these two pairs and going back into time with them was very special and I loved those two episodes very much.

There are some who are clever enough to talk without actually communicating. Any such smart ones so far on the show?
There were certain episodes - I don't want to mention names - when I found myself stuck. See the essence of the show is very chatty, casual to give people the impression that they are overhearing a conversation. There have been opportunities when I've been at a loss for words and didn't know where to take it.

So it does happen - a loss for words - with you?
Ya it does. Ya it does (smiles) But really the success of the show depends on the guest. I have to say that out of the 25 shows that we've done, I've loved 20 or 22. There were very few who didn't live up to my expectations.

Do you brief your guests in advance?
No. Never.

And what about taboos? Have you ever been told not to talk about certain sensitive issues?

Never. I think it's because they trust me and because I know them socially as well, they know I would never cross that line. I'm not here to sensationalise. For me it's very important that they come on the show, chat and have that cup of coffee with me.

Is there really coffee in the mugs?
Yes there is. It's hot brewing coffee, which we change during every break.

What's your take on remaking older movies?
It's been done in the West too. People announce remakes.

Yeah, but in Bollywood everyone seems to be announcing a remake every day?
Unfortunately, we belong to a herd mentality and if something works then we all run there. But this will settle down eventually. This will happen sporadically but it happens in the West. It's just never spoken about. It's just that this year there's a whole bunch of them happening.

Would you ever do one?
Um? For me I look at it very differently. I just feel that if I appreciate something or love something so much then I wouldn't touch it. But others see remaking a classic as a way of paying tribute to it.

Despite the brief role in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, you never went back into it?
Oh God. I was the worst thing in that movie. No there was never any plan to act. I was forced into that. Luckily I was born with a brain and I knew that I had no place in front of the camera. Being a host is OK. I'm just myself. So when I saw myself in DDLJ, I knew there's no calling there.

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Beitrag #7 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006

So are all actors without brains?
Not a lot of them. A lot of them in front of the camera need not be.

How do you react to critics slamming your films?
I always wanted to be a journalist and a film critic so I'm quite understanding. If I were a critic I would look at my films and say why does Karan Johar have to be so mushy and romantic.

Why do you get so mushy and romantic?
I am mushy and romantic. I don't get that way. I'm a sucker for romance, family values and happy endings. I love watching happy films. And I'm happy that there are all kinds of filmmakers who show you the stark realities of life.

And finally, would you have sent Paheli to the Oscars if it were up to you?
I think Paheli was actually a very clever choice - and I'm not saying that because it's Shah Rukh's film - but I think it was an original piece of work. It was a rustic fairytale. The West is enamoured by our colours and the so-called Indian-ness. Right or wrong, they are. So I think it was a very clever choice.

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Beitrag #8 - erstellt: 03. Juni 2006
Karan Johar and Kareena Kapoor back to working together

By IndiaFM News Bureau, June 2, 2006 - 03:03 IST

When Kareena Kapoor walked out of Kal Ho Na Ho around three years back, Karan Johar swiftly replaced her with Preity Zinta, an action that hurt Kareena immensely. Though they continued to be good friends, they decided not to work together again. Now however, the two seem to have settled down their differences and Karan Johar has signed up Kareena for the next film from his production house to be directed by Soham (of Kaal fame).

The film reportedly, is going to have a big star cast and Karan probably might announce the film after the music launch of Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna.

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Beitrag #9 - erstellt: 07. Juni 2006
Kareena patches up with Karan

By Vickey Lalwani ©2006 Bollyvista.com

Friendships and hatred is never permanent in Bollywood. Latest, Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar have renewed their friendship.

When Karan was casting for 'Kal Ho Na Ho', he and Kareena Kapoor had a minor altercation when the latter walked out of the film.

At that time, Karan had asked Preity Zinta to step into Kareena's shoes. Kareena was so hurt that they decided not to work together ever again.

The latest is that Kareena will star in Johar's next - a film to be directed by 'Kaal' director Soham. Atta girl!

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Beitrag #10 - erstellt: 11. Juni 2006
Johar's next deals with Adultry

The 5 year long hiatus is over. Come July and you'll see Karan Johar in dirctor’s chair once again with his another multi starrer Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

Tells Karan, "My latest film is far from the melodramatic romances and instead focusses on infidelity and troubled relationships."

The film stars Bollywood heavyweights Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta. It also has Kiron Kher, Arjun Rampal and Saira Mohan in supporting roles. The film’s music has been composed by the musical trio, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy with lyrics penned by Javed Akhtar.

It is is the story of two couples Dev (Shahrukh Khan) - Rhea (Preity Zinta) and Maya (Rani Mukherjee) - Rishi (Abhishek Bachchan), whose life change when Dev and Maya meet and get involved into an extra marital affair. The film explores how the strong feelings that Dev and Maya have for each other affect not only their lives but also of those around them.

“This is Karan’s film. There’s Abhishek, Preity, Rani and Mr. Bachchan. I am sure it’ll be a great film,” said Shahrukh Khan.

Meanwhile Radio Mirchi, the exclusive radio partner to Karan Johar’s film Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, will premiere the film’s music on June 19 on its air waves. Radio Mirchi is celebrating a two-week Karan Johar Festival from June 5.

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Beitrag #11 - erstellt: 11. Juni 2006
danke indira für die ganzen artikels Smily "dankedankedanke" Smily "dankedankedanke"

ich bin schon mehr als gespannt auf kank Smily "bounce" morgen kommt noch soundtrack raus.....Smily "top" Smily "top"


„Valar Morghulis“

Hilfe| Team
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Beitrag #12 - erstellt: 15. Juni 2006
danke @indira02 Smily "dankedankedanke"


Tangruppe Hindi Steps
[://Sanjana @Bollycaro, Riya @bollyduygu, Anjali @milana//:]4Ever
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Beitrag #13 - erstellt: 10. Juli 2006
Karan Johar in Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-E-Ishq
By IndiaFM News Bureau, July 8, 2006 - 02:48 IST

Karan Johar and Nikhil Advani have buried their differences and now Karan will also be doing a cameo in Nikhil’s upcoming film. After the release of Kal Ho Na Ho which was directed by Nikhil and produced by Karan Johar, the two had differences in opinion and had parted ways. They in fact weren’t in talking terms for more than a year.

However, for his film Salaam-E-Ishq, Nikhil wrote a role keeping Karan in mind. It is a cameo role of a film director for Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s episode in the film. Karan was quite amused when Nikhil approached him and agreed to do it. Even Karan Johar confirmed that he is doing a cameo in Nikhil’s film. He also added that Nikhil had been a part of Dharma productions for eight years and that despite the fall out he was always there for him.

Karan Johar however didn’t let out any details about his role in the film saying it’s too early to comment. He is currently busy with Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and will shoot for Salaam-e-Ishq once he is done with that.

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Beitrag #14 - erstellt: 17. Juli 2006
I hope my film lives up to the hype: Johar
Subhash K. Jha [Monday, July 17, 2006]

Mumbai, July 17 (IANS) If there is one relieved and happy man in Bollywood now, it is filmmaker Karan Johar. He finally wrapped up his latest love epic "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" (KANK) last week and had a gorgeous wrap-up party for the cast and crew.

After that, Karan flew to London to attend the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards night, which was held July 12.

"We were there for BAFTA's Bollywood weekend from Saturday to Monday. They honoured Aamir (Khan) by screening 'Rang De Basanti'. They also honoured Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Chopra. Shah Rukh flagged off the Bollywood weekend.

