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Forum - Thema: Interviews und News von Ajay Devgan

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Thema: Interviews und News von Ajay Devgan
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Beitrag #1 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Ajay Devgan Aisa Hi Hai
By Joginder Tuteja, Bollyvista.com

How does one describe an actor who has worked with some of the best directors in the industry in a career spanning 13 years and still continues to surprise audiences with his versatility? He's someone who continues to get the meatiest of roles when one requires an actor of substance. We are talking about Ajay Devgan, who in spite of a few random hiccups over the last few months still commands a standing in the industry with a space of his own. Yes, agreed that 'Parwana', 'Insaan', 'Blackmail' and 'Zameer' are hardly any movies that would make the talented actor grin with pride but then every actor goes through a patch when a string of flicks fail to deliver. Even so when majority of these movies have been in the making for ages. Both 'Parwana' and 'Zameer' with Amisha Patel were stuck in the cans for years and when released obviously had a stale look. Also, not to deny the fact that any of the movies had a single factor in their favor to excite audiences to the box office. But then it cannot be forgotten that these movies were signed at the time when 'masala' movies were the norm and there was not much done 'differently' or 'exceptionally'.

'Blackmail' was a home production that primarily didn't work because the making stretched for a long time. Otherwise it was at least an average entertainer, if not a potential blockbuster. 'Raincoat' was an art house cinema and at the inception stage did sound an exciting preposition with Ash as a co-star and Rituparno Ghosh wearing the director's hat. And what to say about 'Insaan'? Anyone in Devgan's place would have signed a Keshu movie with Akshay Kumar as a co-star and a debutant director recommended by none other than Raj Kumar Santoshi (who happens to be one of Devgan favorites)

Call it sheer misfortune of some bad choices but its nothing more than that. No one can deny the fact that Ajay Devgan is the same actor who could do nothing wrong in 2003 with 'Qayamat' and 'Gangaajal' getting him both commercial and critical success at the box office. Even in 'LOC', that didn't fail as miserably as it has been made out to be, he was one of the three actors (with Chota B and Saif Ali Khan the other two) who stood out amongst the crowd of 30 odd "stars"!

2004 began wonderfully for Ajay as well with big budget 'Khakee' turning out to be an above average success. Yes - Big B, Akshay Kumar and even Tushar Kapoor garnered tremendous appreciation for their intensity, comedy and sincerity respectively, but if everything else in the frame ever came to an absolute halt, it was in Ajay's presence. For all the good in the movie, it was Ajay's evil that complimented it at every step. In fact even in the movie's promos, it were Ajay's shots that provided the twist in the tale. This is why it surprises when even today, at some instances; he is not credited for the movie's success.

If there was one movie where he was completely wasted, it has to be 'Masti' that released a few weeks later (that also turned out to be a fine hit). In a special appearance role, his was the weakest characterization when compared to Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani and Ritesh Deshmukh. Then came Mani Ratnam's 'Yuva' where everyone (except for Abhishek Bachchan) suffered due to the unfavorable media the movie got on the first day of release. There was not a wrong foot that either Ajay or any of the other actors had put forth but the damage was already done from which no one could recover. It was one of his better performances, which sadly went unnoticed. Then came a flurry of flicks like 'Raincoat', 'Insaan', 'Blackmail' and 'Zameer' that resulted in obituaries being written.

Why does one forget that none of the above mentioned movies were not trump cards that Ajay Devgan held? The real ones are here to follow in the shape of 'Main Aisa Hi Hoon', 'Kaal' and 'Tango Charlie'. At least 'Main Aisa Hi Hoon' and 'Kaal' sound extremely promising. 'Tango Charlie' being successful at the box office may be a challenge because of three reasons - 1) People still presume that it is an Indo-Pak war movie, which is in fact not the case. The movie is more about battles fought within the country rather than across borders. 2) Mani Shankar's last directorial venture 'Rudraksh' was met with a poor response due to a complex execution. 3) The lead star cast of Bobby Deol, Sunil Shetty and Ajay haven't had box office success for some time now. There are positives like the big banner, a 'different' point of view about wars, Mani Shankar's technical prowess, which if used in right context can do wonders (remember '16 December') and sincere performances (that's a foregone conclusion with the star cast in hand).

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Beitrag #2 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
'Main Aisa Hi Hoon' appears to be a definite winner with the movie's fresh line of promos suddenly getting exciting with each passing day. Theatre promos have already received a wide appreciation and applause while Devgan's characterization of "A normal man in an abnormal world" touches upon the emotion quotient right from the start. If the movie turns out to be as good as the promos have given a impression, MAHH could be a landmark film in Ajay's career.

This may not be surprising taking into consideration the track record of the films Devgan and director Harry Baweja have done together - 'Dilwale', 'Diljale' and 'Qayamat'. Each of the three movies has had the roles tailor-made for him. Mark my words; the ladies will patronize MAHH in a big way!

Do we really need to say much about 'Kaal'? It doesn't require an Einstein to predict the kind of response the movie is slated to garner when it releases. The combination of Ajay-John-Vivek and a guest appearance by Shahrukh Khan is hardly the stuff a Bollywood moviegoer would want to miss. With promos already projecting Devgan as a central character (apart from the Tiger!) and the song 'Tauba Tauba' vying for a top slot within 4 days of the album release, 'Kaal' is destined to be a sure shot winner.

Is there still some prediction required on Ajay's pull at the box office? Thankfully there has been no question on his talent; otherwise it would have been an altogether different argument. But when it comes to what is in store for Devgan fans, then good news is not far away. He loves to throw surprises at regular intervals. Kya Karein - Ajay Devgan Aisa Hi Hai!!

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Beitrag #3 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Actor couple Kajol and Ajay Devgan have become advertising's hottest property.
Anuradha Shenoy / Mumbai August 27, 2005

The trend originated in America in the late eighties when apparel line Donna Karan New Yor k (DKNY) signed on Hollywood superstars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (then married) as brand ambassadors.

Even now, globally prominent celebrity couples endorse products, such as roc k singer David Bowie and super model Iman (Tommy Hilfiger), singer-actress Vanessa Williams and La k ers' football player Rich Fox (Radio Shac k ) and British couple soccer player David Bec k ham and wife Victoria Adams (Ray Ban and Adidas).

And now actors Kajol and Ajay Devgan have been roped in to lend their names to as many as three products over the last four months — the most recent being the launch of Kota k Mahindra Ban k 's Best Compliments Card.

Earlier, the couple had signed on as brand ambassadors for Tata Indicom and Whirlpool India . Only once before has an Indian couple — Sharmila Tagore and ‘Tiger' Pataudi — wor k ed together in the Indian advertising industry.

With an endorsement fee that mar k et analysts peg at Rs 8-10 crore per company per year, why has this couple suddenly become hot property?

Interestingly, each of the three companies they represent use the same adjective to describe them: “They're a solid couple.” Says Shashi Arora, vice president, mar k eting, Kota k Mahindra Ban k , “As a financial institution, we want to project values of stability, integrity and respectability. Their reputations for honesty are impeccable and their marriage is extremely strong.” Kota k Mahindra, which spent Rs 37 crore in 2004-05 on advertising, signed on the couple specifically for the product launch of the card.

But the couple also appears in a Tata Teleservices ad for Tata Indicom Truepaid, where Kajol prevents her husband from being swindled into purchasing a phone that does not provide the maximum tal k time.

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Beitrag #4 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Interview with SeasonsIndia correspondent Sanyukta

Your performance in 'Bhoot' is highly praised. How do you feel?
Great, I feel great. Bhoot is my first supernatural thriller. And performing in it was real difficult. I have tried to do my best whenever I was in front of the camera. I am happy that the audience li k ed my performance. But then it was actually a joint effort of all who were part of the project. The script was original. Ramu has come up with a great story which is very attention-grabbing, very unusual. And I thin k Urmila was great in the film.

You have now done two films with Ram Gopal Verma and now you are also co-producing E k and Murder at Shri Krishna Building with him. Loo k s li k e you have become Ramu's favourite.
Well, I wont say that I am his favourite. Its just that we get along well and we understand each other. He has repeated many actors before and actually he is the person who is absolutely in love with his wor k and he will not let anything get in the way. If his role demands a particular actor he will want that actor to play the role. Filmma k ers should follow that rule rather than cast their friends who don't suit the part. That's what I li k e about him.

Your second release this year will be Harry Baweja's 'Qayamat' and going by the promos, the film loo k s quite action pac k ed.
Yeah, it is a slic k action drama. It has a very interesting story with an action dose. I cant tell you more about my character at this stage. It is great wor k ing with Harry. We get along very well and basically understanding plays a huge part in how the film shapes up. Infact this is my fourth film (Diljale, Dilwale and Deewangee) with him and I enjoy wor k ing with him. I had a great time shooting for Qayamat.

Lately you have been experimenting with your loo k s a lot??
I'm not doing it deliberately (grins). Actually in Bhoot I had this French beard and the next thing I k now is Ramu li k ed it so much that he wanted me to have it. If a certain role demands a certain loo k , I have to ma k e sure that I loo k authentic enough and try to be as similar to my character as possible. Li k e in Gangajal I have k ept a long moustache. That way I thin k it ma k es the character interesting. In Harry's film Qayamat I have two loo k s, one for the first half and the other for the second half. Thus if you loo k li k e the character you're playing, half your job is done. Different loo k s ma k e the actors interesting as audiences li k e to see changes.

What other films do you have on hand?
Currently I am wor k ing on Gangaajal which is an interesting subject about a cop. Then I will be shooting for Kha k i where I don't play a cop. Actually I have around eight releases this year- Bhoot (which is already released), Qayamat, Loc, Parawana, Zameer, Gangaajal, Mehbooba etc. I am also co-producing two films called Murder at Sri k rishna Building and E k with Ramgopal Varma. Well all the films are interesting with different subjects. I thin k the audiences will enjoy them.

Any plans of getting into direction?
I don't thin k I want to do it now. I am too occupied and for that I will have to ta k e a year off. I can't afford to do that right now.

Last question. Is Ajay Devgan as intense and somber in real life as he is on screen?
Not at all... in fact, I am a fun-loving person. I fool around all the time. Those who k now me closely will swear on that. I do not try to loo k intense it's just that the roles I play demand such k ind of intensity and seriousness. And unfortunately the audience and media perceive me that way.

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Beitrag #5 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Big B, Kajol, Devgan to figure in Hindi version of 'Chandramukhi'
27th Jan 2006 14.00 IST
By P. Sreekumaran

It's now official. Tamil superstar Rajnikant 's superhit film, Chandramukhi is being remade in Hindi.

Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan will play the role of the psychiatrist Rajni did in the Tamil original.

Kajol will essay Jyothika 's role while her husband Ajay Devgan will enact her husband's role on the reel too - a role that Prabhu did in the Tamil version.

