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Forum - Thema: Stop

Thema: Stop
Autor Beitrag

Beitrag #1 - erstellt: 06. März 2007
Hi (hab keinen Tread dazu gefunden)
Ich hab mit Stop gekauft aber noch nicht angesehen ist der gut oder hat den wer gesehen?
Er kam 2004 heraus (glaube ich)

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Beitrag #2 - erstellt: 23. März 2007
So gesehn hab ich ihn immer noch nicht aber hier mal ein paar Infos zum Film:

Produced by Laxman Bhatia

Musik Vishal-Shekhar


Sonis, Tina, Om, and Puja are four home-mates in Dubai, U.A.E.. While Puja is a host on Radio Hum, Tina is a stage actress, Sonia runs a boutique, and Om works in an office. While outwardly the four appear to live a carefree and modern lifestyle, there are many chinks in their respective armors. Puja wants to be the host of her own show, which she would like to call "Puja at 8", but for that she may have to compromise and spend a night with her boss, at the same time she has promised her conservative India-based parents that she will meet with Rahul and eventually marry him; Tina's skeleton in the closet contains her alcoholic dad, who is always asking her for money, though Tina would prefer to avoid him and never see him again, she must deal with him when he suddenly shows up in their home unannounced; Sonia's only male client, Rohit, thinks she is hot and wants to marry her, however, Rohit is known as a womanizer and his affairs only last for a few nights; Om had loved Shama in India, but she got married to Pawan. Now Shama and her daughter are in Dubai and both are about to re-kindle their romance for each other, not knowing that Pawan himself is on his way there. The lives of these four friends will come to a climax on New Years' Day, and they may find that their paths may take them to different destinations, and their friendship may well come to a Stop!.

Weitere Indos und Quelle:

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Beitrag #3 - erstellt: 18. Mai 2007
Kann mir jemand von der DVD das Cover mal schicken....also einscannen und dann schicken...weil mein Inder hatte kein Cover mehr und jetzt habe ich da so lieblos eine schwarze Hülle im Regal....Smily "nichtgut"

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