"Then on Saturday night, (India-born global steel baron) Lakshmi Mittal had a party for all of us. It's a big event here in London. The British press is here in full splendour. Even Preity Zinta attended the gala with us.

When asked what he was doing there, Johar said: "Me' My 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham' was being shown. I am also screening seven minutes of 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna'. This would be the first public screening of my film."

Johar was relieved and yet sentimental about the end of KANK's shooting.

"Amit uncle was a little unwell. And then we lost two days to rain. But choreographer Farah Khan is super-fast. She did an amazing job of making up for lost time. Even being under the weather, Amit uncle was in his element. All the actors cooperated to complete this crucial last stint.

"Finally, we could all say alvida to 'Alvida...' Now I am anxious about the release. There is a lot of pressure for delivering the goods. I am scared by people's expectations. Everyone is talking about KANK. The music took its time to create its own ripples. But now everyone's singing 'Mitwa' - even in London. Yes, I'm excited by the enthusiasm for the music. I hope the film lives up to the hype."

And yes, what about the hush-hush KANK wrap-up party'

"We wrapped up on the night that we shot for the last time (July 10). It was a brilliant end to a turbulent but memorable shooting spree. That was fun. It was just the cast and crew... a very private affair. And we had a great time. It was our way of showing to each other what a great time we had during the film's making.

"The shooting was also a lot of hard work. And we needed to celebrate at the end of it. It was a moment of great happiness for all of us. And of course, we did feel sad. That's bound to be when something beautiful ends. We all danced. And we were selfish enough to dance only to our own music from KANK."

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Beitrag #15 - erstellt: 21. Juli 2006
Karan Johar: Love is in the air!

His films are high on emotions, but the behind-the-scenes of his movies have even more mush than that. Apparently on the last day of the KANK shoot, Karan’s entire crew of technicians and assistants got really emotional. They have become so comfortable working with KJ that they’ll sorely miss not being around him. And knowing that his films are far and few, it will be a long break before the team gets together again. KJ was also so emotional that he gave all of them personalized gifts, and the big surprise was when Karan’s mom gifted him an amazing watch, as a pat on the back for all the hard work. Well, there’s a lot of love around here, isn’t there?

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Beitrag #16 - erstellt: 23. Juli 2006
NRIs important to Indian film industry: Karan Johar
IANS [Sunday, July 23, 2006]

London, July 23 (IANS) Non-resident Indians are important to the Indian film industry not only as symbols and themes in storylines but also as a significant market for Indian films, according to noted director Karan Johar.

Johar, along with leading lights of the Hindi film industry were here as part of the "BAFTA Goes Bollywood" event, which included screenings, interviews and workshops with Yash Chopra, Preity Zinta, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Johar.

Several actors and directors stressed the growing importance of the non-resident Indian for the film industry. Shah Rukh Khan told newsmen: "NRIs have been important to me", while Yash Chopra added: "NRI market is as good to us as the market in India and Britain is number one for us".

According to Johar, "We do not see NRIs as people who are separate from Indians. They are all Indians and in fact the NRIs are more Indian at heart then any of us in India".

The discussion on the subject - available on popular radio station www.nrifm.com - focussed on the NRI theme that was prominently portrayed in blockbusters such as "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayange" (DDLJ) and "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham".

Explaining his unique relationship with the NRIs, Shah Rukh Khan admitted that in many of his roles his character has been that of an ideal NRI son or an ideal son-in-law or an ideal lover. Yash Chopra said that his unique relationship with the NRI community began with DDLJ in 1995.

According to him, the time was just right - the age of video was declining; audiences were returning to cinema theatres; India was opening up and the NRIs were looking back towards their home country. In such an environment, DDLJ became a super hit.

Johar said: "I make films for Indians, whether they live in New York or Bihar. NRI is a status not an identity. For us they are all Indians."

Yash Chopra said: "'Veer Zaara' was the most important film of my life. It was the most authentic and positive depiction of both countries (India and Pakistan). Boundaries are man-made otherwise we are the same people; we have the same language, same family and same emotions."

The trio strongly defended the Bollywood style of filmmaking packed with song, dance and melodrama. Yash Chopra and Karan Johar said that such films have to be long and they cannot make shorter length films just for the sake of western audiences.

However, Shah Rukh said: "Filmmakers tend to get emotional about this issue but I am more practical in matters of length. I truly believe we need to make shorter films."

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Beitrag #17 - erstellt: 28. Juli 2006
Excerpt from Karan Johar's Interview [FF Aug. '06]
The conversation then turns to Yash Raj's latest film Fanaa . And he states that the performances of the lead pair made the film extremely special for him . But ask him whether he preferred the chemistry between Kajol and the hero of Fanaa or Kajol with Shahrukh Khan and his eyes light up like twin lamps " Asking me that question is like asking whether i love my mom more than someone else" he smiles . "I love Shahrukh and Kajol as pair the most ever. Nothing can compare to the magic of Shahrukh and Kajol . And I'm sure even the Fanaa unit will not take offence to that. Because I made Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and K3G with them . Avtually I am the wrong person to ask this. I can't be objective about them. To me Shahrukh and Kajol are Shahrukh and Kajol. Com on, they are Shahrukh and Kajol!"

* in another part where he mentioned Rani and how is she good in KANK and how she evovled into to a great actor he mentioned 'I didn't have to give Rani a single instruction. Having her in the film was wonderful . With Kajol I have an emotional attachment. But Rani is outstanding in KANK ..."

- Film Fare [August 2006]

My name is Khan
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Beitrag #18 - erstellt: 01. August 2006
Karan Johar wins name game!
In a boost to noted film maker Karan Johar, the Delhi High Court dismissed a petition, filed by rival film producer Biswaroop Roy Choudhary, seeking an injunction against the use of the title Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.

Justice Vikramjit Sen rejected the plea on the ground that Roy had approached the court with a malafide intention after allowing Johar to expend a whopping Rs. 45 crore in making the high-budget Hindi film.

Roy in a petition claimed that he actually was the registered trade-mark holder of the title Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna for his own film, the 'mahoorat' for which was performed on June 23, 2005.

According to Roy, he had completed 40 per cent production of his own film, but Johar by then had ‘plagiarised’ the title for his own production and was planning to release the film in August this year.

However, Johar in his Defence stated that he obtained the rights for the title of the film through the motion picture and TV programme producers association by an order dated May 12, 2005.

Johar submitted that he had already spent about Rs. 45 crore in the making of the film and the same was due for release shortly.

Justice Sen said while Roy was yet to complete even half the production of his film, Johar had already completed the production of his movie and spent over Rs. 45 crore for the purpose.

The court pointed out that if Roy was a serious producer of his film, he ought not to have ignored the reports in the media and trade circles about the impending film of Johar with the said title which surfaced as early as in September 2005.

Since Roy had approached the court for an injunction against the use of title when the film is about to be released, the petition appears to have been filed with a malafide intention, Justice Sen said while dismissing the plea.

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Beitrag #19 - erstellt: 15. August 2006
Interview with Karan..

Mumbai, Aug 14. With Karan Johar's new opus "Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna" (KANK) - spinning around extra-marital relationships - getting a mixed response, the director feels pre-release assumptions tarnishes a film's prospect at the box office.

"I think these pre-release notions make the film sound a tad frivolous," Johar told IANS.

Johar, who has been accused of clever commercial calculations, is convinced audiences will give the thumbs up to his film starring Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerji.

"The audience has evolved. They're more than willing to accept reality that bites."