The film, shooting for which will start as soon as Big B is back in operation, will be directed by P. Vasu, who wielded the megaphone in ‘Chandramukhi’.

The producers' first choice for the heroine's role was Aishwarya Rai . But since Ash is too busy to give dates, Kajol got the nod for the film, says the buzz.

The Kollywood grapevine has it that the plan is to release the movie by the end of the year.

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Beitrag #6 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Lara and Priyanka share 'London Dreams'
06th Apr 2006 18.30 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau

At long last, Raj Kumar Santoshi’s movie London Dreams is on the roll.

It is a project that has been talked about for more than a year now. Starring Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in the lead roles, ‘London Dreams’ will tell the story of two childhood friends who aspire to make it big on the London rock music scene.

While Salman and Devgan had already been finalized to play the two rockers, now their heroines in the film have also been signed.

Priyanka Chopra will be paired with Salman and Lara Dutta with Devgan.

It is learnt that the movie will also star some English actors and an African-British actor.

The movie’s shooting has already begun at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. However, majority of the film will be shot in London.

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Beitrag #7 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Will the real Ajay Devgan please stand up?

Bhawana Somaaya
Posted online: Friday, May 23, 2003 at 0000 hours IST

He is unafraid to take risks and his choice of films are a proof of that. A tyrant boyfriend in Hum Kisise Kam Nahin. A self-assured don in Company. An uncompromising leader in The Legend of Bhagat Singh and an obsessive lover in Deewangee. If 2002 proved a lucrative year for Ajay Devgan, 2003 has even better things in store for the actor. In a soul-searching interview, Devgan analyses what goes into essaying every role.

hat made Ram Gopal Varma offer you Company?
It’s sheer destiny. I wasn’t originally supposed to do Company. Ram Gopal Varma approached me a year ago to narrate me another subject. He told me that he would start shooting only eight months later, after he had finished his current project. Just by the way, as is Ramu’s habit, he began narrating the story idea of Company to me. Next day, he phoned to say that he wanted to meet for ten minutes. When we met again, he said that while he was narrating the script to me, he saw flashes of Malik in me. Until then, he wanted to make the film with a new actor but now he said he had changed his mind and wanted me for the role.

How do you work on a character like Malik? After all you’ve never interacted with a real life underworld don?
One doesn’t have to. Whatever I knew of the character was through Ramu’s research. Besides, we weren’t exactly following Dawood or Chotta Rajan. The joy of working with a director like Ramu is that if you concentrate on his first narration, you almost get it right. Even though he does not carry a working script with him, the details are crystal clear in his mind. He came for 10 minutes but stayed for three hours. It was an exhaustive narration complete with shot divisions. That is why I’ve always said that all credit for my performance, goes to the director.

Still, the projection has to come from the actor, so how do you prepare for a role?
This may sound strange but the only way I can prepare for a role is to switch off. I have to be completely blank and absorb the character like a sponge. It is a silent process for me. If the director is competent, he can trust me to give a competent performance. If not, I have to rely on my instinct.

All actors talk about instinct but there has to be a method of delivering the expression too.
There is and the rhythm differs from performer to performer. For me, I’m anxiety ridden for the first few shots. Then gradually, as the scenes progress, unconsciously one hits on the right chord. The trick is to recognize the signal.

And what was that moment of recognition whilst shooting Company?
For Company, we began shooting with my introductory scene with Vivek Oberoi where I ask him Kitna lega? That’s my first meeting with the young boy and I knew that I had to convey my superiority through body language. Ramuji had insisted that Malik’s character would under no provocation get aggressive. He had explained that the character would talk less and listen more… He reads people’s faces and makes decision. I remembered that and this comes through in my performance particularly the scene where Antara Mali pleads me for Vivek’s life.

How confident are you as an artiste or do you need assurance from your director?
I’m confident about myself but if the rest of the cast performs better then you automatically give your best. The collective effort is good for the film. Reactions always help but I wouldn’t feel insecure if the director didn’t pat my back after a good shot. Once he has explained the character graph to me, I wouldn’t want to be demanding of him. Too much discussion can also create confusion. A little distance is necessary to reflect and gather your creativity.

How would you describe Ram Gopal Varma as a director?
He is very flexible and does not believe that the written word is law. He is open to to a constructive suggestion from anyone in the unit. Our equation is completely devoid of ego. When in disagreement, either he convinces me or I convince him.

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Beitrag #8 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
What made Rajkumar Santoshi sign you for Bhagat Singh?
Again I wasn’t Santoshi’s first choice for the role. Two years ago, during the shooting of Lajja Santoshi told me that he was writing Bhagat Singh which he planned to make with a newcomer. Santoshi was very happy with my weight loss and said that if in six months time he did not find a suitable newcomer, he would cast me in the role because I resembled Bhagat Singh. And six months later, he had not found a newcomer and so cast me for the part. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm. They sent me huge piles of research material on the subject. And just watching their level of preparedness, I was charged as well.

This was your first historical portrayal, were you nervous?
I was nervous in the sense that there was a constant lurking fear that we shouldn’t wrong a leader whom history had wronged already. Bhagat Singh was an extraordinary character and this is apparent in the small and big things he accomplished. He fasted for 83 days and inspired his colleagues to do the same. When we had to shoot the starvation scenes, my colleagues had not eaten for three days to get into the mood, as a result on the day of the shooting, they were breaking down!

What about you?
I didn’t even attempt to starve. I told you I am not a method actor. I have to feel hunger not become hungry. But let me tell you playing heroes like Bhagat Singh isn’t easy. I felt inadequate all the time because it’s when projecting their strength one realizes that one hasn’t accomplished even a fraction of what they strived for his countrymen.

Did playing a role like him change you in any way?
Change is a very dramatic word but I definitely started thinking differently. How much of these noble thoughts one can put into practice, I don’t know. It made me realize that Bhagat Singh’s saga has got more to do with humanity than patriotism. History was unable to value him as a human being. Today, we have gone far beyond patriotism. Sad as it is, all of us have accepted corruption as a way of life. The killings and growing restlessness in our society is a proof of that.

Who is to be blamed for this loss of idealism?
All of us I guess. All of us have become impotent in the rising social injustices around us. Whenever something goes wrong, we say, ‘What can I do?’ Yet we do nothing to improve situations and therefore frustration prevails.

There is an old theory that frustration brings revolution.
That can be relevant for larger issues but not on a personal level. As an actor I cannot give my best if I’m not at peace with myself. I would do anything to bust pressure and strive for serenity.

Is that the reason you smoke so much? To kill pressure?
No, I smoke because I smoke. There are no reasons for it.

Were there any self-doubts before saying yes to a negative role like Deewangee?
The role was so fascinating. I had never been offered an evil character like this earlier and I just could not say no. The interesting bit was after I said ‘yes’, no hero was willing to do the positive role. Four leading men were signed and backed out of the project after saying yes. Ultimately Akshaye Khanna said ‘yes’ and he was perfect for the part.

It was a complex role that needed tight rope walking as an actor. Did you at any time fear losing the character?
Not the character but I was unsure of my being able to sustain my stammering. That’s when I discovered that a person who stammers, every time he gets stuck, automatically changes the word and moves ahead. That’s what I have done too.

Did you feel the need to consult a psychiatrist to portray the role more realistically?
I did meet a psychiatrist but not during the film, after the film and that too by accident. I shared my portrayal of a split personality with him and he agreed with my projection.

You sometimes give the impression of being too complacent. Are you?
There are two ways of viewing it. I appear complacent because I’m not displaying my restlessness or ambition. The fact is that when in front of the camera, I’m not cheating and if I’m able to convey this sincerity to my audience, my fans should have no complaints.

How did your fans react to your negative portrayal?
You will be shocked to know this but people empathized with my role in the film. When I beat up the girl, the audience gets up and claps. I cannot understand their psyche. What kind of a moral society are we living in?

Last year belonged to you, had you envisaged it would be such a glorious year?
Not when you are going through the motions, in retrospect yes, it has been a satisfactory year with versatile performances.

And what’s in store this year?
JP Dutta’s LOC, Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot, Rajkumar Santoshi’s Khaki, Ramu’s next project, also Prakash Jha’s Gangajal. The project I was most looking forward to and now has come true is our home production, our baby.

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Beitrag #9 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Producer: Paramjeet Baweja
Director: Harry Baweja
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Suniel Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor, Chunkey Pandey, Arbaaz Khan, Ayub Khan, Isha Koppikar, Riya Sen, Neha Dhupia, Raveena Tandon (s.a.) and Ashish Chowdhary.

Harry Baweja on Ajay Devgan: “Ajay and I share a great rapport.
I am very happy with the way my film has shaped up and a lot of it is because of Ajay’s co-operation.”
Ajay Devgan on Qayamat :
“I play an intense character who takes drugs to overcome the depression in his life. My character goes through a range of emotions. The audience will also see me in a new look.”

Producer: Dream Merchants
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Cast: Rekha, Ajay Devgan, Nana Patekar, Urmila, Fardeen Khan

Ram Gopal Verma on Ajay Devgan: “Without the slightest fuss, Ajay gives maximum to every scene.”
Ajay Devgan on Bhoot: “Bhoot has an original script and a very interesting cast. The film story is going to take the audience by surprise.

Producer: J.P. Films
Director: J.P. Dutta
Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Nagarjuna, Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna, Abhishek Bachchan, Manoj Bajpai, Raveena Tandon, Kareena Kapoor

J.P.Dutta on Ajay Devgan: “His eyes are blank when you give instructions but start the camera and he is a different man.”
Ajay Devgan on L.O.C: “I play Manoj Pandey from the Gorkha Battalion who gets a Param Vir Chakra for his bravery in the war.”

Producer: Keshu Ramsay
Director: Raj Kumar Santoshi
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Khanna, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai and Jaya Prada

Raj Kumar Santoshi: “There is a festering quality about him as an actor which is very attractive.”
Ajay Devgan on Khakee: “After The Legend of Bhagat Singh I can’t say ‘no’ to Raj Kumar Santoshi. I have full faith in his directorial abilities and trust that he would not cast me if he didn’t think I was suitable for the role.”

Ganga Jal-The Holy Weapon
Producer: Entertainment One India Pvt. Ltd
Director: Prakash Jha
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Gracy Singh

Prakash Jha on Ajay Devgan: “Ajay is an amazing human being. It’s a privilege to direct a first rate actor of his stature. This is our second film together after Dil Kya Kare and we enjoy working together.
Ajay Devgan on Ganga Jal: “All my professional decisions have been instinctive, including this one.”

Producer: N.R. Pachisia
Director: Rohit Shetty
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Amisha Patel, Mahima Chaudhary

Rohit Shetty on Ajay Devgan: “I know Ajay since the time I used to assist Kuku Kohli...since the Suhaag and Haqeeqat days. Ajay is a great help on the sets. He doesn't throw any tantrums and is present on the sets even when not required. It has been a great experience working with him.”
Ajay Devgan on Zameen: “Working with someone you understand lifts your comfort zone and makes the experience worthwhile.”

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Beitrag #10 - erstellt: 20. April 2006

Ajay Devgan

Birth name: Vishal Devgan
Date of Birth: 2 April 1967
Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8"
City: Bombay
Country: India
Father: Veeru Devgan
Children: daughter Nysa (named after a greek goddess of purity )
Marital status: married
Spouse: Kajol
Favorite food:
Favorite color:
His hero: Amitabh Bachchan
His heroine:
Other facts: The original action hero who's now switched to more sober stuff
Occupation: bollywood actor, producer, distributor
Languages: hindi, english

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Beitrag #11 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
Ajay Devgan
By Tushar Joshi ©2002 Bollyvista.com

When he joined the film industry people said, he would be a one hit wonder. His father being an action director, it wasn't difficult for him to take on movies that demanded him to fight some goons, and jump from buildings. However, as he settled down in the industry and delivered a few hits, he turned over a new leaf and stunned the audience with some really good top class acting. We are talking about Ajay Devgan.

Ajay is back in the spot light after a few bad films, he is now getting loads of praise for his role in Verma's Company where he plays this supercool gangster who talks it through his expressions and body language than hamming loud dialogues. He has really turned that role into gold, giving one of his best performances ever. And this is just the start of a year, which has Ajay coming up with some really new and fresh roles. He plays a seedha saadha guy in 'Chori chori', then the legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and finally a masti-fun role in 'Hume kissise kum nahin' opposite Aishwarya. Finally, he has carved a niche for himself in an industry where survival is something that one faces ever friday.

Ajay Devgan did a lot of dhishum-dhishum maar-dhaad films in the initial phase of his career, and the audience knew it that after Sunny baba it was Ajay who excelled as the protagonist who wanted to seek law and justice, and sort it out his way. He was appreciated in action -oriented roles, mostly due to the stunts that his dad would get done from him. 'Phool aur kaante' was his first major hit, which gave him a star status. Later he had hits like 'Vijaypath', 'Suhaag', 'Dilwale', and also some major duds like 'Hulchul', 'Naajayaz', 'Jaan', and 'Itihaas'.

His major hit as a romantic hero was opposite Kajol in 'Pyaar to hona hi tha' which was based on the hollywood film 'French Kiss'. The film gave him the much needed commercial success as well as critical acclaim. 'Hogi pyaar ji jeet' was a major hit in the interiors and broke records in places like Bihar. Just as everyone thought that this is all Ajay could do, there came Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Hum dil de chuke sanam' which in my opinion is one of Ajay Devgan's most sensitive and mature performance ever. His role of Vanraj, the husband who loved his wife so much that he wanted to re unite her with her lover, got him tons of critical appraisal and the film also went on to become a major hit. His scene after getting drunk near the lake side in Europe is one of the most touching scenes that has been scripted, and Ajay has done it with grace and dignity.

Ajay had finally made his secure place in the industry full of Khans and muscular hunks. He was accepted inspite of his average looks and lean physique. His marriage to Kajol was again in the medias focus, and he handled it well. He never got himself involved into any controversies or allegations, though everyone knows that he was dating Karisma Kapoor for a long time before they broke up. Ajay's marriage made producers run to his door to get him films signed with wifey Kajol, though sadly besides 'Pyaar to hona hi tha' the pair haven't been that successful at the box-office. His home production 'Raju Chacha was made on a stupendous budget fell down like a pack of cards in a day. The movie had everything but a good tight script. Ajay accepted the public judgment and carried on.

He again sparkled in Raj Kumar Santoshi's Lajja in the role of a dacoit Bulwa. Ajay has been pleasing his audience with his variety of roles, and it seems he will continue doing so. Heres wishing him all the best, and hoping that he will continue to sparkle like a gem and outshine his colleagues.

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Beitrag #12 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
hier ein auszug aus dem chat mit ajay...
Ajay Devgan, live on rediff.com!

November 29, 2005 15:01 IST

Crisp, no nonsense and focused. That's Ajay Devgan for you.

Even when he chatted with rediff.com readers, the Bollywood star admitted he was media-shy.

But that didn't stop him from enthralling his audience as he took on all kinds of questions from his new film Apaharan to the way he proposed to his wife Kajol.

For those who missed the excitement on November 28, here's the first part of the chat transcript. Don't miss the second part tommorow, on November 30.

Ajay Devgan : Hi guys, thank you for logging in, I'll be chatting with you for the next hour


polly : Hi Ajay! Do you consciously try to be different from the other actors?
Ajay Devgan : no i dont try to differnt from other actors but i try to do different things so that i dont repeat myself


Deepak : Hey Ajay,How r u?
Ajay Devgan : fine thank u


pankti desai : hi ..ajay,,i like your all movies..you are working very well
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


hihello : Hi Ajay, who are your favourite actors and actresses - in india and abroad?
Ajay Devgan : Mr Bachchan


Nikhil : Hello Ajay - any future plans of working with Kajol?
Ajay Devgan : nothing planned as yet


sudhi : How was it working with Nanapatekar in Aprahan?
Ajay Devgan : Great actor and a chilled out person


Ajay Devgan : I am doing two comedy films, one is Golmal and the one is untitled as yet


vikas : Hi Ajay..which are your forthcoming movies?
Ajay Devgan : Apaharan and Shikhar is releasing and doing films Ram Gopal Verma and Raj Kumar Santoshi and Vishal Bhardwaj

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Beitrag #13 - erstellt: 20. April 2006
It's Ajay Devgan's 37th birthday but he has no plans to celebrate it. "I haven't made any plans of bringing in my birthday or celebrating it," he answers, adding, "For as long as I can remember, I've never been excited about my birthday, the party, cutting cakes. I find all that very stupid when it comes to my birthday." But surely wife Kajol, his family and friends must have planned a surprise for him? "I haven't got a hint about it yet," shrugs the actor who last cut a cake after winning the National Award for his performance in The Legend Of Bhagat Singh.
Since he's known to be a private person, would he rather spend time with his family on his special day? "I've been away from home, shooting for Vishal Bharadwaj's film, so I'm looking forward to spending time with my family, especially my daughter Nysa."
So what would he like to receive as gift from wife Kajol? "I'm not too demanding about gifts. Whatever I get is fine. It's the emotions that matter," he says coolly.
Contrary to his intense and brooding persona onscreen, Devgan is rather chilled out in real life, and quite a prankster actually. "It's all in good spirit, because it relaxes the working atmosphere, making it very friendly to work in," he states. Though, in the last five years or so, one wonders why no one has ever heard of anyone playing any prank on him. "I've no clue about it. I haven't stopped anyone from pulling a fast one on me," he says. Does Fool's Day matter to him? "I'm over and done with it. I didn't even bother about it until you told me," he replies nonchalantly.
Fanaa, Kajol's first film after Nysa's birth is scheduled to release next month. Was it difficult taking care of Nysa when Kajol was away? "Nysa had gone along with Kajol, who was also accompanied by her mother and a maid. Though, I do love spending time with Nysa, even if we two are alone at home, I'm fine. Taking care of the child comes naturally to you when you become a parent. It's a different feeling altogether..."
Devgan will soon fly off to Bangkok for the final spell of Rohit Shetty's laugh riot, Golmaal. With his daughter Nysa's third birthday coming on April 14, Devgan has made sure that he would be back by then.
"I'll have some theme party for her birthday, something she and her friends will enjoy a lot. If I'm in town, then I take a day off to spend it with her. If I'm shooting outside, then I make sure I'm there with her on her birthday," signs off the papa.
THE MAN YOU DIDN'T KNOW He's a staunch non-vegetarian, as fish and chicken are his favourites.
His favourite perfume is Ralph Lauren's Polo Sport. You can smell him from a mile away.
He's an avid reader, devouring everything from fiction and non-fiction to religion and spirituality.
He loves fast cars and bikes. Once he rode from Film City in Goregaon to his home in Juhu in less than 15 minutes.
He's also a good cook

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Beitrag #14 - erstellt: 28. April 2006
Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan to play Rock Musicians in ‘London Dreams’ Related

Raj Kumar Santoshi will be directing Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in his new film titled London Dreams. The film is a long cherished dream project for the director and he has already started shooting for the film. Santoshi’s earlier films included Khakee and Family, which were less than mediocre at the box-office.

Santoshi states, “I’ve started shooting for my film London Dreams with an initial stint at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The film is about a rock band in England. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan play rock musicians.” The two leading men will be portraying rock musicians for the first time and also the rock band theme is a novel concept for the director too. Santoshi also intends to rope in some actors from London and an African British actor. Eighty percent of the film will be shot in London and the remaining portion in India. This will be the first time that the director will shoot extensively in a country outside India.

Santoshi will be dealing with various issues and emotions in this film and will move away from his repetitive theme of nationality. Santoshi elaborates that London Dreams will be about individuals, their dreams and desires as brought together by their music. “London Dreams is a very unusual subject and the script requires Salman and Ajay to play childhood friends,” the director adds. The music for the film will be done by A.R. Rahman and it will play a very important part in the narration.

Santoshi claims that he wants to explore different and new themes. He says, “London Dreams takes him me on a totally new journey and the screenplay of the film done by Sreedhar Raghavan will be interesting and different.” The film is going to be on a big scale and will have seven to eight songs. Shooting for the film in London will commence in June and will be complete by the end of the year.

Santoshi’s next venture will be an outright comedy. The casting for this film has already begun and will be completed by April/May. Let’s hope that his forthcoming films do better at the box-office than his last two films.

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Beitrag #15 - erstellt: 28. April 2006
Ajay Devgan's vanity fair

For someone who's very particular about his possessions, Ajay Devgan has acquired his own vanity van.
Keeping in mind his hectic shooting schedules, Devgan waited this long so he could get the best van among his fraternity. The beige van, where Devgan spends most of his time away from home, has very spacious interiors.

Comfort being the key factor, there's a settee for a rare siesta, besides a two seater couch. A single table-chair set for the actor and a leather beanbag to seat an extra visitor.

The actor remains connected with world news via a wide-screen television offering him a choice of 130 channels. He also has this hi-fi music system. Even the washroom is spacious and fitted with extravagant accessories. The piece de resistance, feels Devgan, is that the water-tank installed is about twice the capacity of other vanity vans.

Ever since his new acquisition, Devgan has co-stars and visitors from the fraternity dropping in to have a dekko at his new toy.