Elaborating the difference between his earlier releases and KANK, Johar said: "The difference this time comes in the colour of my characters. Earlier my people lived in the white zone painted by circumstances. In KANK the characters live in the grey area. My hero in KANK is flawed."

Talking about the comparisons among the actors in his film he said: "It's only the critics who compare performances, not audiences. From audiences there's no comparison, only appreciation. In my film audiences love everyone from Amitabh to Shah Rukh to Abhishek."

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: You decided to cancel the premiere of "Kabhi Alvida Naa Khena".

A: Yes, Mumbai has recently been through a ghastly phase. I stuck to my release date but to celebrate so soon after the tragedy seemed insensitive.

But I am very excited that one of Mumbai's oldest and most revered theatres (Metro) will re-open with KANK. Metro has always been my favourite cinema hall. That's where I became passionate about cinema watching the cinema of Raj Kapoor, Yash Chopra and Sooraj Barjatya. I attended the premiere of Yash Uncle's "Darr", "Lamhe" and "Chandni" at Metro and also of Raj Kapoor's last work "Henna". For Metro to open with my film is a proud and nostalgic moment.

Q: Tell me about your release.

A: It was about 900 prints the world-over. It's much more than K3G ("Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham"). But that's because the format of release is totally different now. The advent of multiplexes and the increase in audiences have changed the scenario since K3G and "Kal Ho Naa Ho".

Q: Amitabh Bachchan thinks KANK is glorious.

A: I was very moved by everyone's reaction. He sent me a letter, which I've framed in my office. Amit uncle is a legend and a family friend. Shah Rukh who in a way launched me and Aditya Chopra, who has taught me filmmaking, all have a high opinion of KANK.

I was an assistant to Adi and his opinion matters a lot. I remain his assistant at heart. For me he's like the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) stamp. And yes, like all directors I'd say I can change a few things in KANK, but I can't.

Q: It's felt this time you've swerved into complex topics like adultery, extra-marital relationships, etc.

A: I think these pre-release notions make the film sound a tad frivolous. The difference this time comes in the colour of my characters. Earlier my people lived in the white zone painted by circumstances.

In mainstream cinema we tend to look at characters as saints or devils. In KANK the characters live in the grey area. My hero in KANK is flawed. He does wrong, but owns up to it. He's a real character.

Q: Do you think the audience would like the real in your film?

A: The audience has always been more real than us filmmakers. We made them escape into Neverland. Recent successes prove that audiences are willing to accept the unconventional - "Black", "Rang De Basanti". So many thought-provoking films have made it at the box office. The audience has evolved.
They're more than willing to accept reality that bites. But I don't know if the average filmmaker has.

Q: After seeing KANK Javed Akhtar wonders how you know so much about marital disharmony?

A: It is simple. Stand at a distance from any matter and you can see it better. I'm not married. But I'm surrounded by married couples and their problems.

Q: Is this the film where you've made the least mistakes?

A: No filmmaker knowingly makes mistakes. Sometimes a director's perception fails to match his screenplay. KANK is the one film that I made without any compromises, without playing to the galleries. I didn't allow the mind to operate over the heart. KANK is all heart. The film might open up debates. But this is what I wanted to make.

I've been accused of clever commercial calculations in the past and I don't dispute that. K3G definitely had a lot of playing to the galleries. With KANK I've grown up. I'm not saying it's a good or bad film. I'm just saying I've evolved as a filmmaker. It's a sign of a new phase.

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Beitrag #20 - erstellt: 15. August 2006

Q: So, are you saying you've completely swerved away from the Karan Johar style?

A: I'm not saying that at all. For heaven's sake, I do have a bhangra and a disco in KANK. Every filmmaker has his own stamp. Just as you can't imagine a Yash Chopra film without the chiffon saris, Sanjay Bhansali's films without the visual opulence, or Nasir Hussain's films without their elaborate musical numbers. Bad or good I came with my bhangra.

Q: Some people say KANK is inspired by the Robert de Niro-Meryl Streep romance "Falling In Love"?

A: The only motif common to both romances is the railway station. Otherwise, there's no similarity between the two. Not a single twist is common.

Q: Do you foresee embarrassing comparisons among the actors in KANK?

A: It's only the critics who compare performances, not audiences. From audiences there's no comparison, only appreciation. In my film audiences love everyone from Amitabh to Shah Rukh to Abhishek.

I don't know how far I've succeeded in directing the actors. But they've all done way better than how I had written the roles. Full credit to all of them. I think the actors make KANK. I'm a distant second.

Q: Abhishek is new to your cinema.

A: I was taken back to those filmy birthday parties when I was seven and he was three. The vibes on the sets with Abhishek was like the song "Where's the party tonight". Abhishek is a child-man. And that's what he plays in KANK.

Q: There were speculations about fights among actors in New York.

A: All we fought was the cold weather. No one fought with each other. For heaven's sake, there're so many important wars being fought. Why focus on non-existent wars?

The Rani-Preity war was totally over-blown. I'm not saying they are the Pointer Sisters. They don't live in each other's courtyard. But they share a healthy rapport.

Q: I believe it was traumatic in NY?

A: We faced every possible crisis, from bad weather to over-budget schedules to location crisis. I fought a battle and now it feels like ceasefire. But I might again shoot in NY if the city creeps into my narrative.

It's ironical, but we shot in a horizontal (70 mm) format in a city that's eminently vertical.

I feel there's an underlining sadness in NY, just like my characters. KANK is the most traumatic film of my career. It was like hell and back. We shot "Kal Ho Naa Ho" in July and August, which is a relatively less busy time in NY. KANK we shot during September-December, which is peak season.

Q: Would you say your father Yash Johar's absence added to your woes?

A: Totally. He was a born crisis manager. Crises used to get him all wired up. Each time I got into a crisis during KANK I felt his hand on my shoulder. You lose a parent and you gain a god. My father is my god.

Q: Your last thoughts?

A: I've always received my audiences' love. When they say they're dying to see my work I feel they're referring to another Karan Johar. I've been given that love without asking for it. I hope it continues.

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Beitrag #21 - erstellt: 19. August 2006
Karan Johar’s next two films

Saturday, August 12, 2006: (Mumbai):

So what is Karan Johar planning after Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna?

He’s planning to start two films at a go. The first project with Soham (KAAL) in the director’s seat is known to all by now.

“So far, we have finalized Sanjay Dutt, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh for the project in question. We’ll be adding two more heroes to the cast,” Karan says.

This film is expected to roll in November this year.

The second project, Karan divulges, will also start in November and will be directed by Tarun Mansukhani, who has been his apprentice since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

“We’ve okayed the script already. All he needs to do is put the cast in place. Tarun is an extremely bright and hardworking guy,” he adds. Isn’t Karan planning to start his own project?

“I plan to take a two-week holiday after KANK. Thereafter, I will begin shooting the new series of Koffee with Karan from October onwards. But there wouldn’t be a long gap between KANK and my next film, I promise,” he promises. (Source: Indiafm.com)

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Beitrag #22 - erstellt: 26. August 2006
In life you win some, you lose some...

By:Zahra Khan, mid-day.com
August 25, 2006

Stepping in to watch Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Karan Johar’s audience was in for some entertainment and a lot of shock.

For those of you who still haven’t seen it, KANK is a drama of misplaced love and its subsequent consequences. Unlike his usual candy-floss treatment, this time Karan isn’t looking at life sunny side up.

The emotions here are deeper, darker and less forgivable. And that has left the audience confused, debating and questioning the moral conflicts of his flawed characters. Today, when the film has crossed the Rs 100 crore mark worldwide, Karan defends what he calls ‘a sincere reflection of reality’.

KANK has finally released and there’s so much buzz around it. How are you taking it?
It’s a relief that it’s finally out there, but it’s amazing the sort of discussions and debates it has generated. Some of the feedback is really positive while others are so vehement in their disagreement.

Frankly, it’s a blend of various reactions and I think that’s because a certain degree of unrealism is usually attached to my film, and this time KANK’s realism has hit home. Whether you love it or hate it, at least you’re talking about it. And that’s great.

Are you and Shah Rukh now trying to rationalise the film because the audience has no empathy for Dev and Maya?
We’re not rationalising. We’ve always maintained that Dev and Maya are not doing the right thing, hence you’re not meant to empathise with them. Their decision is a result of their weakness; we never saw them walking off into the sunset. All their guilt and the hurt that they caused will eventually catch up with them.

That’s why Dev tells Maya ‘live an incomplete life with me, because without you there’s no life at all’. So again, you’re not meant to sympathise with them, but just understand that they made some wrong choices.

Through them, you’re supposed to understand not to treat marriage casually. They both made mistakes by marrying the wrong person and are now living the consequences.

Also, are you now sidetracking the issue of infidelity?
Infidelity is not the issue of the film. The film is about relationships and how you can’t treat them lightly. How can I sidetrack infidelity when it’s the most important aspect of my film? But I’m not looking at it from a sexual perspective. I’m looking at it from an emotional point of view.

In retrospect, would you do anything differently? Like give Rhea and Rishi’s characters shades of grey just to make it easier for the audience to digest the story?
Not at all. Why are we so trained to look at characters with only shades of black, white and grey? People don’t walk out of marriages only because they can’t get along or there’s physical abuse. Sometimes, not every reason can be understood. I purposely made Rishi the perfect husband and Maya a wife with no passion.

Despite being so perfect, Rishi could never understand Maya’s level of passion. She wanted the passion of a man and not of a child, which is why she mothers him so much. KANK is a sincere reflection of reality. If you look into the mirror, you may or may not see what you like.

There has been an SMS campaign to try and sabotage KANK…
No one can sabotage a good product. A good film will always work. So SMSes, emails and letters can go around but that’ll never work. You can’t underestimate the mind of a consumer.

The consumer is king and will always go by his gut feeling, even when people say that it’s a rubbish film. People are intelligent and will recognise a good thing when they see it.

KANK made 72 crore in its opening week alone. Is that an endorsement of the smart business model of the film or that audiences have accepted it?
It’s a combination of both, I think. KANK could have tanked in the first week itself thanks to its unusual storyline, but I’m glad that it’s breaking new ground in cinema. I admit that we had some of the best technicians and bankable stars, but it’s not your regular sort of film. It’s ‘unsafe’ and in-your-face.

It bothers you and disturbs you and forces you to think and debate it and we’re proud of it. In fact, I’d like to thank the audience now for accepting such an unusual film. I’m in London right now and I constantly have people coming up to me and telling me what they thought of my film and sharing their stories with me.

Are you contemplating an alternate career as a marriage counsellor now?
No way!

Finally, has negative criticism brought you down?
Not at all. In fact, I don’t look at it negatively. It’s only when it hits home hard that you evoke any sort of reaction. For the first time, people are talking about the characters rather than the stars, saying ‘why did he do this?’ or ‘why doesn’t Maya feel any passion for Rishi’, etc. Life’s like that. It’s unpredictable. You win some, you lose some and that’s the way it is.

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Beitrag #23 - erstellt: 01. September 2006
Hier mal ein interessanter Artikel/Interview über Karans Ansichten zu KANK und anderen Dingen:

I've given no candyfloss in KANK, says Karan Johar
Indo-Asian News Service

Mumbai, September 1, 2006

Having earned flak for endorsing infidelity in his latest Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, director Karan Johar is now trying hard to mend the damage by saying that his film tries to convey that nobody should go in for a loveless marriage.

"I haven't been irresponsible towards my audience. The message, if any, is marry for the right reason. And if you're in a miserable marriage you're wronging two people."

He says audiences are free to interpret his film, which boasts of big names like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta, the way they want to.

"You can look at my take on marriage positively or negatively. The characters have their own point of view. Rani's father-in-law wants her to leave. Shah Rukh's mother wants to stay with his wife even though the wife throws Shah Rukh out. There's poise, dignity and class in all the characters."

Excerpts of the interview:
KANK is my take on marraige, says Karn Johar.

Are you endorsing infidelity in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (KANK)?
I don't claim to be an expert on marriage or anything else. I'm not endorsing anything. KANK is my take on what happens when people marry for the wrong reason. The true foundation of an enduring marriage is tremendous love. If that love isn't there, things can go wrong any time in a marriage.
That's what happens in KANK. My characters behave in a particular way because they are my characters. You don't have to agree with what the characters do or say.

People are reacting vehemently to the Shah Rukh-Rani extramarital affair.
Every married person sees a bit of him or herself in the characters. They're reacting to the characters. KANK is like watching an experience rather than watching a film.
Everyone wants to know why Rani doesn't love Abhishek's character. But she doesn't! That's it! There're millions of women who go on being miserable in passionless marriages. I'm not telling those women to go out and have an affair. But you don't need to be in a loveless marriage. That's what KANK says.

Surely there're obligations in a marriage that go beyond self-gratification?I agree. But children shouldn't be made an excuse to keep a dead marriage going. Preity says, "I'm not one of those who accept defeat in life by making children their weakness. I'm not that weak." You cannot question why. That's the way these characters are.

But a Johar film influences a large section of people.
And I haven't been irresponsible towards my audience. The message, if any, is marry for the right reason. And if you're in a miserable marriage you're wronging two people. Amit-ji says in the film, "By carrying on an incomplete marriage you're denying love to yourself and your spouse."
Incomplete relationships are of no value to anyone. I'd love our women to become much more independent-minded and career-minded so that they could've a life of their own after a broken marriage.

But you aren't married, so how do you know the dos and don'ts of marriages?
I'm not married. But I'm an observer of human relationships. And it's my right to use those observations as and how I wish. I know there will be various debates and discussions on KANK. And I welcome them. I'm overjoyed at the level of participation that the film has provoked. I'm so happy I've a job that can touch people.
You can look at my take on marriage positively or negatively. The characters have their own point of view. Rani's father-in-law wants her to leave. Shah Rukh's mother wants to stay with his wife even though the wife throws Shah Rukh out. There's poise dignity and class in all the characters.

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Beitrag #24 - erstellt: 01. September 2006
Rani's character has no motivation for leaving her husband.
Hers is the toughest role. She rebuffs a loving husband. But her character Maya feels maternal towards Rishi. She marries for the wrong reason. KANK is a film about very unhappy characters.

I see a lot of Yash Chopra's Silsila in KANK.
Where? Not consciously. I love Silsila. It's a super take on the cult of infidelity. But I think KANK tells its own story. My admiration for Silsila may have subconsciously crept into the film.

What was the need for Kajol, Arjun Rampal, John Abraham and Riteish Deshmukh, who was finally cut out?

Kajol is my lucky mascot. Arjun is an important character. He was someone Preity's character could've settled down with after her failed marriage. But she chose not to. John was a fun thing. Why not have a good-looking deejay? You can't get anyone cooler for the job.
As for Riteish, there was a whole chunk with Rani in play school, which had to be cut off. Stars are important to a film. But you must understand I took a big risk by casting these stars against their images.