Courtesy: HT Style

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Beitrag #16 - erstellt: 28. April 2006

Just when you raise doubts about his intent of murdering moviemaking with the abysmal ‘Raju Chacha’, ‘Hindustan Ki Kasam’ and ‘Dil Kya Kare’, he comes up with alibis in performances like ‘Company’, ‘The Legend Of Bhagat Singh’ and ‘Deewangee’. And then comes up the corrupting evidence of a failed ploy like ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’ and ‘Tera Mera Saath Rahen’; which pin him as the predator, dubiously giving lip service to his passion of filmmaking. Of his unsolved files, the recurring ones in the media are the outpourings of domestic disturbance, financial fracas in his distribution set-up, his subsequent bid to turn to TV software to make a fast buck and his sudden turnaround from action roles. The man has broken many a Bollywood law. This culprit’s patent modus operandi being to do his own thing at his own pace, and in his own style. We catch this thief of cineaste’s hearts, and try to put to rest the rumblings once and for all.

In ‘Deewangee’, you have done an almost entirely black character, radically different from your earlier roles. Was it a move to shatter the stuntman image and gain wider acceptability?

‘Deewangee’ was challenging. To portray a manipulative, plotting, ruthless and obsessive lover at the same time, was a first for me. About wider acceptability, you can’t really say what will work and what won’t, though it’s a universally accepted fact that action heroes have a longer span. Like Arnold Shwarzenegger and Sly Stallone in Hollywood, and Jackie Chan in Asia, all over 40. But at the same time, you have great actors like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, among the top five too. Closer home, in our industry too, we have Amitabh Bachchan, for whom roles are especially written. But I wouldn’t want to be bound by any image. I’d rather walk the middle path, so that I can do a hardcore action film and an intense, serious film at the same time. That’s a more sensible way of going about things.

It’s reported that there was an atmosphere of one-upmanship between you and Akshaye Khanna, and that your rivalry extended to real life too.

Please, no one-upmanship. We’re just two different people playing two different characters. I don’t think there should be any comparison as to who performed better and more convincingly, unless it’s for two actors playing similar roles. Akshaye performed very well as per the demands of his role, and I did my best in whatever my role required.

After a widely acclaimed ‘Company’, you retracted with a dud in ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’, and again moved ahead with ‘The Legend...’ and ‘Deewangee’. Don’t you feel that such moves can set you back by a step or two, especially when you are in the driver’s seat now?

There’s never any such strategy that you intentionally go out of the news. It’s a part and parcel of your profession. Some things work out fine, some don’t, some characters are appreciated, others are not. The bottom line is that you are working hard and you’re lucky enough to get different films, interesting roles to portray, so that makes a lot of difference. I did ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’ for a friend who was in trouble.

Isn’t it unwise to be led by the heart and give in to such friendships, which turn out to be liabilities?

I knew from day one that I didn’t have a very big role and that I didn’t have to indulge in any kind of buffoonery. I know people have turned around and asked me, "What the hell are you doing in the film?" and complained, "We didn’t expect this from you." But I don’t regret it. And, I don’t consider friendships to be any kind of liability. Honestly speaking, if you’re a thorough professional, then you shouldn’t do such a role. But then, you’re never just a professional; you’re a friend too. I’ve come to realize that at different times, life demands different things from you. So, sometimes you give up a few things and sometimes you don’t give up anything at all. It all varies from situation to situation.

Even a passable actor would have gone all over town proclaiming how great he is, pushing himself through every medium of publicity. What makes you so laid-back in your PR?

Who listens to that? You can’t go on and on speaking about yourself, how great you are, etc., people have to talk about you. Who cares if you stand atop a high-rise and scream, "I’m the best," at the top of your lungs? It doesn’t work, and in the rare cases it does, the hype dies faster than you can imagine. So, if you think I’m laid-back about my PR, so be it.

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Beitrag #17 - erstellt: 28. April 2006
It’s reported that your company, Devgan Entertainment and Software Limited, is going through rough weather due to your losses in the distribution ventures undertaken by it. Apparently, you’re contemplating closing shop.

No. We never thought of closing it down for any reasons whatsoever. We’ve made money on most of the films we’ve distributed. Even if those films haven’t done well elsewhere in India, they have done very well in Bombay, the territory we deal in. Though the trade circuit wrote off ‘Refugee’, we netted a very good profit on it. Yes, at the same time, there were a couple of films that didn’t do well anywhere at all, but that’s okay. It happens like in any other business.

Considering that you started the company primarily to produce films, it seems you’ve given up on film production after burning your fingers in the ambitiously over-budget projects, and have now turned to television.

It’s been only two years, which isn’t really a long time. I’ve some very interesting roles to portray in some good films. So, that’s on my list of priorities right now. Production requires time and attention, which I really can’t devote at this point of time. Perhaps at the end of 2003, when I’ve completed most of these interesting roles, I shall think about announcing our own film. It’s not easy to be an actor and a producer at the same time.

It’s rumored that Kajol’s taking a sabbatical from films, and hence turned down Farhan Akhtar’s ‘Luck By Chance’ with Vivek Oberoi. Could you clarify the reports that you’re in the family way?

I’ve no clue as to why Kajol’s not doing Farhan’s film. From what I know, she heard the script. It’s entirely her decision to do or not to do that film or any other. But yes, she’s expecting.

Kajol’s as talented as you, but has always been more in the news than you are, primarily because you tend to underplay your own performance. How do you rate yourself as an actor as compared to her?

Again, where’s the question of comparison? We’re two individuals, two different actors. What I can perform, perhaps she can’t, and what she can render, may, be I can’t. The industry works in such a way that only if you suit the character, are you assigned to play it. Some characters I would fit best, and some others, someone else might be right for. And if the casting were wrong, then the actor playing the character would look very foolish attempting it.

Before marriage, Kajol was known to be quite a spitfire. But now, she’s said to have sobered down after becoming Mrs. Devgan. What has been your influence in changing her as a person?

Kajol is the same sensible person she’s always been. She was never the one to blow her fuse without any reason and she’s the same now too. Any normal sane person is like that, isn’t it?

But then, she has influenced you too in a certain way. Before your marriage you were known to be indifferent, unapproachable, reserved and emotionally high-strung.

With age, maturity, responsibility, you do think twice before saying or doing something. That’s the only difference. That has nothing to do with the other person. It’s about you yourself, and how much you care, how much more responsible you’ve become. No one can change anybody, and no one should even try that. Because it’s gonna look fake and might boomerang one day. You can’t change your basic nature. Maybe sometimes you mellow down, sometimes you get aggressive, and it depends on the circumstances too.

Marriages in the film industry are always sailing in perilous seas. Affairs and link-ups always chase a star, despite their fidelity. How does Kajol react to the reports of your affairs with your co-stars? Don’t these rumors cause a strain in your marriage?

Trust is very important, as it’s the foundation on which any relationship survives. Everytime there’s been any reports of me having an affair with a heroine on an outdoor, it would eventually turn out that Kajol was with me on that very outdoor. So, in a way, those who reported such baseless stories looked very stupid and their lies stood exposed. Otherwise, we just laugh off these rumors. It’s very easy for any marriage to work, whatever profession you may come from. If the couple knows, understands and trusts each other, then nothing can ever create any problems between them, not even the media. I say this because the media did try to run down our marriage, saying there were huge problems between Kajol and me. It reached a point when we could take it no longer. Touchwood, there have been no problems between us at all.

As a person, you are quite a dichotomy. Until recently your sensitive side that indulges in poetry, shayari etc. was never unveiled. So, how come you were stuck in the action hero mould?

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Beitrag #18 - erstellt: 28. April 2006
That’s because action films were working at that point in time, and most people were making them. Gradually people began to realize that they needed to improve by doing something different, so they started working towards that. How many people were making sensible films back then? Hardly a couple of directors. If they weren’t making different kinds of films, then how was I going to act in them? That’s when an actor tends to get frustrated too. Today, filmmakers are realizing that you can’t fool the audience anymore and that they need to create something different, sensible, intelligent.

Post ‘Company’, Ram Gopal Varma said in an interview that your character of Mallik was designed so that it made the desired impact. Surely that’s undermining your efforts and contribution.

Ramu deserves full credit, for he designed the character so well. Any other director might have failed to present him correctly, which would have gone against the film. His conviction proved right. It’s thanks to Ramu that the character of Mallik came out so convincingly. At the cost of sounding cliched, I’d say filmmaking is a team effort. So I understood what Ramu wanted and he understood how I’d go about portraying it. With Ramu, our thinking gelled and you’ve already seen the result. I’ve always given credit to the director, be it ‘Company’ or ‘The Legend…’ or ‘Deewangee’ or ‘Zakhm’, for it’s his vision in extracting that kind of performance from me.

Considering that you did ‘Lajja’ and ‘The Legend…’ with Raj Kumar Santoshi, don’t you feel letdown that your name was the last to be announced in the cast of ‘Khaki’?

Rajji always wanted me to do the film and he had decided on me before casting any other actor. But, I didn’t have the dates that he wanted, and until we sorted that out, he couldn’t announce my name amongst the other actors in the film.

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Beitrag #19 - erstellt: 28. April 2006
Match Fixed

We believe that match is made in heaven. But here something else is going on. Shah Rukh Khan recently comments that he would love it if his son Aryan married Ajay Devgan and Kajol's daughter Nysa. We thought that after hearing all these Ajay would beat SRK. But he reacts very coolly and replies, "Beat whom? Shah Rukh? He is really funny. He loves to joke around. Why should I beat him up for saying something like that?"

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Beitrag #20 - erstellt: 01. Mai 2006
Eye on variety

In the wake of the release of Tera Mera Saath Rahen, Ajay Devgan speaks about the
trauma and pain he had to go through enacting the role of the elder brother of a
mentally-challenged kid...

What was it that made you accept Tera Mera Saath Rahen?
I liked the story of two brothers, the younger of them a mentally challenged boy, while the elder one sacrifices his own interests to look after his brother. He turns down a promotion offer at work because he wishes to spend more time for his brother. He even refuses to consider marriage because that would disturb the younger boy’s life. But eventually, when he falls in love, he is in a fix about what to do. It was quite an emotional film for me character-wise. When I read the script, I thought it was brilliant and even my character was very natural, very human.
How did you learn to deal with the child suffering from cerebral palsy?
Director Mahesh Manjrekar explained to me the intricacies of dealing with a spastic child. We had a lot of sessions and discussions. Moreover there were so many emotional scenes, so much drama which was so natural that you wonder what you would have done in real life in such a situation. That really moved me.

How was it doing the role, physically as well as mentally?
It was difficult because the situations were very natural. Yet the character I played gets slightly ‘grey’ at one point. I guess if I had performed the role thinking I was the hero of the film, it wouldn’t have worked out the way it has. I had to forego all illusions of being the hero. I was just the brother of a helpless child, a normal human being under the given circumstances.

What was the equation like between the kid and you?
Dushyant Wagh who played the spastic boy is a normal child in real life. But he has done a terrific job as the mentally challenged kid. He is a very sweet kid and a very good actor, no doubt. On the sets, we had a great time. He is fun to be with. Yet when he performed, he looked every bit the spastic kid, which really moved all of us. In real life, more than the elders trying to deal with the child, think of the situation of the child who is so helpless he cannot even explain his needs and wants.