Why cast Shah Rukh as a cynical and bitter man?
He's unhappy because of his failures. When I projected him as the ebullient Rahul and Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kal Ho Naa Ho everyone said he needs a change of image. I'm going to get very upset if now people complain about his change of image.
What do you want me to do? I think Shah Rukh gives one of his best performances in KANK. He plays a grey, complex character and he has pulled it off with absolute conviction.

What's the deal with Amitabh Bachchan?
Abhishek's father in the film is a flamboyant character. And who better equipped than Amit-ji to play him? He'll be called Sexy Sam for a long time. He trusted that I'd handle his raunchy role with a certain class and dignity. Of course, Amit-ji is full of class and dignity.

Were you prepared to open up a Pandora's box?
I did anticipate it. People say I've shown a mirror. And no one likes a mirror image. I know many Devs, Mayas, Rishis and Rheas and Sexy Sams. Each is a work of fiction but they're based on real life.
Thirty percent of the audience is shocked. But seventy percent identifies with the characters. This time I've given no candyfloss. It's more like a slap on the face.

Can you ever go back to candyfloss?
I can't! I've matured. I've changed. At 25, I made Kuch Kuch Hota Hai because I felt mushy. At 29, I did Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham because I felt reverent towards my parents.
At 31, when I wrote Kal Ho Naa Ho, it was a manifestation of my fear of death. I felt I was going to lose someone dear, and I did (father Yash Johar). At 34, I'm a quiet silent observer. That's why I've made KANK.



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Beitrag #25 - erstellt: 04. September 2006
Johar turns marriage counsellor in NY
Subhash K Jha

Posted Monday , September 04, 2006 at 09:18

Mumbai: After Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (KANK), director Karan Johar has found a new job to keep himself occupied - that of a marriage counsellor.

"I'm in New York and doing a great job of advising Indian couples on their marriages. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna seems to have triggered off this chain of doubts and revisions in the minds of many couples. And they feel I'm in a position to advise them. Lucky me, poor them," Johar said, who is holidaying in New York.

News is Johar has already started working on his next project. Without going into too many details at the moment, it would be a film that would again take him into the arena of mature human relationships.

"That's the only way to go," Johar asserted.

"I've tasted blood. And okay, not everyone loved my effort to probe the cult of marriages. But the response has encouraged me to go beyond KANK the next time. But for now I'm in New York for a richly deserved holiday," Johar said.

Not New York again! Didn't he shoot KANK there?

"Yes, I did. But it's one thing to shoot a film in a city. It's another thing to holiday in the same city. When you're on location, you can never enjoy the place. I am finally getting to be in New York without looking at every landscape for a potential shot," Johar said.

In the second week of September, Johar will go to Canada to attend the Toronto Film Festival where KANK will be screened under the title Never Say Goodbye in the Gala Presentations section.

The film stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerjee and Preity Zinta.

"Amitji will also be joining me in Toronto from London (where he's shooting for Balkrishnan's Cheeni Kam). Should be loads of fun," Johar said.



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Beitrag #26 - erstellt: 05. September 2006
Karan Johar's mobbed by cabbies!

We all know that audiences adore KJ as much as they love their favourite stars. And he's a glamorous filmmaker too. Recently when he was in his hot favourite city, New York, Karan was mobbed by a bunch of desi cab drivers from our side of the world. They all wanted to know more about KANK, and more about the man KJ. Of course, their first question was - "When are you making your next film?" Well guys, join the gang - that's our big question to KJ too!


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Beitrag #27 - erstellt: 06. September 2006
Karan Johar’s Oscar dream!

Karan Johar breaks a record again. Well, it's not a B.O record we're talking about; as far as that is concerned his films strike gold anyways. It is international standards- in fact, it's the 'Oscar' rank we're talking about. KJ is the only filmmaker who has two film scripts in the Oscar library. Kal Ho Na Ho directed by Nikhil Advani made it first, and the newest addition from his movie bank is KANK, that has been filed in the 'O' library for review and research by filmmakers from around the world. Great going KJ, 'O' that's the way to go!



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Beitrag #28 - erstellt: 13. September 2006
Johar to judge Miss World!

From a Candyfloss filmmaker to a serious director, Karan Johar is getting fairly versatile in his avatars. Post KANK he has been doing a lot of marriage counselling and now we hear that the ace director all set to judge 56th Miss World contest on September 30.

It all happened when Miss World Organisation asked the Times of India group to name one filmmaker as judge for the event and they popped up Johars' name.

The director who is in Toronto for KANK screening says, "I'm flattered to have been chosen. Although I've been quite a regular as a judge at beauty contests in India, this is my first brush with a global beauty pageant".

"I guess Indian cinema has gone global, and so have I. Suddenly we're being seen as part of a larger ground reality. I hope I can handle it," he laughs.



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Beitrag #29 - erstellt: 23. September 2006
Karan Johar doesn’t need wings!

Even while Karan Johar is beaming at the success of KANK, he can add another feather to his cap. Apparently, the film has been entered at the 19th Tokyo Film Festival and will be competing for the Best Asian Film award under the category of Wings of Asia. One thing’s for sure – if the film wins the award, Karan won’t need wings to fly. He’ll be on cloud nine right away!


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Beitrag #30 - erstellt: 23. September 2006
Karan Johar: Media’s blue-eyed boy!

We know he enjoys a whole lot of adulation from the Indian media, but little did we know that KJ has a similar effect on the scribes overseas. The plan was to chill out in his favourite city, New York, but KJ has ended up with giving more interviews than he did back home. The international media has been hounding him for bytes, and being the media-friendly guy that Karan is, he’s happily obliged. Well, we think KJ could even put the term ‘blue-eyed’ to shame. We’d rather call him media’s heart-beat. What say, guys?


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Beitrag #31 - erstellt: 29. September 2006
I don't want to sell soaps: Karan

Subhash K Jha
Posted Friday , September 29, 2006 at 14:00
Updated Friday , September 29, 2006 at 14:05 Email Print

AD MAD: Karan has never endorsed any product before and says he doesn't want to sell soaps.

Mumbai: Bollywood's ace filmmaker Karan Johar is going places.

After showing his star-studded infidelity drama Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna at the Toronto Film Festival, he is back in Mumbai to endorse Hewlett and Packard products.

"They've got four or five leaders from various fields to endorse their products. They got the market leaders, so to say. I was chosen from media and entertainment," Johar said.

"I didn't do it for any monetary gains. I did it because their campaign seemed to suggest they wanted architects and not tools from various fields," he added.

"I don't want to start selling soaps. That's great for an actor. Not for me. I have to be careful about what product I choose to endorse. This one goes with my personality. It's a print campaign so far."

Johar joked that he felt like a star shooting the ad campaign.

"Mickey Contractor did my make-up and Atul Kasbekar shot me. And then I faced the camera - which was thrilling.

"This is a specific campaign and not a long-term arrangement. I just had to hold a computer in my hand. I'm a frustrated actor and I always wanted to face the camera. I hope I didn't end up looking like a fool."

Johar, who stopped over briefly at New York en route to Mumbai, has never endorsed any product before.

"Yes, it's a first. There have been many firsts lately. I hosted a talk show and an awards function for the first time. By the way, I also make films."