Was Dushyant in awe of you, you being a film star?
Never, we became great friends right away, and behaved like normal friends. He used to look up to all of us for advice, but he was comfortable chatting with us. He was in, no way, a problem kid at all.

Was it a strain on the two of you to do the role?
It was very charged, very, very challenging. Because, in real life too, though a child is spastic and has his limitations, he thinks like any normal child. In any case, what has the child done to deserve this? There are times when he responds and you don’t know what he is trying to say. That is really touching.

You see, there are various problems concerning spastic children. We studied many things but there are so many different kind of problems that one has to deal with it in a different way. We went to a school where there were various sections to deal with different ailments. And we were taken aback by the problems of such kids. In Tera Mera Saath Rahen, the boy is a 15-year-old yet his brain functions like that of a two year old. Imagine the strain on parents of such kids. I have seen such children in real life. It is very sad.

To know more about them, you went to a special school as well?
That’s right. One in Mumbai and one in Delhi.

How did you feel as a person?
I came away feeling quite depressed. It really moves you. Earlier I used to feel sorry for them. Now I understand that it is not pity and sympathy they want but support, support of the kind that will help them deal with life. I want to help them.

How would you have dealt with a similar situation in real life?
I don’t know. It is a very difficult situation. I hope no child is born this way and nobody gets into this kind of a situation because I don’t really know how I personally would have dealt with a situation like this in real life.

After a long time, you are once again doing a non-action flick in Tera Mera Saath Rahen.
Though this was an out and out emotional film, I have not moved away from action films. I am still doing a lot of them. But now I am purposely doing all kinds of films.

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Beitrag #21 - erstellt: 01. Mai 2006
You’re playing Bhagat Singh in Rajkumar Santoshi’s next venture. This is your first patriotic film. What did you have to do for the role?
I am happy to be doing that film. Actually I had to read a lot to know more about Bhagat Singh as a person. Rajji has been researching on it for the last two years now. We are working a lot on the mannerisms of Bhagat Singh and the way he looked and other general things. I have seen films and documentaries on him. But there are a lot of things that are not known about him. We know that when we have to enact a true character, we can only get as close to the character as we can, and not be the real character.

What kind of films do you enjoy doing the most?
Any good film with a good character and a good script. I like sensible comedy, not slapstick. I tried comedy with Ishq and Pyar To Hona Hi Tha.

Yet action and serious films are your favourite.
Not necessarily. Give me a good film, I am game.

You have always believed in doing your own stunts. Aren’t you risking your own life?
I enjoy doing my own stunts. Moreover, every precaution and security is taken care of so there is nothing to worry.

Is your father planning to direct any more films?
Right now he is working on something and I don’t have the slightest clue what it is. He plans to tell me when it is complete.

As a producer, you have not been able to make a mark. What is your strategy now?
As a producer, I know I have made very satisfying projects and people have appreciated them but something must have gone wrong somewhere. That’s why commercially they didn’t do well. But people even today tell me it takes courage to make such expensive projects. I think all the films we made, right from Hindustan Ki Kasam, Dil Kya Karen and Raju Chacha, have been good entertainers. It is unfortunate they didn’t become successes. But that is business. You win some, you lose some. So all you can do is keep trying and making good projects.

Are you producing any more films now?
There is something in the pipeline, yes.

Do you plan to venture into direction some day?
I have never given it a thought as yet. But I don’t think I am inclined to captain a ship.

What do you do when you’re not involved with films?
I read a lot, listen to music, watch movies. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I generally try to catch up with things I have missed out on.

What are your forthcoming films?
There is Ram Gopal Varma’s Company where I am playing the underworld don Dawood. Next comes Chori Chori and many more.

How do you cope with rumours?
I ignore them.

Do they affect your personal life?
How can they when I don’t even pay attention to them?

— Namita Nivas

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Beitrag #22 - erstellt: 02. Mai 2006
Smily "dankedankedanke" Smily "dankedankedanke"
Endlich mal jemand, der meine ajayleidenschaft zu teilen scheint. Smily "silberblick"
Danke für das interview. Nur gut, dass mein englisch so schlecht ist. Jetzt werde ich mich erstmal hinsetzen und versuchen dieses interview zu übersetzen.
Ich melde mich in einer woche, wenn ich die ersten zeilen vielleicht übersetzt habe. Vielleicht bin ich dann aber auch schon vor lauter frust von der teppichkante gesprungen!!!!Smily "zornig"

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Beitrag #23 - erstellt: 02. Mai 2006
leidenschaft????? ne ist schon eher fanatissmuss........ nein im ernst ich liebe ihn!!!!!!!!!! als schauspieler... und was das englisch betrifft übung macht den meister.... ich kanns zumindest lesen und übersetzen dafür hab ich total schiss vorm englisch sprechen!!! schule liegt ja doch schon etwas zurück und seither brauchte ich es vielleicht 3 mal ...

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Beitrag #24 - erstellt: 02. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan gets himself a multi-crore bungalow

The Juhu property is bang opposite Dharmendra’s

Kunal M Shah

Having your own bungalow is probably the ultimate star status in Bollywood. Very few stars have one. Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, the Chopras and the Deols are the few fortunate ones. Now, Ajay Devgan, who has had a reasonably successful couple of years, is in the process of acquiring one and staking his claim to the status symbol.

Recently, the actor and his wife Kajol have acquired a huge property on the leafy 11th road at Juhu scheme, bang opposite Dharmendra's bungalow. Following the multi-crore hush-hush deal the star is in the process of building his dream house. The existing bungalow on the plot has been broken down and plans are in place for the new construction.

While Ajay who lives with his parents in Juhu at present, refused to answer any questions about his latest buy, his secretary Kumar Mangat said the house was likely to be ready by 2006, but beyond that he too refused comment, saying purchase of land was a personal matter.

und hier ein bild dazu:

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Beitrag #25 - erstellt: 03. Mai 2006
GOOD COMPANY: Ajay Devgan has arrived and how!

"OH I am sorry if you had been waiting for me. I never knew. Do you mind if I take a shower and come back. I will take just 15-20 minutes.'

This is a polite Ajay Devgan caught in the elevator on the way to his seventh floor room at New Delhi's Le Meridien, requesting media-persons to be patient. And in 15 minutes flat, he is ready, warm and welcoming.

`I have said no to drugs' reads his black T-shirt and Ajay cannot help himself lighting a cigarette after every 10 minutes! "Can't leave it, you know. It is so difficult... " he says, though refuses to get photographed, smoking! "No, no, let me throw it. It does not look decent," he insists. But he just does not mind Bermudas that show off his thin legs. "I shed weight for Bhagat Singh," he justifies his frail frame. He has also grown a French beard that he says is to suit his role in Ramgopal Varma's forthcoming film Bhoot.

"Please don't call our film world Bollywood. Why should we always ape the West? Can't we apply our own brains to give our film industry a name?" he asks and suggests IFA for Indian Film Industry.

"People have been saying that I go for different roles, but I feel amazed. Where are the different roles at all? I feel tired now — doing similar roles one after the other," Ajay minces no words indicating that Hindi film scripts are overflowing with repetition. And the mourning continues in his tone as he discusses the new genre in films and technology.

"Technology wise, our films are growing fast but it should accelerate more now. Ideally, the changes that we expect will happen in two years' time must happen within six months. Times are too competitive," he says. He is quick with repartee if you mention to him that Indian films are aping Hollywood. "They also ape us a lot. Do you know that? Now they pick up a lot from Indian Hindi films in their latest flicks."

We also know that his debut production Raju Chacha used lot of technical expertise and was a big budget film. "You can't expect to make a technically sound film in lesser amount. So it had to be big budget. I wanted to make a film for children and so the money did not pinch but its failure did," Ajay admits.

So how did he come to work on Devi, a serial on small screen? "I just liked the script and thought it should reach the masses, hence... " But he certainly gives a big no for his own appearance in it. "I would not like to work for television. One, because too much exposure is not good for an actor, second, indulging in so many projects might make me end up doing nothing, so why take a risk?"

Not a method actor, Ajay favours a basic acting training. "It does not teach you how to act but it opens you up before a large audience," he says while informing that his acting skills were furnished at Roshan Taneja's School and he knows the technical side of film making through Shekhar Kapur, Deepak, Kundan Shah and others as he assisted them in directing "for five years in some 20 films."

Mention The Legend of Bhagat Singh and he has a lot to say: "I did not watch the earlier films on him before enacting Bhagat Singh. I was handed over piles of information to go through the soul of the character. I discovered him only in papers."

The debate on the release of the film makes him a tad fiery. "We were the ones to start it first. I don't know why others started it. We were very clear on it. We knew that if people would watch one Bhagat Singh, they wouldn't go for another one, so we mutually consented to release together. And I realise that we were just right being firm on its release. No Bhagat Singh film is now daring to touch the silver screen," Ajay seems visibly happy.

His happiness turns into a shy smile as one mentions his wife, Kajol. Ask him when he realised being in love with her and he turns pink. "I don't know. Please don't ask," he flashes his first grin. Family plans? "Not now," he says though we hear just the opposite. Does he mind her returning to films? "It is entirely her wish. If a film is worth her, why not?"


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Beitrag #26 - erstellt: 03. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan on a family picnic!

Everyone wants to get away from the Mumbai heat, or so it seems. With many actors rushing off abroad for stage shows, we have a few others taking in the sun on the beaches of Goa. Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has just returned to the land of sun-n-sand for the last schedule of his comic-caper Golmaal. Starring Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi and Tusshar Kapoor, hanging out on the sets of this flick are also their respective families. Rohit says, “Ajay has come with his family, and Arshad’s family is also here. We’ve been shooting for about a month now - from Goa to Bangkok to Mumbai and back to Goa. So it has been one long and great ‘family’ picnic.” Talk about mixing business with pleasure, huh!
source: indiatimes

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Beitrag #27 - erstellt: 08. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan, live on rediff.com!

November 29, 2005 15:01 IST

Crisp, no nonsense and focused. That's Ajay Devgan for you.

Even when he chatted with rediff.com readers, the Bollywood star admitted he was media-shy.

But that didn't stop him from enthralling his audience as he took on all kinds of questions from his new film Apaharan to the way he proposed to his wife Kajol.

For those who missed the excitement on November 28, here's the first part of the chat transcript. Don't miss the second part tommorow, on November 30.

Apaharan on rediff.com!

Ajay Devgan : Hi guys, thank you for logging in, I'll be chatting with you for the next hour


polly : Hi Ajay! Do you consciously try to be different from the other actors?
Ajay Devgan : no i dont try to differnt from other actors but i try to do different things so that i dont repeat myself


Deepak : Hey Ajay,How r u?
Ajay Devgan : fine thank u


pankti desai : hi ..ajay,,i like your all movies..you are working very well
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


hihello : Hi Ajay, who are your favourite actors and actresses - in india and abroad?
Ajay Devgan : Mr Bachchan


Nikhil : Hello Ajay - any future plans of working with Kajol?
Ajay Devgan : nothing planned as yet


sudhi : How was it working with Nanapatekar in Aprahan?
Ajay Devgan : Great actor and a chilled out person


Ajay Devgan : I am doing two comedy films, one is Golmal and the one is untitled as yet


vikas : Hi Ajay..which are your forthcoming movies?
Ajay Devgan : Apaharan and Shikhar is releasing and doing films Ram Gopal Verma and Raj Kumar Santoshi and Vishal Bhardwaj


bond : hey Ajay!!! u've got amazing eyes...which suits u best for cop roles or characters like in company, kaal..hope to c lot more of such kind..
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


Savi : ajay whats the meaning of ur daughters name
Ajay Devgan : named after a greek goddess of purity


kUNDANmISHRA : I can ask you only one thing, where you find yourself since Phool Aur Kante to Gangajal? Which is the thing you found is constant around you?
Ajay Devgan : Im happy where i m and i am happy what is constant is my confidence


raman : what is the defination of sucess according 2 u
Ajay Devgan : I think it varies from person to person, it depends what makes u happy


vikrish : Do you think smoking and drinking in films will influence youngsters (in view of new verdict from court!)?
Ajay Devgan : I m not sure but i think there should be some kind of freedom of expression


Sudhiqixo : Tell me something about your movie..."Shikhar"
Ajay Devgan : I would like if u watch it and figure it out for yourself


Zedem : what was your inspiration for the character in Company
Ajay Devgan : I think the director because he was very clear what he wanted me to do


mayank : how you propose kajol ?
Ajay Devgan : It is very personal


aaneel : How does it feel to be a Star?
Ajay Devgan : Still figuring it out


Chandresh : Hi Ajay, I have noticed that you don't attend award functions. Why? I hope We will see you receiving best actor award for Apaharan.
Ajay Devgan : I think the biggest award for me is the appreciation from the audience


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Beitrag #28 - erstellt: 08. Mai 2006

Saurav : Hi Ajay! I think gangajal was one of ur greatest perfomances! Is Apharan also going to be something in those lines
Ajay Devgan : It is different from Gangajal and i hope u guys like it


kush_sh@rediffmail.com : ajay plz answer meplz tellme how u spend a time
Ajay Devgan : at the moment, Chatting with you guys


Ahmad : I am a big fan of u
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


dinesh_tutu01@rediffmail.com : hi ajay, how is your married life.
Ajay Devgan : VERY HAPPY


Kanishk : hi ajay, which actor (of course apart from u) and actress do u think is the best in business currently?
Ajay Devgan : I think everyone is doing well and everyone is doing well in their jobs


Adi : who is your idol Ajay?
Ajay Devgan : Nobody


rahul_gjrl : hi ajay,i suppose u would have heard about this tamil movie kaakha kaakha with surya as a cop,it has been remade in other languages too,u will look best in it,if it is made in the hindi version,r there chances for u going fot tat role?
Ajay Devgan : not heard of it, but if u say i will try and see it


user123 : Which do u think has been ur best performance?
Ajay Devgan : I hope it is yet to come


narenkraj@rediffmail.com : Hi Ajay!, Do you think the silly Ads you made for Tataindicom really suits your image, onscreen and off-screen?
Ajay Devgan : I dont believe in image as long as there is some kind of performance in it


aashishs : Are you Honest to your Profession or Loyal??
Ajay Devgan : I try my best to be honest and loyal


dharmendrasharma : sir u wre the greatest actor ...i am the biggest fan of yours i have seen all your films..i liked you in Tarzaan too
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


Sarath : who is the director of Golmal???
Ajay Devgan : Rohit Shetty who made Zameen


sathyaprakash : Ajay, have u seen any recent movie of any of ur coleagues....
Ajay Devgan : Not since a while


fatim1984 : how is kajol......which r ur forthcoming movies.......tell me what is your favourite hobby???....-fatima
Ajay Devgan : Right now spending with my daughter


bhola12 : Hi Ajay, do you enjoy doing negative roles or you just do them as a part of the changing movie traditions, where artists should have no limits in roles?
Ajay Devgan : I think the whole hero system has changed and it is more character based, if I like the character I go ahead and do it


manish1 : Is working with Prakash jha with bihar subject challenge
Ajay Devgan : Yes with a director like Prakash Jha and a script like this it is challenging


akashk : Which movie role has given you the most satisfaction?
Ajay Devgan : Every role u put in maximum effort and some r appreciated and some are not


smarajit : how do rate SHAH RUKH KHAN as an actor? And how was he as a producer (Kaal)? Do you have a personal equation with him (positive or negative) considering Kajol is a close friend of his?
Ajay Devgan : I think he is a great producer and an actor and everyone knows it


aby1979 : What advise do you give new filmmakers to keep in mind if they get a chance to make a film. Secondly if one wants to make a film on DV is there a market in multiplexes.
Ajay Devgan : I m not a pro to give anybody advice,I need advice myself


Giga : hi ajay, u palyed a marvellous role in bhagat singh.. is there any near plan to do like that again.. i mean historic characters..
Ajay Devgan : Not yet


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Beitrag #29 - erstellt: 08. Mai 2006

Giga : hi ajay, u palyed a marvellous role in bhagat singh.. is there any near plan to do like that again.. i mean historic characters..
Ajay Devgan : Not yet


Seoulsoul : Hi Ajay, this is seoulsoul from the it seems your or in the industry is not good, have you hired a pr comp for you, Is it a bad question?
Ajay Devgan : I did not understand the question


great : how is your life after ur baby??
Ajay Devgan : I think it is great


feelsanjay : bachelor life is better or married life
Ajay Devgan : Still figuring that out, but both has its plus and minus points


chilaka : Hi Ajay, I'm a great fan of u. After watching Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam i decided not to miss any movie of urs
Ajay Devgan : Thank you


shiva_gg : ajay do you have any plans acting in tamil movies
Ajay Devgan : None as yet.


Sarab_magma : Hi Ajay..U r awsome.Gangajal,company..and the list continues with ur mindblowing performances..U have matured immensly ,how have u metamorphorized into such a brilliant actor.
Ajay Devgan : I think its the right director and the right script, I give them full credit

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Beitrag #30 - erstellt: 09. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan to play Othello
By: Upala KBR
October 10, 2005

Ajay Devgan
Vishal Bharadwaj has a Bard obsession. After the director adapted Macbeth to make Maqbool, he’s now making another dark Shakespearan drama — an adaptation of Othello.

As yet untitled (but beginning with the letter O), the film will be produced by Kumar Mangat, director, Devgan Entertainments, and will star Ajay Devgan as Othello — his character’s name will also begin with an O.

The rest of the cast is yet to be finalised. For the roles of Desdemona and Iago, Bharadwaj is said to be considering Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Mangat will be launching his production banner with the film.

Baraf on ice

Vishal Bharadwaj
Vishal’s film will be launched in January and will be finished by April 2006. Says Mangat, “Vishal will be making a film for us; an adaptation of Othello. We think very highly of Vishal’s work.

A few years ago, he was to direct Baraf for us (starring Sushmita Sen and Manoj Bajpai), but because of the change in Indo-Pak relations, dropped the idea. This time, Ajay suggested Vishal’s name.”

Script by Vishal

Vishal and another writer have scripted the film. “It’s too early to talk about it; everything is yet to be finalised,” said the director. Devgan, currently shooting in Goa for Rohit Shetty’s comedy, Golmaal, said, “Yes, I will be playing the character of Othello in the film. It’s a brilliant script and all the characters are fascinating.”

The actor’s next release will be Prakash Jha’s Apharan, which will hit the screens in December.

Shakespeare’s Othello

The story concerns the destruction of a marriage by jealousy. Othello, a heroic Moorish general in the service of Venice, appoints Cassio and not Iago as his chief lieutenant.

Jealous of Othello’s success and envious of Cassio, Iago plots Othello’s downfall by falsely implicating his wife, Desdemona, and Cassio in a love affair.

With the unwitting aid of Emilia, his wife, and the help of Roderigo, Iago carries out his plan. In the end, Othello kills Desdemona, but later learns that his wife was blameless; the proud Moor then kills himself.

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Beitrag #31 - erstellt: 11. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan in Goa an Lebensmittelvergiftung erkrankt
11. Mai
Während den Dreharbeiten zu Rohit Shetty's 'Golmaal' in Goa hat sich Ajay Devgan eine Lebensmittelvergiftung zugezogen. Auf der Suche nach typischem Goa-Essen, sind sie in einem Dhaba gelandet, um Fisch zu probieren. Am nächsten Tag ging es ihm schlecht aufgrund einer Lebensmittelvergiftung. "Es war wohl der Fisch, der mich umgeworfern hat. Mein Arzt hat mir geraten, zwischen einer Sauftour und nicht-vegetarischen Essen zu wählen und ich habe das erste gewählt." sagt er.

"Jeder ist auf seine Weise verrückt."
Schaut mal in meinem Blog vorbei:
Jede Menge lustige Erfahrungen, die ich in Australien gemacht habe!
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Beitrag #32 - erstellt: 12. Mai 2006
Meet the Narad Muni of Bollywood
By IndiaFM News Bureau, January 27, 2006 - 04:18 IST

Going by his screen image, anybody would think that Ajay Devgan is a rather serious no-nonsense person. But “looks can be deceptive” that’s what Bipasha Basu has to say about her co-star of two films, Apaharan and Shikhar.

The actress has even gone to the extent of naming the actor as Narad Muni. Narad, the famous mythological character is known for creating misunderstandings and fights between people. And Bips thinks that Devgan does the same on the sets. According to her Ajay is one prankster who tries to create these little problems between everybody. So much so that she has nicknamed her Narad Muni and has even ordered for a customized cap with the letters NM inscribed on it.

She reminisces, when they were shooting for Shikhar, Bips was a moral police for all the guys on the sets. She would constantly be lecturing them on the bad habits like smoking. Ajay got so tired of her lectures that he began to call her ‘Aunty’.

The Bong-babe even adds that Ajay has this raw sex-appeal in himself which can floor any woman in two minutes flat. It’s not the conventional brawny-beefy sex-appeal but he has a lethal charm about himself.