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Beitrag #32 - erstellt: 04. Oktober 2006
Karan Johar: "I Really wanted Miss India to win"

By Subhash K. Jha, October 4, 2006 - 09:00 IST

Poland will never be the same again. Karan Johar who judged the Miss World 2006 contest is very much sure that he's going back to Poland very soon

"It seemed as if every second person in Warsaw had seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. They wanted to know where was Shah Rukh Khan. I went to a pub with a friend. And guess what? The deejay was playing Shava shava ! It was unreal! And absolutely reassuring. One more European base for Bollywood."

Such is the craze for Shah Rukh and K3G in Poland that Karan has decided to rush-release KANK in Warsaw. "I'll have my European distributor look into the Polish release as soon as the film opens in Germany next week."

Karan's unique experience as a judge at the Miss World contest in Warsaw on Saturday night left him spellbound. "It was a very different experience from judging am Indian beauty contest. My colleagues on the panel were people whom I absolutely didn't know and they, I suspect, knew very little about whom I was . During the course of the evening I came to know they were simply the crème de la crème in their fields. There was a British actress Kelly Holmes who was also an Olympian gold medalist, and Anita Kreglicka the only Miss World from Poland. And many others whose resume left my jaw hanging down to the ground. In your own country you know where you stand on the celebrity ladder. On a global platform you're quite lost," laughs Karan.

Unlike the Indian beauty contests the judges at Miss World weren't allowed to directly quiz the contestants . "We simply did what we had been called to do. Judge the contestants . Ms Czech Republica Tatana Kucharova was a unanimous favourite. Of course I thought Miss India Natasha Suri had a perfect figure, lovely smile and terrific personality. But somehow she didn't make it into the list of favourites of all the other judges. I don't feel at all disheartened by that. I feel our girls have come a long way at these beauty pageants. Who finally wins the crown depends on so many extrinsic as well as intrinsic factors, "But I must say I've learnt a lot on that one night."

Karan is the only Indian filmmaker to have ever been invited to judge the Miss World. "Yes. But when I actually arrived at the venue I felt more humble than proud. Nowadays you need be more than just a Page 3 celebrity to judge beauty contestants. The judges were minds rather than just faces. That made me feel special."


You can't base your life on other people's expectations.
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Beitrag #33 - erstellt: 10. Oktober 2006
Karan to drop letter K

Rubina A Khan
[ 7 Oct, 2006 TIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

... not from his name but from his films!

Karan Johar is contemplating dropping the letter 'K'! No, not from his name, but his whole fixation with the alphabet in the creative light of things. And it's not a tarot reader or an astrologer who has advised him to do so.

"When I walked out of the cinema after watching Lage Raho Munna Bhai in New York, I thought I should drop the K. It was the effect the film had on me. It inspires you to tell the truth and fills you with inspiration. So, if I do drop the K, it will be courtesy Munna Bhai and this is the first time I am saying this!"says Karan who is currently in London.

So is he saying he won't be superstitious any more? "Superstition is a state of mind. With determination and sincerity, one can overcome superstitions and gain power. I want to overcome this and become more powerful. That is not to say I will drop the K from my name and become Aran!"laughs Karan.

"Also, K is a very overburdened alphabet in the film industry and I think I should relieve it of any stress and step out,"he says and adds, "I've gone through the whole process of finding out the future and I now want to live in the present. Let the future pave the way for me without me knowing it."

And the future certainly looks bright as he's set to screen KANK at the Hamburg Festival in Germany.

Since I´m a devil, I must wear Prada(KJo)
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Beitrag #34 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
Oct 12,2006
From Germany, with love


Karan Johar has returned from the Hamburg Film Festival with presents from German fans for Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol
Upala KBR

Karan Johar was recently in Germany for the screening of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna at the Hamburg Film Festival, and the director is surprised to have been mobbed there. Says Karan, "I had tears in my eyes seeing the genuine affection of the people there. I watched KANK with the audience and people came out crying after watching it. German women came and hugged me. It was amazing! I want to premiere my sixth film there. There was an audience of nearly 2,000 people. And the way they were thumping, screaming and shouting! Such is the love and admiration they have for our cinema. I was also in Frankfurt for the Book Fair and I don't think Shah Rukh Khan can walk the streets of Frankfurt. Frantic crowds will mob him because he's a huge star in Germany."

Huge hits

What set the ball rolling for Karan in Germany was Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. He says, "The people there know all the songs, the stars and all their details. The phenomena specifically started with our films when K3G opened at the mainstream market in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and even Vienna and Austria. All our films have been huge hits there."
Karan also attended the world's biggest book fair at Frankfurt, where this year's theme was India. He's now come back with loads of gifts for Shah Rukh and Kajol given to him by their German fans. "I've got about 100 parcels to give to SRK and Kajol. They love them so much!"
Judging Miss World

Karan was also one of the judges for this year's Miss World pageant in Poland recently. Talking of the experience, Karan says, "It was wonderful to be on an international platform. I like meeting people across the globe. In Warsaw, where the contest was held, I saw how popular our films are there.

My name is Khan
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Beitrag #35 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
@kajol14:Smily "thanks" Smily "dankedankedanke" Is dat schöööööön. Ich hab auch Tränen in den Augen, so wat aber auch.Smily "doc_love"


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Beitrag #36 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
Zitat von Nike:
@kajol14:Smily "thanks" Smily "dankedankedanke" Is dat schöööööön. Ich hab auch Tränen in den Augen, so wat aber auch.Smily "doc_love"

Wie? Du hast nicht gesehen, wie er letzten Freitag kaum an sich halten konnte vor Rührung?!Smily "wink"

Since I´m a devil, I must wear Prada(KJo)
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Beitrag #37 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
Zitat von Anjali.me:

Wie? Du hast nicht gesehen, wie er letzten Freitag kaum an sich halten konnte vor Rührung?!Smily "wink"

Nee, leider nich. Als Du ihn angefallen hast sass ich ja schon im KinoSmily "lach"


Die-Bekannten-der-anderen-Art e. V. Der Midi-Schriftführer.
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Beitrag #38 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
Zitat von Nike:
Zitat von Anjali.me:

Wie? Du hast nicht gesehen, wie er letzten Freitag kaum an sich halten konnte vor Rührung?!Smily "wink"

Nee, leider nich. Als Du ihn angefallen hast sass ich ja schon im KinoSmily "lach"

Genau... und danach hat er geheult...Smily "smilesmile"

... ähm... vor Rührung natürlich!

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Zitat von Anjali.me:

... ähm... vor Rührung natürlich!

NatürlichSmily "smilesmile" Und an seine gebrochenen Rippen hat er überhaupt nicht gedacht, gelle?


Die-Bekannten-der-anderen-Art e. V. Der Midi-Schriftführer.
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Beitrag #40 - erstellt: 13. Oktober 2006
Zitat von Nike:
Zitat von Anjali.me:

... ähm... vor Rührung natürlich!

NatürlichSmily "smilesmile" Und an seine gebrochenen Rippen hat er überhaupt nicht gedacht, gelle?

Ach was: Schwund ist überall!Smily "silberblick"

Since I´m a devil, I must wear Prada(KJo)
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Zitat von Nike:
@kajol14:Smily "thanks" Smily "dankedankedanke" Is dat schöööööön. Ich hab auch Tränen in den Augen, so wat aber auch.Smily "doc_love"

ohh wie süüßßß..^^....ich hätt ihn auch zu gern getroffen....

My name is Khan
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Beitrag #42 - erstellt: 17. Oktober 2006


When Karan Johar was invited to Germany for the Hamburg Film festival and the Frankfurt Book Fair where his film Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna was showcased, he had no idea of the frenzy his presence would create at the events.