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Beitrag #33 - erstellt: 12. Mai 2006

Winner: Filmfare Award for Best Performance In Negative Role (2002)
Movie: Deewangee

Winner: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (Critics) (2002)
Movie: Company

Winner: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (Critics) (2002)
Movie: The Legend Of Bhagat Singh

Winner: Filmfare Award for Best Male Debutante (1991)
Movie: Phool Aur Kaante

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Performance In Negative Role (2005)
Movie: Kaal

Nominated: Zee Cine Award for Best Actor (2005)
Movie: Apaharan

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Performance In Negative Role (2004)
Movie: Khakee

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (2003)
Movie: Gangaajal

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (2002)
Movie: Company

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor In Supporting Role (2001)
Movie: Lajja

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (1999)
Movie: Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (1998)
Movie: Zakhm

Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor (1995)
Movie: Naajayaz

Nominated: IIFA Award for Best Performance In Negative Role (2006)
Movie: Kaal

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Beitrag #34 - erstellt: 15. Mai 2006
Nysa’s joyride takes away papa Ajay’s driver
Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Mumbai - Going for a drive in the evening is just something Ajay Devgan and Kajol’s daughter Nysa loves to do.

Papa Ajay is very particular that his personal driver reaches home in time to take the little one for her routine outing.

‘No matter where he is shooting in the city, Ajay has to send his driver in the evening so that he can take his daughter for her favourite routine,’ say sources close to the actor.

Known for his intense and brooding image on screen and as a recluse off screen, Ajay is totally weak-kneed in front of his three-year-old daughter.

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Beitrag #35 - erstellt: 15. Mai 2006
Ajay, Kajol holiday in Goa
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Panaji - While the entire media speculates about Kajol’s comeback film ‘Fanaa’ and how it will fare, the actress herself has been chilling out with husband Ajay Devgan and daughter Nysa in Goa.

Kajol flew down to Goa, where Ajay was shooting for Rohit Shetty’s ‘Golmaal’, to spend some quality time with him.

Ajay’s parents joined him as well for two days.

Shetty is filming the final schedule of the rib tickling comedy. He has been picturising a song with choreographer Ganesh Acharya and some outdoor college scenes with the entire cast of the film, including Arshad Warsi, Sharman Joshi, Tusshar Kapoor and Rimi Sen.

Other families joined in too.

While the wives of Sharman and Arshad were in Goa, Tusshar and Rimi didn’t have any company.

‘The ever busy stars are getting some time to spend with their families after the shoot. All of them are staying at the Hotel Marriott, which is very close to the location. It is like both work and pleasure for them,’ a source told IANS.

‘Kajol has left and rest of the team will leave after two days,’ he added.

Produced by Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Limited, ‘Golmaal’ is schedule to release some time in July.

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Beitrag #36 - erstellt: 15. Mai 2006
Ajay, Zayed, Ritesh together for 'Cash'
28th Jan 2006 17.55 IST
By ApunKaChoice Bureau

Three heroes and four heroines would act together in a movie about a robbery.

Producer Sohail Maklai seems to have big plans for his project titled Cash . The movie would be a multistarrer with Ajay Devgan , Zayed Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh playing the male leads.

And there would be four heroines in the film. The actresses have yet to be finalized.

From what is learnt, ‘Cash’ will be a thriller about a heist.

The movie will be directed by Anubhav Sinha, who directed Dus . It will have music by Vishal-Shekhar.

To promote the movie, the makers have plans to shoot its promo in April. The promo will reportedly be shown at a Bollywood award function abroad.

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Beitrag #37 - erstellt: 17. Mai 2006
I have my friends, Kajol has hers: Ajay Devgan

From the long-haired college Romeo to stunt boy to the intense hero with the burning eyes, Ajay From the long-haired college Romeo to stunt boy to the intense hero with the burning eyes, Ajay Devgan has matured with the Hindi film industry. The two-time National Award winner speaks of his incredible journey with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta on NDTV 24X7’s Walk The Talk. Excerpts:

• One thing I say about you is that you are almost never seen in TV interviews, very rarely in print interviews, seen mostly on screen, not in parties...

It’s only because I am a very aloof kind, a shy person. And also lazy. So I try and avoid it as much as possible.

These are friends from the world of movies, or friends from college...

Some are from the world of movies and some are from college, childhood.

• Who are your friends from the world of cinema, because those are the ones we are most likely to know about.

• Do communal riots bother you?

Communal riots bother me. Little, stupid things bother me.

• Like what?

How do you handle Kajol’s extrovertedness...she has a gang of her own.

I have my friends, she has hers.

• Hindi cinema has gangs and she is very much part of the most prominent of all gangs in the Hindi film industry—the Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar gang. Does that bother, affect you?

Not at all... She was friendly with them before we met.

• Does it amuse you?

Not amuse me. Friendship never amuses me.

• But there is a certain kind of buddiness, at least.

See, I’ve never got into the details of their friendship and we don’t discuss it also.

• And you don’t particularly see that you also bond with people she bonds with and vice versa?

No, I don’t have to and neither has she ever forced me. She knows me... that I wouldn’t like to bond with people I don’t want to. As I told you, I am an introvert and I like to maintain my own distance.

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Beitrag #38 - erstellt: 18. Mai 2006
Omkara’ is now ‘Issak’?
By Taran Adarsh, April 18, 2006 - 23:45 IST

Vishal Bharadwaj has to make a choice on the title of his new film, an adaptation of the Shakespeare masterpiece ‘Othello’. “My producers are keen to call it ISSAK [that’s how people in U.P. pronounce ‘Ishq’]. They feel a title like OMKARA has its limitations,” states Vishal.

Meanwhile, a section of the media had gallantly announced that this Ajay-Saif-Vivek starrer will be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May this year. “How can we premiere the film at Cannes when the fact remains that it is not even complete? I guess, most journos don’t understand the technicalities and misconstrue facts,” he sounds sarcastic.

The fact is that a special promo of the film will be showcased to the distributors and media at Cannes. “We are preparing a 10-minute showreel for Cannes. Kishore Lulla [the Overseas distributor of the film] is also putting up a stall there, highlighting his forthcoming acquisitions for the Overseas territory. As things stand today, the principal cast of the film will participate in a media briefing at Cannes,” Vishal clarifies.

Vishal is keen to release the film in August this year, but is undecided about the date since Karan Johar hasn’t confirmed the release schedule of KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA so far. “We plan to release the film after KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA. If Karan’s film arrives on August 4/11, we will bring our film two weeks later,” he reveals.

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Beitrag #39 - erstellt: 18. Mai 2006
By IndiaFM News Bureau, April 25, 2006 - 16:07 IST

(This time we bring out the preview of a film to you even before it's titled. Vishal Bharadwaj's adaptation of Othello will be named anything from the following - 'Omkara', 'Isssak' or 'O Saathi Re' as per the audience poll opened to general public. Remember you read it first on IndiaFM)

The film is Vishal Bharadwaj's interpretation of the bard's classic, Othello. A play that has been made four times in Hollywood but is being brought to life for the first time in a mainstream Hindi film in a commercial format. Like Hollywood legendary filmmaker, Orson Wells, Vishal Bharadwaj is fascinated with Shakespearan drama - one of Vishal's finest works remains his interpretation of Shakespeare's Macbeth - Maqbool. Omkara in spirit stays true to the central theme of Othello and ends up humanizing Shakespeare's characters with the necessary folklore and ethnic charm that is required for a contemporary story setting.

Set against the Indian milieu of political warfare in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, the film follows one man's descent into sexual jealousy because of his passionate love for his woman and the final destruction of that love at the altar of blind obsession. Love is blind but the flip side of love is jealousy and that can tear apart the strongest and bravest of warriors - in this case Omkara.

Omkara or Omi (Ajay Devgan) is a gifted chieftain who heads a gang of outlaws, which include the crafty Langda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan) and the dynamic Kesu (Vivek Oberoi) amongst his chief cohorts. The story begins when Omi appoints Kesu and not Langda as his chief lieutenant. Langda's pride is slighted and raging with envy he hatches a plot to falsely implicate Omi's beautiful lover Dolly (Kareena Kapoor), in a love affair with Omi's “favorite lieutenant”, Kesu. With the unwitting aid of Indu (Konkana Sen Sharma), Langda's wife, and the willing help of Raju, a fellow grouch, Langda's plan takes shape and results in horrific tragedy. Using petty insinuations and lies, Langda keeps poisoning Omi's mind till one day it snaps and Omi goes about tearing up his own safe and secure world. By the time he realizes what he has done and the backlash of his actions it is too late…

But like all love stories which never really end…out of the ashes of this one too comes a twist. Omkara's dark issak or love for Dolly, Dolly's unquestioning issak for Omi, Langda's warped loyalty and jealousy for Omi, the vibrant Kesu's unswerving devotion to Omi - all leading up to a dark tragedy where Omi finally realizes what he has done…

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Beitrag #40 - erstellt: 18. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan is Bagpiper’s Brand Ambassador

Bagpiper Whisky already enjoys market leadership for several years. With sales of more than 10.5 million cases last year, Bagpiper Whisky commands an all-India Market Share of 30 per cent, more than twice that of its closest competitor.

Bollywood star Ajay Devgan is now the new ambassador for Bagpiper Whisky. He joins a select list of prominent brand ambassadors from Bollywood for Bagpiper whisky, continuing the brand’s successful relationship with Bollywood heros.

Shot in true Bagpiper style, the mega TV commercial has Ajay Devgan starring in it. It has been directed by none other than Bollywood’s most stylish filmmaker sanjay Gupta. The commercial is in line with the positioning platform of “Khoob Jamega Rang jab mil baithenge tin yaar Aap, Mein Aur Bagpiper”.

Ajay Devgan is an ideal fit for Bagpiper. An allround hero to the core, he personifies style, strength, and machismo, which is exactly what Bagpiper stands for. Ajay Devgan and Bagpiper have a lot in common; both are hugely popular, and have delighted consumers for several years!

Bagpiper Whisky has always had a strong Bollywood connection in its 29 year history. Since the Bagpiper consumer enjoys a great bonding with Bollywood, this has been an excellent platform for brand communication.

A pioneer in celebrity endorsements and movie sponsorships, Bagpiper has had several film stars like Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and now Ajay Devgan endorsing the brand.

From Garam Dharam to Khiladi Akshay and now Ajay Devgan, generations of Bollywood stars have come to be associated with Bagpiper Whisky. The first to employ the concept of celebrity endorsement, the strategy was put into practice in 1983. In the 80s Ashok Kumar, Pran and Sanjeev Kumar - were linked with the brand. In 1988 the brand was given a macho flavour with Dharmendra as the brand ambassador.

Post 1988, to make Bagpiper friendly to younger consumers, stars like Jackie Shroff, Sunny Deol and later Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar were made part of the Bagpiper celebrity brigade. With such contemporary images, Bagpiper promoted certain brand values as well - youthful, macho, romantic, sophisticated and approachable.

Besides films and film stars, Bagpiper also has had strong associations with sports. Bagpiper has sponsored one-day cricket, the Aga Khan Hockey Tournament and the Durand Cup. As the matches were telecast live Bagpiper soon became a household name.