The German audiences truly laid out the red carpet for the filmmaker at Hamburg before the screening and showered him with applause, appreciation and even a few handmade mementos, declaring their undying love for his films and him.After Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Kal Ho Naa Ho's stupendous success in all parts of Germany, Karan Johar's popularity as a star filmmaker is indisputable.

Karan was invited to meet the German press before his screening and answered several incisive and insightful questions regarding his style of filmmaking and its popularity overseas -- especially with the Germans. He was undoubtedly the star of the evening at the Frankfurt book fair where he caused a virtual a stampede after he arrived for a signing.

Thousands of fans waited in the queue for autographs and when the word went around that he may leave earlier than expected, the crowd went into a frenzy requiring six security guards to control the fans. The anxiety was only quelled when he promised to sign all the autographs. Karan made a very warm speech before KANK's screening and had the audiences eating out of his palms when he promised to bring their favourite stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol to Germany on his next trip.


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Beitrag #43 - erstellt: 18. Oktober 2006
Hurray for Bollywood
A panel discussion on Never Say Goodbye puts fans in a frenzy

By Rachel Giese
September 12, 2006

Bollywood hits New York: Dev (Shah Rukh Khan) Maya (Rani Mukherji) are in love, but married to other people, in Never Say Goodbye (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna). (Yash Raj Films) There are six security guards posted around the stage at Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre and no doubt more scattered through the audience. They are enormous, thick-necked and wearing identical dark grey suits, except for one, who is even taller than the rest, bald and dressed entirely in black. The look on his face says, Don’t even think about it.

The actors they’re here to protect might not be household names in North America, but in global terms, they’re colossal. Combine the star wattage and sex appeal of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jamie Foxx and pre-crazy Tom Cruise and you just might get close to what Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan represent to billions of fans in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, eastern Europe and the Middle East. Together, the two men star in the film Never Say Goodbye (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna), by popular young film director and talk-show host Karan Johar. Despite, or maybe because of, its controversial subject matter — infidelity, marital unhappiness, divorce — the film has become a huge hit in India and abroad. It may be contentious, but it still features dance numbers. It’s the first Bollywood film to be chosen for a prestigious gala spot at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it’s the subject of tonight’s panel discussion: The Making of a Bollywood Blockbuster.

Twenty minutes after the 5 p.m. start time, the 500-plus crowd is finally in its seats. In the front row, a young woman holds up a sign that reads “Sexy Sam,” a reference to the nickname of Bachchan’s playboy character in Never Say Goodbye. Thom Powers, a TIFF programmer, comes on stage in a Nehru jacket to introduce the panellists.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan are in the hooooouuuuse!”

Squeals, shrieks and a standing ovation greet Khan, Bachchan and Johar as they settle into their seats to be grilled by Suketu Mehta, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of the book Maximum City. “Asking why we love Bollywood films,” Mehta says, “is like asking us why we love our mothers. We don’t have a choice. They raised us.”

Johar, who has a reputation for making “clean family movies,” is asked whether there’s been any negative reaction to Never Say Goodbye. Mehta calls it “the most truly adult film from Bollywood.” Even showing a kiss is pretty much a no-no, so what have audiences in family-focused India made of a lovemaking scene in hotel room between a man and woman who are each married to other people?

Johar tells a story about an older woman who approached him at a screening in India and berated him for upsetting her daughter, who had just gone through a horrible divorce. “I wanted her to have a nice night out, to forget her troubles,” the woman said. “Well,” Johar replied, given all the press about the film and its subject, “what did you expect?” “I expected a Karan Johar film!” she huffed before storming off.

Ende Teil 1

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Teil 2:

The stars and their director are polite and amiable to a fault. Khan, currently Bollywood’s biggest and most bankable star, is a muscular leading man whose handsome face has been used to sell everything from watches to Pepsi. But the real attraction tonight is Bachchan, the lion of Hindi cinema. Famous for his “angry young man” roles in the 1970s and the low, sultry rumble of his voice, he’s still foxy in his sixties. He has a flawlessly trimmed goatee and, like Khan, he sports stylish, expensive trainers.

There is a lot of discussion of everyone’s brilliance and talent, which would seem like so much celebrity blah-blah-blah if Johar weren’t so obviously — and adorably — dazzled by the two actors. He explains that one of his first jobs in film was as a wardrobe assistant on a Khan film; Johar once spent two hours obsessing over which T-shirt to dress the star in. As for Bachchan, who happens to be a family friend, Johar tells a funny story about being so anxious about directing the legend in Never Say Goodbye that he couldn’t eat for five days. Just before he was about to shoot Bachchan’s first scene, a big song-and-dance number, Johar fainted from hunger and nerves. When he came to, Bachchan was holding his hand. “‘Don’t worry,’” the star reportedly said, “‘I’ll dance well.’”

Politics also comes up. Bachchan was a member of Indian parliament for a brief period in the 1980s, but he returned to acting because he felt it was inappropriate to use his popularity as an actor to get votes. “I spent 20 years trying to woo my audience with my craft as an actor, then I had to woo them with my political opinion. I felt that was unfair. I realized that I shouldn’t be doing that to my audience.”

Mehta jokes, “If only Ronald Reagan had felt the same way.”

Khan is asked about being a Muslim star of Hindi cinema and about his fans in Pakistan. “Making a film is a secular project,” he responds. “Our country is immensely secular. And when I’m abroad, I can’t tell the difference between someone from Pakistan and someone from India. We are all one people.” The largely South Asian crowd applauds in agreement.

Finally, Khan is asked about his love scene with co-star Rani Mukherji. Johar was busy elsewhere and asked Khan to direct the scene himself. It was very awkward, Khan says. “I am very shy with women…”

“And I am definitely not!” roars Bachchan.

“That’s why I called Amitabh and asked him to direct us over the phone,” Khan says.

The crowd freaks out. A couple girls shout “Sexy Sam! Sexy Sam!” A grandmotherly lady sitting beside me in a dark burgundy sari winks and pretends to fan herself.

At this point, a TIFF volunteer cuts the discussion short. She’s been prowling the aisles in a futile attempt to stop the audience from photographing the stars — flashes from cell phones and digital cameras have been flickering non-stop — and she’s finally had enough. The crowd groans. Bachchan offers to give the audience some time for photographs later, but the security guards are already beginning to hustle them off stage. Thom Powers returns and asks everyone to stay in their seats until Bachchan and Khan have left the building. Nice try. Half the crowd escapes through the one unguarded door, to the back of the theatre where a fleet of black SUVs with tinted windows is idling.

A middle-aged woman in an elegant green silk tunic, who’s been waiting by the red carpet out front, races up to me, dragging two reluctant teenage girls in tow.

“Did you see them? Are they in the back?” I point to where the cars are parked. “Girls! Girls! They’re back there!” she squeals and rushes off. They don’t budge. One rolls her eyes and moans, “Mo-om.”

Suddenly, the crowd surges in tighter. A man pushing an eight- or nine-year-old girl in a wheelchair picks her up so she can see over the knot of fans. Khan and Bachchan, circled by security guards, step quickly through the doors of the theatre, wave to their admirers, get into their cars and drive off.

Rachel Giese writes about the arts for CBC.ca.