It was the first brand to advertise on runners, sightscreens, hoardings inside stadiums and it also sponsored man-of-the-match awards. Bagpiper logos were also to be seen on scrollers on video cassettes, thus reaching every segment of the consumer population.

In the recent past, towards fostering its association with Bollywood, Bagpiper has moved from individual Bollywood stars to Bollywood movies. Associations with block-buster movieslike DUM, THE HERO, ANDAAZ and KHEL have helped further cement the brand's mega image in the minds of the consumers while securing high top of mind recall among the target audience. Last year, Bagpiper has associated with the multi-starrer blockbuster Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo (ATHWS). Starring the Big B, Amitabh Bachchan himself, ATHWS brings together former Bagpiper superstar Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol under the direction of Anil Sharma.

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Beitrag #41 - erstellt: 19. Mai 2006
Ajay Devgan : Peete hain shaan se...

Actor Ajay Devgan, who has taken over from previous models Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan, as the latest brand ambassador of the Bagpiper brand of whisky, seemed to be in his elements.

Ajay feels that, “Dignified drinking in moderation, I guess, is quite cool. Even I do it occasionally. And I am not coaxing non-drinkers to kick off a new habit,” insists Devgan. Why was Ajay chosen as the brand ambassador?

Explains U B Group COO Ashok Capoor, “Ajay’s self-made down-to-earth yet macho image, connects perfectly with our Bagpiper target audience, “ he analyses. Why was it that the previous model-heroes were not repeated after their two-year contract expired ?

“We’d love to,but one of the top star-models upped his rate by 400 per cent, when we approached him the second time. We had no choice but to opt for some other hero,” smiles Capoor. Be nice, Akshay Kumar.

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Beitrag #42 - erstellt: 20. Mai 2006
ajay Devgan is Brandambassador for bagpiper....


Übrigens kanta ich weiß nun warum er so krank ausschaut ... er hat abgenommen für die rolle in Omkara denn da wird er ohne shirt zu sehen sein !!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Beitrag #43 - erstellt: 21. Mai 2006
Goodwill Devgan

A s brand ambassador of Round Table India, an organisation that aims to educate 1 million children by 2008, Ajay Devgan is also involved in building 120 schools that were destroyed by the tsunami in Tamil Nadu. He has also got wife Kajol to support this cause. The latest is that two of his, Golmaal and Omkara, might have charity premieres, the proceeds of which will go to Round Table for the building of th schools. Kumar Mangat, producer of Omkara, said, “We’re still in the discussion stages. The final decision will be taken depending on where we hold the premieres.”

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Beitrag #44 - erstellt: 21. Mai 2006

When other Bollywood stars are busy working overtime on their world tours, Ajay Devgan prefers to chill out in Goa. It’s a kind of work cum pleasure trip for the talented star. He’s shooting for his friend Rohit Shetty’s Gol
maal along with Arshad, Tusshar and Sharman. During one such sojourn they visited a local dhaba to try some local fish. But the very next day Ajay was don with severe food poisoning. “I think it’s the fish that got to me,” laughs Ajay. Let's hope Kajol is not reading this.

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Beitrag #45 - erstellt: 21. Mai 2006
Devgan celebrates Nysa's Birthday

Ajay Devgan kept his promise to his daughter Nysa of throwing a theme party on her third birthday on April 20. Having returned from the Bangkok schedule of Golmaal, Devgan and wife Kajol ensured that Nysa’s third birthday bash was one grand event. Held at The Club, Andheri, the theme of the party was ‘Jungle’. So the venue was decorated to give it the feel of a jungle and the kids wore masks of different animals. For someone who finds celebrating his own birthday “very stupid”, Devgan had a blast at Nysa’s party.

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Beitrag #46 - erstellt: 22. Mai 2006
Smily "dankedankedanke" Nur gut, mein englisch ist grauenvoll. Da habe ich ja wieder was zu tun!

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Beitrag #47 - erstellt: 22. Mai 2006
ach tu dir nix an mein englisch ist auch net das beste... lesen kann ich es ja und verstehen aber sprechen da hab ich so meine probleme habs ja auch schon lang nimma gebraucht...

Aamir and Kajol team up for an international concert
By IndiaFM News Bureau, May 22, 2006 - 01:17 IST

Looks like the combo star power of Aamir Khan and Kajol is doing its magic even before the release of Fanaa. Looking at their onscreen chemistry and hype about the film, some of the foreign promoters have signed the two up to do a series of stage shows in the US. The shows which begin in October will go on for a month.

It is said that the two have been paid big bucks to be a part of the concerts. Something which apparently made Aamir Khan change his decision which initially was no. Incidentally, even Ajay Devgan will be going for the concert but as a chief guest. He won’t be performing on stage. Kajol is also planning to take her daughter along for the tour. So the whole concert will be more like an outing for the Devgans.

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Beitrag #48 - erstellt: 24. Mai 2006
Ajay has no trouble handling Kajol's popularity
By Arpana, Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi, May 24(IANS) It is commonly said that men cannot cope with a successful spouse. So how does Ajay Devgan handle the constant media adulation that wife Kajol receives?

Many heroes may ignore the accomplishments of their actress-wives but not Ajay. 'He truly loves Kajol and that is why he gives her enough space to be a star in her own right,' said a source close to Ajay.

In Bollywood, most popular actresses are known to have played it safe by bidding adieu to glitz and glamour after tying the knot with co-stars. Be it the hugely popular Nargis or the immensely talented Jaya Bhaduri, they preferred domesticity to showbiz.

But for the last seven years, Kajol has been balancing her career and her personal life with ease. These days she is frequently spotted in glossies. Rated as one of the most talented actresses in Hindi filmdom, Kajol is hogging the limelight for her come back movie 'Fanaa', releasing Friday. This is her first film after her daughter Nysa's birth.

Not just the film's plot, but Kajol's pairing with Aamir Khan too is the most discussed topic in filmdom. Everybody seems to be talking about it except Ajay. So is it jealousy that has sealed his lips?

'No, not at all. Ajay is not daunted by Kajol's popularity. He is a self-made man and does what he believes in. He also gets good offers from big banners but he gives preference to substantial roles than potboilers,' the source added.

It is true that both of them belong to different schools of thought when it comes to selecting roles - Kajol prefers to be part of Yash Chopra and Karan Johar's typical masala flicks which are a sure-shot hit at the box office.

But Ajay, who has evolved as an actor in the last decade, gives preference to substance over saleability and has proved his mettle with 'Zakhm', 'Company', 'GangaaJal', 'Bhoot' and 'Apaharan'. The two National Awards prove that Ajay is a good performer in his own right.

If in professional life Ajay lets his work speak for himself, he keeps his personal life away from media glare. Initially gossipmongers tried to ruin their marriage with loose talk but he chose to ignore it and that helped.

'Ajay is a very private person and even in his day-to-day life he doesn't make any comments on his wife,' informed the source.

There is another belief that men become worried and depressed if they have a successful partner and as a result their career flounders. But Ajay's career has flourished in leaps and bounds since he married Kajol.

In fact, 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', which released after his marriage, marked a turning point in his career.

Ajay and Kajol's pairing might not have worked on the big screen but they are enjoying a successful marriage, a rarity in the showbiz. They are definitely setting an example for other actors.

'With people in the industry too, he enjoys long-term relationships. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and he does not believe in showing off,' said the source.

source: dailyindia.com

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Beitrag #49 - erstellt: 24. Mai 2006
Omkara's beach party in Cannes
By: Upala KBR
May 22, 2006

Dateline: May 20, 2006
The venue: Carlton Hotel, Nikki Beach, Cannes
The host: Eros International’s Kishore Lulla, the international distributors of Omkara

Lulla, along with Ajay Devgan (Omkara), Viveik Oberoi, Vishal Bharadwaj and the producer of Omkara, Kumar Mangat, launched the book Omkara, written by Suprateik Sen. Ashok Amritraj released the book. Omkara is Vishal’s interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Othello.

Vivek Oberoi, who plays Kesu (Cassio), summed up the occasion perfectly, when he said that the adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello was the best way to communicate to the cinema world that Indian filmdom means business.

In the afternoon, it was Oberoi again who was called upon to introduce the characters in Omkara at a press meet on the ship, Five Angels, as he had studied Shakespeare at Trinity College, London.

About the book

Said Devgan, “It’s a coffee table book on the making of Omkara. It also talks about how the thought came to Vishal to make a film based on Othello. The showreel on Omkara was appreciated by all the people there.”

Adds Mangat, “There was a six-minute showreel of Omkara shown at the party, and Roland Emmerich (director of Will Smith-starrer, Independence Day) loved it. He told Vishal, ‘I didn’t know that India can make such great films’. Most of the people were dancing to the songs showcased in the showreel.”

Nikki Beach has earlier played host to other celebrity events, such as Madonna’s concerts. The party rocked till 5 am, while Devgan came away at 2 am, as he had to catch an early morning flight to London.

“It was a very happening party,” informs Devgan. And what did he and Roland Emmerich have to say to each other? “He freaked out over the promos of Omkara and was talking about his new film being premiered at Cannes.”

“It was my first times at Cannes,” says Devgan. “The experience was amazing! Cannes has a great film market. I didn’t have the time to watch any other film, as I was there only on May 21, after flying in from Nice.”

Who came?

Apart from the cast and crew of Omkara, media and distributors from all over the world, Karan Johar, Jagmohan Mundra, Sahara One’s Sandeep Bhargava, Vijay Singh (One Dollar Curry), Gurinder Chadha, with husband Paul Mayeda Berges, Ruchi Narain, Bobby Bedi, Krishna Shah, Wizcraft’s Sabbas Joseph, Poonam Dhillon, BBC’s Parminder Vir, Suneel Darshan and Roland Emmerich.

…who didn’t

Poonam Dhillon

Kareena Kapoor (Dolly/Desdemona), who had a prior commitment to her Rockstar tour, on in USA. Saif Ali Khan’s (Langda Tyagi/Iago) return ticket couldn’t be confirmed and he had to come back before May 22.

Bipasha Basu was down with fever. She wanted to come but her return ticket, too, couldn’t be confirmed.

The food

Says a source, “The party was on the beach, but there were glass doors all around. It was a bit chilly at night. There was champagne and wine. There were seafood snacks; lobsters, prawn platters and several cake platters.”

Who wore what?

Vishal Bhardwaj looked dapper in a black suit and white shirt (no designer creation for this down-to-earth director).

Ajay Devgan wore a formal, black cashmere blend Anna Singh suit, Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes.

Viveik Oberoi wore a black sherwani with leather detailing (from Arjun Khanna’s Maharaja collection), offwhite Jodhpurs and handmade jootis.

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Beitrag #50 - erstellt: 26. Mai 2006
Aus welchem film ist denn der treat? Wow, mit dreitagebart sieht er ja auch nicht schlecht aus!Smily "smilesmile"

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