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Beitrag #45 - erstellt: 18. Oktober 2006
Auszug aus dem "Bollywood"-Sonderheft zum Start von KANK:

Über Karan Johar

Nach dem Studium der Betriebswirtschaft versuchte sich Karan Johar in unterschiedlichen beruflichen Bereichen, bis eines Tages ein alter Schulfreund auf ihn zukam und ihn bat, als Berater für das Drehbuch zu "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge" zu fungieren.

Als Sohn des berühmten Filmproduzenten Yash Johar wurde ohnehin vorausgesetzt, dass Karan selbst im Filmgeschäft tätig werden würde. es galt als selbstverständlich, dass er von seinem Vater die Verantwortung für das Herzstück der Familie übertragen bekam - die Produktionsfirma "Dharma Productions".

Dank seiner Theatererfahrungen in der Schule und an der Universität und seinem Sprachunterricht leistete Karan einen großen Beitrag während der Dreharbeiten zu DDLJ - ein Beitrag, der nicht unbeobachtet blieb. Aditya Chopra, Sohn des großen Regisseurs Yash Chopra und selbst ein erfolgreicher Regisseur und Produzent, erkannte brachliegendes Talent und ermunterte ihn, sein eigenes Drehbuch zu schreiben.

Während der Arbeit als Produktionsassistent für seinen Vater schreib er ein Jahr lang an seinem eigenen Drehbuch "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai".

Mit 25 führte Karan Johar Regie bei seinem ersten Film KKHH und schloss damit zu einer jungen Generation indischer Filmemacher auf, die dem indischen Kino ein frisches und modernes Aussehen verliehen. Sein Regiedebüt wurde an den Kinokassen und bei den Filmkritikern weltweit ein großer Erfolg. Der Film legte den Grundstein für eine der erfolgreichsten Regie-Karrieren im Bollywood-Kino. Karan Johar erregte mit seinem Debüt soviel Aufsehen, dass der Druck und die Erwartungen auf seinen nächsten Film ungeheuer groß waren.

Doch sein Nachfolgeprojekt "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham - In guten wie in schweren Tagen" war der absolute Blockbuster. In diesem Film vereint Karan Johar wirklich alle großen indischen Schauspieler aus drei Generationen, unter anderem Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amitabh Bachchan und Hrithik Roshan. K3G war auch der Schlüssel, der die Tür für das indische Kino nach Deutschland öffnete. Auf einen Schlag rangierte auch in Deutschland der Bekanntheitsgrad der indischen Superstars auf einer Höhe mit den allseits bekannten Hollywoodgrößen. In einer turbulenten Masala-Mischung verpackt Karan Johar die universiellen Themen des Films, die überall auf der Welt verstanden werden können - Familie und die Liebe.

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Beitrag #46 - erstellt: 18. Oktober 2006
Auszug aus dem "Bollywood"-Sonderheft zum Start von KANK:

Karan Johar über KANK

"Zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen haben mich schon immer verblüfft. Die so simpel erscheinende Verbindung zweier Menschen kann so weit reichend sein und so drastische Umwälzungen mit sich bringen, dass schon die kleinste Verschiebung dieses Gleichgewichts das Leben vieler einschneidend verändern kann. Und gerade in unserer schnelllebigen Zeit scheinen derartige Veränderungen sich hundertfach schneller und öfter zu vollziehen, so dass wir uns die Frage nach der Gültigkeit althergebrachter Definitionen von Beziehung und Verpflichtung stellen müssen. Die Idee zu KANK ging aus Gedanken wie diesem hervor. Aufgrund der jüngst zu vrzeichnenden alarmierenden Statistiken, was die Anzahl gescheiterter Ehen angehet, habe ich mich des Öfteren gefragt, wie relevant die Institution Ehe in unserer Gesellschaft noch ist. Da Männer und Frauen mehr Verantwortung tragen, als ihnen vor Jahrhunderten traditionell zugedacht wurde, erwarten sie für sich selbst natürlich auch mehr vom Leben. Wie viel von seinen eigenen Wünschen ist man bereit aufzugeben, um seinen Verpflichtungen nachzukommen? Oder sollte man überhaupt Kompromisse eingehen? Nicht, dass ich beim Drehen dieses Films auf Lösungen gestoßen wäre, doch auch wenn ich nicht die richtigen Antworten gefunden habe, so bin ich doch froh, durch KANK einpaar richtige Fragen gestellt zu haben. Und ich hoffe sehr, dass der Film nicht nur seine offensichtlíche Aufgabe erfüllt und unterhält, sondern auch Menschen dazu inspiriert, über ihre eigenen Beziehungen nachzudenken und ihre Probleme anzugehen!"


Meine Meinung: Smily "top" Gut gebrüllt, Löwe.

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Öhm...nicht sehr nett, aber lustig!Smily "smilesmile"
Schaut mal ......hier!

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Zitat von Anjali.me:
Öhm...nicht sehr nett, aber lustig!Smily "smilesmile"
Schaut mal ......hier!

Ich hab jetzt mal nur auf das Bild geachtet - sollte ich doch, oder? - und dazu fällt mir folgendes ein:Smily "lach" Smily "lach" Smily "lach" Smily "troest"


Die-Bekannten-der-anderen-Art e. V. Der Midi-Schriftführer.
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Beitrag #50 - erstellt: 22. Oktober 2006
Ein Nachtrag:

"KANK" Deutschlandpremiere mit Karan Johar

Auf dem Hamburger Filmfest gab es am 06.10.2006 die Deutschland-Premiere des indischen Films "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna", zu welcher der Regisseur des Films, Karan Johar anwesend war.

Erwartet wurde der Starregisseur erst um 21.15 Uhr, betrat jedoch völlig überrraschend vorzeitig den Roten Teppich vor dem Hamburger Cinemaxx am Dammtor. Jubelnde Fans, die bereits auf seine Ankunft warteten und auf ein Autogramm von Karan Johar hofften, begrüßten ihn herzlich.

Der Regisseur liess sich Zeit bei seinem Gang über den Roten Teppich, war bestens gelaunt und erfüllte geduldig Autogrammwünsche. Viele der anwesenden Kinobesucher nahmen bereits im Kinosaal Platz, um dort auf die Ankunft Johars zu warten und begrüßten auch dort seine Anwesenheit unter tosendem Jubel. Vor Filmbeginn - der Deutschland-Premiere von "KANK" - hielt Karan Johar auf der Bühne eine Ansprache.

Dabei bedankte er sich beim deutschen Publikum dafür, dass der Indische Film international immer mehr Beachtung findet, da Deutschland das erste Land gewesen sei, welches Bollywood dem Publikum näher brachte, und somit einen europaweites Interesse an Bollywood weckte. Er betonte in seiner Ansprache, dass es sich bei dem Bollywood-Boom in Deutschland nicht um eine vorübergehende Modeerscheinung handle, sondern vielmehr um Leidenschaft gehe: "It's not a fashion, but YOUR passion". Damit erntete Johar erneut zustimmenden Beifall. Für den Regisseur bedeutete die Anwesenheit in Deutschland etwas ganz Besonderes, da, wie er sagt, ein Traum seines Vater (Yash Johar) in Erfüllung gegangen sei: Dass das Indische Kino weltweit über die asiatischen Grenzen hinaus Ansehen genießt.

Nach seiner Rede liess es sich Karan Johar nicht nehmen, sich die deutsch untertitelte Fassung seines Films "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna" anzuschauen. Die Reaktionen des deutschen Publikums auf einzelne Szenen, wie beispielsweise das laute Jubeln beim Anblick Shahrukh Khans auf der Kinoleinwand, vergnügte den Regisseur sehr.


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